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  • Shiro: What if I implement a no-pets policy at the Castle?
  • Lance: Well, hell, man, you can't just throw out Pidge like that.

wow nice to see no one learned learned a thing after that Mess with those shitty bi/straight mods for dorian & sera :–)

  • Victor: I’m going to need everyone to be straight with each other from now on. No more games.
  • Yuuri: I’m always straight.
  • Phichit: Oh, man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told.

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i only ever get hypomanic for like a couple (really intense and kind of awesome) hours at a time before it goes away. i think it's lasted a few days before but my memory is absolutely garbage. i've been diagnosed with bp II, three different professionals seem to agree, but... idk, it's weird? does it count if it's that short?

So im bipolar(unspecified) and i feel as though my manic periods are too short to be actually considered manic? Whats the frequency of episodes/average period of them, and is it normal to not feel, ahh, “manic enough” is the only term i can think of for it

rapid cycling is a thing. mania episodes can last anywhere from several weeks to only a couple of hours. here’s a graphic one of our mods made describing mania cycling types.

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I've been getting transphobic people in my DMs on Instagram since Friday and today they went and started commenting stuff on all my trans related posts and when I block one of them, more show up. it's making me feel really disgusting bc I can't get rid of them

I think you should maybe make a new account all together. Because if more show up and you block them repeadly, it’ll just become a cycle.

~Mod dad, who’s nerd ass thought DM was Dungeon Master from DnD till I read the whole ask.

👑 | that’s all there is : a mix for magicians and mirrors, and ravens and kings

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Hi, it's been like two weeks and I don't want to be annoying but I submitted something and it still didn't post. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't eaten by Tumblr.

If you submitted this off anon, it is not in our queue. So it either did not get to us, or the submission did not fit the guidelines. You are free to submit it again, in case it was the first one.
Thank you for waiting a couple of weeks to ask, however. For everyone’s reference, if anyone is ever curious on if their submission may be in queue; our queue currently runs at one post a day, so two weeks is about a good time to wait to see if it has gone through or not. If you believe it has not, it is okay to send in an ask wondering, and we can check. But best to wait the time, because it does take a bit to for the queue to cycle.

- Mod R

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Watched Freelee's RT4 program vid - eating 2500-3000+ cal. Mon: 45min - 1hr low/mod intens. cycling Wed: 30mins in the hills, mod - high intens. Thurs: 30-45min strength sesh Sat: 30-45min power walk/jog/cycle mod intens. Other days no exercise. Was she doing this kind of workout plan long and did she lose weight when she was eating/exercising this way? Or was it more-so once she started doing more cycling-focused training?

Freelee doesnt do intensity. Ive NEVER seen her go full gas other than maybe a handful of 10 second sprints on the bike or we had a sprint to a sign when walking Figsy. Every TT she ever did she still did at talking pace. She will often talk and I will lose my shit at her telling her that is this a TT or a chin wag?

You don’t need intensity. You need consistency and that is what will give you the mitochondrial changes.  You need adventure cos when it is fun, motivation takes care of itself. It needs to be low impact cos running is shit unless you are super light weight and even then, nor Freelee or myself can handle running more than an hour a week on average.

We never set any plan for Freelee other than wake and do something on the bike. Freelee doesnt do plans and even when she paid a running coach to write one out for her back in 2010, she never even followed that plan day by day. She would just do what she wanted when she wanted. That is what I always teach and recommend.

You can see on her power data after I put a power meter on her bike in 2013 that ALL of her rides are very causal affairs. Freelee doesnt shy from hills though. In 2009 I put special gearing on her bike to make climbing more enjoyable and the rest is history.

I made a lot of mistakes at the start helping her slim down by trying to train her like a man. Women don’t have the testosterone levels of men though so I really needed to learn what the fuck I was doing and when you spend 24/7 with someone and have such an eye for detail that you can even tell if a spider or butterfly is dehydrated then I learned what was too much for Freelee and what was not enough. 

I remember grabbing her one time and forcing her down corkscrew road. It was in 2009 and she had on these red track suit pants. It was cold as fuck but I had put on these new cranks and cassette and  wanted her to try riding up the hill again just to prove that the new gearing was going to be the start of something great. I had to really fucking grab her and get her to come down the hill with me haha. She finally did and I paced her up by riding at low wattage and grabbing her shirt if she tried to ride too fast and she got up Corkscrew pretty easily and got a lot of confidence from that. She still didnt really take to the hills that much because shortly after we went back to Thailand for the year but in 2010 when we lived on the gold coast she got into it a bit more but in 2012 is when Freelee really made the connection between hills and her goals. She got so into it that in feb 2013 she bought a top of the line super lightweight climbing bike and would just do repeats up and down the hardest climb in south australia - woodlands way. She has done that hill more times than even any guy I know. She never went fast up there cos if you look on Strava there is some fat girls faster than  her but Freelee did it the most - proving that consistency is FAR more important than intensity.

These vlogs Freele is doing now may give her new viewers the impression she is a dedicated gym rat but the gym doesnt do shit for Freelee’s body compared to riding hills. Freelee is weak as piss compared to how she was 10 years ago at 73kg and able to lift pretty fucking heavy weights but girls don’t care how strong you are, they just want skinny twig arms and a thigh gap with a flat stomach. 

Is the gym bad? No BUT if weight loss is your goal then it is a complete fucking waste of time compared to cycling steep hills. 

I mean it took us a long time to shave down Freelee. Partly because I was inexperienced at coaching girls and you just can’t train a woman the same as a man because they don’t recover as fast due to being so low in serum testosterone so if you get them to do intensity you will fucking cook them for months pretty fucking easily. You just need to make something like cycling hills really fun and easy for them to do and then you are putting a blow torch to paper pretty much - shit is just gonna burn right off them over time.

Hypothetically now you could gimme any chub tub and I will blow torch so much excess fat and fluid off them in a year that they wouldnt know what the fuck happened. So many guys and girls are getting fucking rad results by following our example. If you want faster ones then just NO OIL!!