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smollittlebigdaddy  asked:

Could you do some headcanons of the Paladins seeing their S/O dance with someone else? And they get 100% Jealous?? Thank you :**

Since I am happy now, I will do this req, but it may not be as upbeat as my other reqs ~Mod Saffron


  • He’s not the jealous type per se, but he is 100% protective material. His Dad Mode is turned on when he sees the stranger ask for the next waltz with you. Like, he should be the one dancing with you?
  • He circles around the room, pacing and not exactly hiding the fact that he’s upset. 
  • He’ll ask another Paladin or Allura to dance his way through the crowd and high-key swoop you out of this stranger’s arms.
  • You ask him if he’s jealous. You’ll get a definite “no”, but if you kiss him and tell him you love him, he’ll smile gently at you. Catch that smug smirk he throws at the confused stranger.


  • Will totally be emo glaring this dude down until he’s biting the inside of his cheek so hard, it hurts. Will probably bite his cheek until he bleeds and then he’s like, “Ah, fuck you, stupid stranger.”
  • He will send evil eyes towards your dancing figure and this idiot’s hands all over you. You seem to enjoying yourself, too, which makes him all the more mad.
  • Who said he couldn’t dance? He’ll storm over there after fuming for a while and snatch your arm, drag you over to a dark room, where you will receive heavy and desperate kisses. After panting breathlessly, he will cup your face and make you look him in the eyes. “Who do you belong to, hmm?” Oh, you know alright ;)


  • This dude will fucking tango his way to swoop you out of this dude’s arms. He does it with so much grace, the guy you were dancing with doesn’t even notice and is kinda wowed at Lance’s performance.
  • Lance will do every dance in the country under five minutes to show-off his skills to this stranger. Stranger isn’t even pissed, he’s clapping.
  • You’re just in the middle of it all, dancing left and right, trying to catch up with your boyfriend’s swift and graceful moves. You suspect he’s either ye jealous or precariously cocky.


  • Hunk is low-key jealous and throwing roasts at this dude left and right. he’s just sitting on the sidelines until someone coughLancecough mentions how good of a dancer your partner is and Hunk goes AWOL.
  • He blows up at Lance, yelling about how he’s actually taken dance classes and can dance better than this lump of clay. He doesn’t realize, nor care, that you both have stopped dancing and overheard everything.
  • Hunk notices that you stopped dancing and marches over to you, slinging an arm around your shoulders, telling the dude off for taking his girlfriend and stealing her and all that shit oh no he’s rambling stop him ;;


  • Roasts to the MAX. Forget saying it in private, she will march up to this schmuck and shove him away from you while dissing his attire, look, and his dance moves. Calls him a chicken, noodle, and hose all at the same time. You’re not even sure how.
  • He DIDN’T EVEN ASK YOU TO DANCE YET DAFUQ. He literally made his way up to you and PIdge comes out, hips to the side, like, “Mm, not today, Felicia.” Aaand the roasts begin.
  • When you pull her away from the scene and lead her to the balcony, you two sit in silence before you ask her if she’s okay. She sits quietly for a few awkward moments and you ask her if she’s jealous. Pidge’ll blush like a tomato and frown and deny it. She’s never jealous, just protecting you. Please smile at her and kiss her cheeks. Hug her and comfort her, she really thought she was gonna lose you.

skyc47su  asked:

Would you happen to know an article or list for the official ages for the mercs? The tf2 wiki currently doesn't show their ages in their bios and I was just curious. I've seen posts around with Scout's age but what about the others? (I've seen some stuff of the mercs such as sniper being 26 years old and spy around 45)

At this point in time, the only actual confirmed age is Scout’s at 27-ish.

Everyone else’s age at this point is just speculation or personal headcanons.  However, if you look, there are some well-thought out guesstimates.

Here’s a Reddit post and a Tumblr post where two separate estimates have been made (Reddit guesses on left, Tumblr on right):

Soldier: 52, give or take 4 years / 51

Demo: 35-ish / over 30

Heavy: 45 / 38-40

Engineer: 54 / 55

Medic: Late 30s to Mid 50s / ???

Sniper: No older than 40 / 30 

Spy: 50s / 50.

Pyro: ???we just don’t know??? / ????

All of these, however, are just guesses, so people are free to come up with their own ideas.  My very general guesstimates are:

Soldier: Low-to-Upper 40s
Demo: 35-ish works for me
Heavy: Mid-40s
Engineer: Low-to-Upper 40s (depends how young he started college-level classes)
Medic: Mid-to-Upper 40s
Sniper: Low-to-Mid 30s
Spy: Low-to-Upper 40s
Pyro: An immortal lightbulb

But, until word of canon speaks, anyone is free to make their own guesstimates because nothing here except Scout’s age is actually official.  So go ahead, headcanon the merc’s ages how you want, and have some fun with that freedom.

webkinz ask meme
  • dr. quack: do you get sick often?
  • pj collie: what's your general taste in clothes?
  • arte fact: do you collect anything?
  • amanda panda: do you have any wishes?
  • ms. cowoline: what is/was your favorite subject in school?
  • quizzy: is there anything in specific you know a lot about?
  • persephone: do you have any outfits in particular that you love?
  • ms. birdy: do you have any pets?
  • alyssa: do you believe in magic/fate/etc.?
  • tabby von meow: what would be your dream job?
  • chef gazpacho: what's your favorite food?
  • wacky: how do you feel about heights?
One of our pictures was used in a fan video!

So, I watch a lot of Yan Sim Character Theme Song videos. I watched a very short one that was just the Rainbow Six. They put Saki and Kokona as one song, and when their image showed up, I literally screamed to Honorary Mod Oka “Oh my god I think they used one of my Sakona pictures!” When I checked, I was right. It was the one with them under the cherry blossom tree with quotes from Magnet as the caption. I was so excited that I commented “This is Mod Saki! Thanks for using my photo!” It’s not a very popular picture, and they didn’t source the image creators, unfortunately, but still. One of the pictures from this blog was in a video! I’m really happy! I just wish they’d, you know, credit me. - Mod Saki

iloverofundertaleme  asked:

Rosie's back! How are you? Personally I lost all my self confidence today and my ear is literally murdering me- but enough about me! Again, how are ya? 😅

I’m alright, sorta. Things have been changing with my family and the tension is evident, but at the moment things have temporarily calmed down. I was given the chance to get online today, so I figured talking with you babs might make things less stressful. And about the self-confidence thing, I feel ya. My self-confidence is at an all-time low, but I still function as a person so I’m okay still. Just keep going and things are sure to improve.

-Mod Rose

Concept: Yoosung tried on Seven’s glasses once and then never did it again. Seven’s vision is so bad that it hurt Yoosung’s eyes to even try them on for a minute. Seven had to feed Yoosung chips for a hour to make him feel better
“The yellow stripes matched your hair though it looked cute!”
“Shut up it hurt T_T feed me more chips and maybe I’ll forgive you”
“Forgive me for what it isn’t my fault my eyes are bad”
“Babe don’t make that face have another chip”

Makeshift Chemistry // Crown The Empire 

PLEASE do not remove the caption or repost, thanks! x


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone! All 1200+ of you!

We are combining this benchmark with a Christmas special of Santa!Bro, Present!Dave, Elf!Dirk, and Reindeer!D. Thank you everyone for following us here and being apart of this project. We are about to hit our one year anniversary (and we totally have no idea what to do) in less than a month. It’s super exciting and we are always happy to have you guys around. It’s been great to talk to y'all through questions, reviews, prompts, and even that one tinychat (which we should do again). Everyone have another great year!

I’m so glad everyone’s liked the Stats Sheet! All the comments / tags have been really excited and happy, I’m so thankful! A whole bunch of people have already filled out Stats Sheets (both the drawing and writing ones) and they’re all so awesome! Thank you so much you guys, it really made all the hard work worth it!