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Major Hiatus

Hey all.

So basically we’re gonna shut down the comic where it is and start over at a later date. I’ve come to a point as an artist where I’m incredibly unsatisfied with my art and my current mental status is.. very jumbled, to put it lightly.

I started this comic as a project for a college class, and it was a good way to kick myself in the ass and get myself to do something I really wanted to do. But as a result of being forced to do this, I personally feel as though the content deteriorated as time went on because of stress and my terrible art skills. Now that I have one more semester until I graduate, maybe I can figure something out and do this the right way since I feel like I’ve been doing everything wrong.

We’re not going to delete entirely, but the blog will either delete all its contents and basically be empty or be password protected, I’m not sure yet.

I’m sorry to anyone who was looking for another update. We’ll be starting over once I figure myself out. I’m sorry for the disappointment if there was any. 


Comic: @asktheinkdemon     (Link to the comic)


Everyone - Me


Kevin MacLeod - Marty’s Got A Plan

Kevin MacLeod - If I Had A Chicken

TobyFox - Hotel

I do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material used in this video, except for the use of my voice!

‘Blind Luck’

um hi I really like the oil paintings Carl Barks did so I thought hey!!! lets??? spend too much time on this monstrosity???? (also that’s Fortuna on the left and Lady Luck on the right ‘cause eyyyy myths)


A happy birthday present- from me, to you! Well. And to me. Because hell this is super self indulgent even as doodle comics go, but had to get some of that hype out of me regarding the reboot.

This is part one- Part two can be read here!