mod era dolls


Day 2 of #AllanAugust! Here’s Peter, my Allan hybrid on a Pivotal Ken body. I got him in a doll lot roughly 2 and a half years after my first Allan, and I remember for those years how much I wanted a second Allan to give him freckles and blue eyes.

He came in a doll lot with my very first mod era Francie sculpt doll and a Midge head on a Skipper body. Weirdly enough he was missing his arms but that wasn’t an issue for me.

For awhile I tried putting him on an EAH body but his factory differences gave him a longer face than most other Allans so I eventually put him on the taller Pivotal Ken body and he’s been like that ever since.

He’s what I wanted in a variant of Allan but I knew I needed more Allan dolls….