mod is being a derp

OOC: My trip to Disneyland 2 (lots of pictures)

I bought a Disneyland annual passport, you think I’d let that go to waste and not go back as soon as possible? Plz you don’t know me.

Anyway, this trip was looking like it wasn’t going to happen. First I had to get my car to the car doctors. The week after that my Aunt Ruby was visiting. Then I got sick until the other day. Then my credit card got cancelled for like no reason.

But the planets aligned, I got my credit card BEFORE the trip, my car was in pique condition, I was over my cold, and my paycheck went through! I WAS GOING ON THIS TRIP.

Got up at 5 AM, left by 6. Got me a hot chocolate from McDooby’s. I got on the expressway before I realized that they didn’t give me hot chocolate. But steamed milk (you had one job, McDonald’s…). Oh well. Whatever. It was like $2.

The drive was nice and painless (I didn’t even notice an earthquake happened). I get there and my passport got blocked LOL cuz of my credit card being cancelled (bull-honky). But I got it taken care of and I got into the magical place. And it was like… stupid busy.

First off, it’s St. Patty’s Day. Like Christmas, no longer an actual holiday to celebrate the good of man. And it wasn’t a blockout day. And it was a Monday. All these facts shoulda pointed to “It’s not gonna be that busy today, I doubt many people are even gonna be there.” WRONG. Dead wrong. Never going on St. Patty’s Day again LOL I mean, it wasn’t Valentine’s Day busy or New Year’s Eve busy. But ridiculously busy for it being a sub-holiday on a Monday.

Even tho it was hella-crowded, I got to meet all the princesses within like the first two hours of being there. Naturally I went to see Elsa and Anna first. Elsa, however, was not there today. But I was not disappointed, because Anna was still there and she always makes me happy.

And hot-damn this Anna. She was different from the last one. Now, all Annas are beautiful and I’d kiss every single one of them. But this one was like an Elsanna lovechild, with the face carved by angels, and eyes that were such a beautiful shade of green, it was like Epic and Fern Gully decided to team up and make an enchanting movie and feature it in Anna’s eyeballs.

Of course my phone is a potato and takes pictures about as well as one, so you can’t even get the slightest idea of what I’m talking about. But to sum it up, it took every fiber of my being to not be all “Wow your eyes are so ffffffffffffffffffffffffff”.

This is the picture I drew for her.

She laughed that she was in Elsa’s dress. Like it was the biggest scandal since Watergate (okay not that bad, but she did laugh and say that she would probably just freeze). And she loved that she had magical confetti powers.

And of course I saw my favorite Disney princess (as most of you know, Aurora is my favorite princess, because Anna and Elsa have their own little pedestal).

I drew her this. (I always seem to draw her being friendly with Maleficent. I don’t ship them tho, so its like… why.)

Awkward hug yay.

Then I saw Cinderella. She was tough to draw for cuz she’s my least favorite Disney princess (I didn’t tell her that tho LOL I still drew her something.)

Cinderella stop flailing omg

And Tiana magically appeared and I was like WTF I TOLD YOU GUYS AT THE FRONT TO TELL ME IF THERE WAS A SURPRISE PRINCESS SO I COULD DRAW HER SOMETHING. Naturally I had nothing prepared. So I stood back in line to give her a doodle. But when I took a picture of it, my phone was like NOPE and I had given it to her before I could take another one >:I

So cute. And her accent was PERF. I wanted to give her more hugs, but I already stepped on her dress and I felt terrible.

I wanted to meet Rapunzel, but she’s never there, I don’t know what the hell she even does with her time! LOL

And I was SO CLOSE to meeting Belle, but they stopped the line just as I got there. Oh well, next time I’ll give her this.

By the way, Belle is friggen HARD to draw. Beast is easier to draw than she is. And that’s saying something.

I wanted to see Anna again, but was told to come back later. I couldn’t be too upset. It was a friggen busy day, and Anna was greeting people ALONE. I felt so bad for her.

I drew her another picture just in case I was able to see her again. I didn’t get to, but it’s there for next time and is still a cute picture.


To pass the time I went to Californiaventure and found the funniest thing in the entire universe.

Then I went on the roller coaster about 5 times since it was only a 15-minute wait.

After that was MERIDA who wasn’t there last time I went. I doodled something really quick for her.

But the good news is while I was in line, there was a girl about my age waiting in front of me. She saw Peter Pan running off and she was so torn about being in line to meet Merida and going off to play with him. I told her that I would happily save her spot in line. So she booked it. And behind me there was a wee little baybay, she was soooo excited to see Merida, she just couldn’t wait. I let her go in front of me and it was the cutest display of affection I’d ever seen from anyone at the park so far.

My phone was about to die at this point, but Merida was playing peek-a-boo with the little baby and gave her kisses and UGH IT WAS so sweet it gave me happy cavities. When it finally came time for the baby to leave with her mom, she started crying, and Merida, who was alllll the way on the other side, she flew over to her and started playing peek-a-boo with her again. My heart melted.

And yes the girl from earlier got back in time to meet her.

Then it was my turn, which lowered the bar in terms of entertainment, but it was so nice to finally meet her. And it was an honor of mine to get my earring stuck in her hair (which I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of cuz that was funny).

Merida was so happy to get a picture (I really hope I’m not the only one who’s given her one). It always makes me happy when they’re happy to get sketches from me xD Makes everything totally worth it, cuz I like making people happy with my doodles.

And omg I love visiting Merida. Imma do it again.

So it was like 11 by the time I was done meeting the princesses. The girl from before stopped me to thank me for letting me save her spot in line and we exchanged names. I made a new friend! And a cutie to boot.

We walked and talked a bit and found Mary and Bert! WHICH IS AWESOME cuz I haven’t met them yet and they’ve been my childhood icons for thousands of years.

Then we found that we were awesome and continued to hang out for the remainder of the day.

And she really liked my doodles so I drew some more Frozen stuff cuz I’m a friggen addict.

Elsanna on the Matterhorn. (anna sit back, you’re gonna kill both of you)

Anyway LOL I was all SHE’S SO FUN and she’s cute and has red hair and countless freckles. Then I was all “Craaap, how old is she… she looks like she could be like any age.”

She was 17 and I felt super old. We continued to hang out tho and had a great time and it was fun and I’m glad that we’re still friends despite the age gap c:

SO all in all it was a pretty damn good day! Now look at me being a derp.