mod being a loser

anonymous asked:

LOL you guys make Ryosuke seem like such a perfect man. Good with girls and everything LOLOL so! I'm gonna be a joke and request a one shot or anything. With Ryosuke having a crush on the reader and being a nervous and clumsy prick about it lol. Don't get me wrong. I adore Ryosuke but 🤣 Sometimes I like to see him being a cute loser LOL mods~ お願いいたします!🤣🤣

( Note: Keito ghost wrote this request. – Mod L )

Today was the day.

The dressing room mirror illuminated the idol’s face as Ryosuke surveyed his own appearance, paying little attention to the stylist who had already currently been working on it. He had to look the best of the best today. No wrinkles in his clothing, no blemishes on his skin untouched by makeup, and certainly no flaws in his hair. Today, he wasn’t going to be working with just anyone on the drama that he was filming for. He was working with the object of his long standing crush.


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