mod father

Mortal AU. Nico di Angelo is a firefighter who just so happened to rescue a small girl from a burning school building. Having made sure the kid is safe, he didn’t really ponder that much more about the incident thinking that it’ll be the last time he’ll ever see her again.

That is until he saw her again three days later at the fire station with a box of cupcakes and being accompanied by her dad; single father, Will Solace.


This Angel Soft commercial features a single father raising his daughter. I find it super sweet; I may have teared up a little.

disgruntled-father  asked:

I just want to shout out to you guys that I find it astonishing this AU is still going strong. I made a picture of Cassie back around the first few months of this AUs birth(my url was 118Dragongallows) and I still get notes from it sometimes. You guys are all awesome and I hope you stay around! <3

Shout out extended to all the fans still reading, faving, and reblogging, writing, drawing and submitting.