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So, with help from @desiree-uk I finally got Zerbu’s Event mod to work. :D
I had a blast at the Friday night Singles Night & Foodie club gathering in another lovely build in Crumpleton which I tagged as Basecamp hoping that they were able to cook on a community lot. (Turns out they can still only use the pizza oven and teriyaki grill but alright)

Tonight was the first night and the teacher got on his bike for some fine wine&dining and meeting other single Sims with common interests or sims with commitment issues who are just using the Foodie Club as a coverup for mischief…

Brace up for the Fashion that can’t fall down. Brace yourselves, ladies. For gentlemen, they’re out. Almost as out as knickerbockers and woolly combinations. But for ladies, braces are back, and nearly as in as the knickers which Paris presented recently. But whereas grandad probably thought five bob quite pricey enough for his, this female version in gilt chain attached to a black Corfam belt will set the fair sex back all of £11. But then, they’re pretty exclusive braces - all the way from Paris House, London, Belt Makers (and perhaps braces makers?) By appointment to the Royal Family. After spending £11 on the braces it doesn’t leave a girl much over for the other clothing essentials. Still, see-through and nudity being all the rage, there’s an easy solution. If your garden’s sheltered, wear them with jeans as the next most daring thing to a to. August 8, 1969

Mod Position Opening (UK only)

Mod Application Form

*Please fill this form out and submit it to me. None of these forms will be posted and are for my eyes only.

** If you are non-UK and non-US located but still wish to be a mod, shoot me a message. 


  • Must be a feminist
  • Must have time to get on at least a few times a week
  • Must be able to admit when you’re wrong.
  • Must be ace inclusive
  • Must be abortion positive
  • Must be LGBTQIAAPN+ inclusive
  • Must be inclusive of PoC
  • No TERFs or REGs allowed
  • Must be able to not only answer asks but also reblog/create posts.
  • Must be UK based

Hey guys, so as a follower requested, I’m opening up mod applications for a mod who is UK based.

I thought this was a great idea, but with this job comes quite a bit of work. You will be responsible for answers asks, creating original content, and reblogging posts that are UK specific (you can do other stuff too but this is your specialty.) 

Some other notes: this is a hard job and you’re going to be put under a magnifying glass. Something I love about FAM is that I’ve been able to be wrong, but also to own up to my mistakes. This is something you HAVE to be willing to do. To be gracious and understanding, and to listen to people.

Even if you don’t fill out the application, reblogs would be appreciated!

- Mod Bethany

Form under the cut.

Tumblr account:

Name or Alias:


Gender Identity:


Race/Racial Identity:


What country do you live in, if comfortable with giving that information:

Are you nuerodivergent and/or have any disabilities:

How often you can get on:

Describe any similar experience you’ve had:

Do you have any experience with graphic design or tumblr themes:

A description of yourself and why you’re interested in becoming a mod. What can you bring to the blog? Can be as short or as long as you like:

Email/Skype if comfortable giving out that information, if not we will communicate through tumblr:

anonymous asked:

how do you change your name legally? and your gender marker?

Lee says:

Q13: How do I change my name/gender legally?

A13: You can google “legal name change (location)”, but Here’s a resource on that that’s constantly being updated with law changes in the US. Here is a UK resource. We are still looking for reputable sources for other countries, but please check the tag for your country, as followers have answered this question quite a lot when the mods aren’t sure. (/tagged/germany for example).

-Our FAQ


What is this? (A brief summary)

  • ndrv3countdown is a 16 (+1 for release day) day fanwork countdown event to Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony’s English release, starting on the 10th of September! Two prompt lists will be provided, but anything to do with our charming new cast goes, as long as it’s spoiler-free!

How do I join?

  • Post your work to tumblr, make sure you @ mention this blog (@ndrv3countdown) in your post and tag your works with #ndrv3 countdown so it can be reblogged here!

16+1 days?

  • I assume most of you will be busy playing NDRV3 on release day, but if you want to submit extra work on the day it releases (or you’re still waiting for it to release because you’re not in the US), feel free to! Starting dates for different countries will be listed on the prompts page.

Do I have to participate every day?

  • Nope! You can do a three day countdown and still join in, or you can do every day, it’s all up to you! Since 16 (+1) days is quite intensive, you’re not expected to make finished works every day, doodles/fic equivalent is perfectly fine!

NDRV3 releases on a different day in my country, can I start the countdown on a different day?

  • Sure! I (mod) am from the UK but I’ll be following the US release date for the countdown, but if you’d like to follow the release date for your country, feel free to! 

Do I have to follow the prompts?

  • Nope! They’re just suggestions to get your brain juices flowing.

Can I submit prompts?

  • Yes! Send an IM/ask if you’d like to. If we already have 16 prompts, a bonus list will be created to be picked from at will.

Is fanfic allowed?

  • Of course!


  • Nothing explicit, NDRV3 is rated 16 (EU) and 17 (US), please adhere to those age ratings.


  • No! I’ve watched a full playthrough of V3 and know all the spoilers so there won’t be any reblogged here either.

Can I reference to sprites not shown in the demo?

  • As long as they aren’t super spoilery ones, yes. For example, Iruma has some fun sprites that are spoiler free but not in the demo, but referencing a sprite where someone is bleeding, for example, would not be appropriate. If you’re unsure, feel free to send an IM linking the sprite you’re talking about.

Isn’t there a countdown event already?

  • Yes, but that one is organised in a ‘one artist per day’ way, which excludes fanfic and means that only a few people can participate. This way everyone can join no matter their skill level.

Where’s the prompt list?

  • Soon.. soon… Blog is under construction :p

“I looky this way….and now i looky the other way, but i still can’t make across the street it i’ll just sit in the road” Model thought process, fuck yeah!!

Photography/Retouch: tomjoyphotography
Model: dickiesmithmodel
T-shirts/Plugs: ukcustomplugs
Beard Products: apothecary87

**Please do NOT remove credits**

missdowns-hift  asked:

Hello, Uncle Mod! I was wondering if there's a name for those things that Hero puts on RGB's sleeves? My tiny arms have need of these contraptions.

they are (impromptu) sleeve garters! or at least that is what we call them in the UK idk if there is another term over in the US

I mean you guys call braces suspenders and that still tickles me pink I am five years old

anonymous asked:

So is it okay for cis women to play trans women? Because the only time I've ever seen that actually happen is when the character is super hot then later revealed to be trans as a joke or shock to the audience.

watch hit & miss. it’s a UK short series about a trans woman who’s a professional mercenary and finds out she has a kid

she’s played by chloë sevigny (a cis woman) and imo it’s a very respectful portrayal

she had on a prosthetic penis for shooting and she’s said to have kept it on for every shot to be true to the character and idk I think it was really well done

tl;dr it’s still troublesome and highly depends on context but I will always prefer a cis woman playing a trans woman than a cis man

-mod aspen

edit: the show is very bloody and has nudity so consider this your content warning

Hi, I’m Kairo and this is my second time submitting on here!
I’m 19 and I’m from Liverpool in England but don’t let that stop you, I love to talk to people from wherever and whatever background :)
Looking for friends and some new people to follow! It’d also be nice to find someone who could be a little bit more than that too :)

I feel I should tell you a little bit about me… I like cheesy jokes, I am a ginger and accident enthusiast, and I can put my whole fist in my mouth.
If you still want to after that, drop me a message, I promise I’m really nice 🙈 x