mod is still in the uk


“I looky this way….and now i looky the other way, but i still can’t make across the street it i’ll just sit in the road” Model thought process, fuck yeah!!

Photography/Retouch: tomjoyphotography
Model: dickiesmithmodel
T-shirts/Plugs: ukcustomplugs
Beard Products: apothecary87

**Please do NOT remove credits**

Okay wow I have been utter crap at posting original stuff lately


I’ve been busy

and you know that


I’m still sorry

hopefully I’ll be able to do something for your guys soonish idk I’m sort of snooping around animation studios and stuff but my sister went home today so I suppose that gives me a little more time except we keep going to walk the dogs in cool places and there are trees and deer and rainclouds and other things over here which are not the internet

I love you all you’re so good being this patient with me