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Obianidala au where Padmé is a wedding planner, Anakin is a pastry chef that makes amazing wedding cakes, and Obi-Wan is a phenomenal florist.

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Okay I love Blackwatch Reyes a bit too much. Any headcanons for him with his s/o? I've got no preferences so you write what you like!

- Gabriel feels the only person he can confide in is his s/o, so after a particularly stressful mission he often sits and talks to them for hours (usually over a cup of black coffee).

- He’s extremely possessive of his s/o and while he’ll let them hang out with some of the Overwatch members, he gets *very* jealous if anyone flirts with them (except Jesse- he’s harmless, no one with a BAMF belt buckle could possibly steal away his s/o).

- One of the best ways he de-stresses is through cooking, so his s/o often receives surprise meals or desserts! (But his s/o can never actually catch him in the act of cooking to help out! When does he do his cooking? Where does he do it? How can he possibly be this sneaky about pastries??)

- Jesse often suggests going on double dates (with whatever date he’s managed to scrounge up for the weekend) with Gabe and his s/o. Gabriel usually politely refuses (except one time his s/o begged to at least try it out. That went just as well as expected (”Jesse I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to only flirt with your own date”)).

  • Junko: So, is everything ready for tonight?
  • Mukuro: Oh, yeah. I thought we'd start off with soup and a light salad, and then see how we feel after that.
  • Junko: Not the dinner! The You-Know...?
  • Mukuro: [trying to be clever but failing dismally] Oh, riiiight. The execution. The execution for princaple Kirigiri. The execution chosen especially to kill princaple Kirigiri. Princaple Kirigiri's execution. [long pause. Junko rolls her eyes] That execution?
  • Junko: Yes, that execution!
  • Mukuro: [getting a remote control out of her pocket] Got ya covered.
  • Junko: Excellent! Just tie him up, then I'll press the button, and he will be dead before dessert!
  • Mukuro: Which is a real shame, 'cause it's gonna be delicious.

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A question for all three of you: favorite dessert? I don't know, somehow asking about food is a great way to learn about someone ^^

“My favorite is ice cream,” says Sparrow. “Specifically, chocolate, or mint chocolate chip.”

“Girl, you stole my answer!” T chuckled with a bit of sass. “Although, strawberry is delicious, too.”

Mod C giggled, running her tongue over her lips sweetly. “I’d have to go with cheesecake. That stuff is amazing.”

Happy Thursday!

Hey all! It’s Thanksgiving here in the United States, and us mods are taking the day off. We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled Dragon Age characters saying incorrect things come tomorrow. 

If you’re in the U.S., we hope you enjoy your holiday. (If you have to work, we send extra love too.) If you’re not in the U.S., we hope you have a great Thursday.

Also, we have a big announcement  coming up on November 30th. Stay tuned!

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Is it an autism thing to treat inanimate objects like living things? When I was little I would save broken things and treat them like they had feelings and like they were babies. Mostly I did it with like, corks and popped balloons and rocks. Sometimes I'd draw faces on them.

I’d say so. Like when I’m at the supermarket I have a weird sense of compassion for damaged grocery items, if I see a battered-looking bag of sugar or something like that my thought process is like, “Aw, I’ll give you a home if nobody else will, I’ll make sure you go into lots of delicious cookies!”

Imagine your OTP gets along very well and are usually very cute and snuggly around their friends. However, once a year, every Thanksgiving, they get competitive and try to out-cook each other for their friends. This is great for their friends because both Person A and Person B are excellent cooks and the competition ensures that the food gets better every year. Your OTP’s friends even organize a scoring system to determine a winner every year.