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Obianidala au where Padmé is a wedding planner, Anakin is a pastry chef that makes amazing wedding cakes, and Obi-Wan is a phenomenal florist.

I don’t like texting people, especially girls ‘cause there’s always miscommunication. This is a situation I get into all the time: I’ll text a girl, she’ll text me back right away, I text her back right away, she texts me back right away, I text her back right away, she texts me back right away. Then I’ll say something like, “All right, cool. So you wanna get pizza on Tuesday?” AND THEN I DON’T HEAR ANYTHING! And I’m like what just happened? I know you read that shit. You responded to twenty other things I said. What? Do you not like me anymore? You don’t have two seconds to say, “Yes, I wanna get pizza,” or, “No, I don’t want to get pizza.” Did you check your phone into a locker and go ride a rollercoaster for a few hours? WHAT’S THE DEAL!? After a few hours of no response, I get real upset. And I just want to send a text that says something like, “Well guess who just got uninvited to the pizza party? You did, ‘cause I hate you now.” She texts back something like, “Sorry I was solving a mystery and had to turn off my phone.” Whatever! We’re done! I finished that pizza hours ago. I went with my friend Burt; he’s nice to me.

Ned Nickerson, The Deadly Device (or any game really)
Love You 'Til You're Seein' Stars and Stripes, by emij1s

It doesn’t happen after every mission. It doesn’t even happen after every mission that goes bad. But sometimes, every once in awhile, Steve gets too stuck in his own head, in his own so-called mistakes, and Bucky will be damned if he lets him stay there. It’s a delicate process, though, and it takes a certain kind of touch, a certain kind of attitude, different every time. Sometimes he needs it gentle, soft words and gentle caresses. Sometimes he has to be made to say it wasn’t his fault, held right at the brink until he shouts it alongside Bucky’s name.

And sometimes, he needs Bucky to get a little mean.

Filthy-mouthed Bucky goes about wrecking Steve in exactly and precisely all the ways he needs. GAH! emij1s is such a descriptive writer, and the strength of their personalities and dynamic really comes through. Also, you know, some really delicious smut.

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Okay I love Blackwatch Reyes a bit too much. Any headcanons for him with his s/o? I've got no preferences so you write what you like!

- Gabriel feels the only person he can confide in is his s/o, so after a particularly stressful mission he often sits and talks to them for hours (usually over a cup of black coffee).

- He’s extremely possessive of his s/o and while he’ll let them hang out with some of the Overwatch members, he gets *very* jealous if anyone flirts with them (except Jesse- he’s harmless, no one with a BAMF belt buckle could possibly steal away his s/o).

- One of the best ways he de-stresses is through cooking, so his s/o often receives surprise meals or desserts! (But his s/o can never actually catch him in the act of cooking to help out! When does he do his cooking? Where does he do it? How can he possibly be this sneaky about pastries??)

- Jesse often suggests going on double dates (with whatever date he’s managed to scrounge up for the weekend) with Gabe and his s/o. Gabriel usually politely refuses (except one time his s/o begged to at least try it out. That went just as well as expected (”Jesse I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to only flirt with your own date”)).

Summing Up Otherkin Discourse
  • Otherkin: *eat a sandwich*
  • Anti-Kin: Eating sandwiches is like punching yourself in the face.
  • Otherkin: Umm... No it's not, and no one asked you. I just want to eat my sandwich.
  • Anti-Kin: *froth at the mouth over other people's choices*
  • Otherkin: *laugh at them and continue eating delicious sandwiches*
  • -Mod Corvid

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Preds who swallow special, important things to keep them safe, and are confused when those who meet that description start to panic when they try. They only want to hold their friend close and cozy, there's no need to be afraid. They don't speak to calm the prey, they decide to simply show them that it's safe. The prey is confused by the pred's gentle smiles and coddling movements, but they still protest worriedly about being 'held' like this. The pred just happily cuddles around them inside.

Awkward AND delicious!

–Mod Mutant

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How can you dislike rabbits? Is it because some of them ate at your garden?

I wouldn’t want to hurt the little things but I hear rabbit stew is quite delicious.

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  • Junko: So, is everything ready for tonight?
  • Mukuro: Oh, yeah. I thought we'd start off with soup and a light salad, and then see how we feel after that.
  • Junko: Not the dinner! The You-Know...?
  • Mukuro: [trying to be clever but failing dismally] Oh, riiiight. The execution. The execution for princaple Kirigiri. The execution chosen especially to kill princaple Kirigiri. Princaple Kirigiri's execution. [long pause. Junko rolls her eyes] That execution?
  • Junko: Yes, that execution!
  • Mukuro: [getting a remote control out of her pocket] Got ya covered.
  • Junko: Excellent! Just tie him up, then I'll press the button, and he will be dead before dessert!
  • Mukuro: Which is a real shame, 'cause it's gonna be delicious.