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Brace up for the Fashion that can’t fall down. Brace yourselves, ladies. For gentlemen, they’re out. Almost as out as knickerbockers and woolly combinations. But for ladies, braces are back, and nearly as in as the knickers which Paris presented recently. But whereas grandad probably thought five bob quite pricey enough for his, this female version in gilt chain attached to a black Corfam belt will set the fair sex back all of £11. But then, they’re pretty exclusive braces - all the way from Paris House, London, Belt Makers (and perhaps braces makers?) By appointment to the Royal Family. After spending £11 on the braces it doesn’t leave a girl much over for the other clothing essentials. Still, see-through and nudity being all the rage, there’s an easy solution. If your garden’s sheltered, wear them with jeans as the next most daring thing to a to. August 8, 1969

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I just found out there's a convention called yaoicon. a whole convention specifically dedicated to yaoi. hoooo boy

it’s been around for a while but, yes, hoooo boy

they used to have these “yaoi paddles” with uke and seme written on them that you could smack people with, do they still have those?

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I live in U.K. And am going to go to NHS gender clinic but I'm non-binary, will they still treat me? And is it known if NHS lets non binary people have top surgery? Thanks.

We don’t have any mods in the U.K. and I couldn’t find much online about it, any UK followers able to help?

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Election time & voting makes me really anxious, I'm closeted around my abusive & bigoted family & the entire time makes me feel as tho I'm in danger, but I still went out, drained all of my energy & voted. I know lots of ppl who won't vote bcus they don't care, bcus they 'dnt know anything' (are too lazy to know anything when they're perfectly capable of learning), it feels like they're spitting in my face for giving a damn. Political apathy is a privilege & a dangerous parasite ppl are fed.


I am sorry that you feel this way, but the fact that you went out and voted just shows how much you care, and that is amazing, since we know that every vote counts and hopefully will help in the process. You effort and empathy is appreciated and now all we can do is wait. 

I know it can be frustrating when other people don’t seem to be putting in the effort to exercise their right and privilege to vote, however we know that compared to last year many more people registered to vote this year 

Now all we can do is wait and hope we get the seats in the House of Commons.

Thank you,

Mod Al-Fihri


“I looky this way….and now i looky the other way, but i still can’t make across the street it i’ll just sit in the road” Model thought process, fuck yeah!!

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So is it okay for cis women to play trans women? Because the only time I've ever seen that actually happen is when the character is super hot then later revealed to be trans as a joke or shock to the audience.

watch hit & miss. it’s a UK short series about a trans woman who’s a professional mercenary and finds out she has a kid

she’s played by chloë sevigny (a cis woman) and imo it’s a very respectful portrayal

she had on a prosthetic penis for shooting and she’s said to have kept it on for every shot to be true to the character and idk I think it was really well done

tl;dr it’s still troublesome and highly depends on context but I will always prefer a cis woman playing a trans woman than a cis man

-mod aspen

edit: the show is very bloody and has nudity so consider this your content warning

Hi, I’m Kairo and this is my second time submitting on here!
I’m 19 and I’m from Liverpool in England but don’t let that stop you, I love to talk to people from wherever and whatever background :)
Looking for friends and some new people to follow! It’d also be nice to find someone who could be a little bit more than that too :)

I feel I should tell you a little bit about me… I like cheesy jokes, I am a ginger and accident enthusiast, and I can put my whole fist in my mouth.
If you still want to after that, drop me a message, I promise I’m really nice 🙈 x

Okay wow I have been utter crap at posting original stuff lately


I’ve been busy

and you know that


I’m still sorry

hopefully I’ll be able to do something for your guys soonish idk I’m sort of snooping around animation studios and stuff but my sister went home today so I suppose that gives me a little more time except we keep going to walk the dogs in cool places and there are trees and deer and rainclouds and other things over here which are not the internet

I love you all you’re so good being this patient with me

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Hello, Uncle Mod! I was wondering if there's a name for those things that Hero puts on RGB's sleeves? My tiny arms have need of these contraptions.

they are (impromptu) sleeve garters! or at least that is what we call them in the UK idk if there is another term over in the US

I mean you guys call braces suspenders and that still tickles me pink I am five years old