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im kin with a character often perceived as a demon by the fandom and I always likes knives and violence in my canon. combined with my violent intrusive urges in my life, I feel connected to demons and can comfortably call myself a demon but idk if I'm demonkin??

You can call yourself just a demon, like I do. I feel like ‘demonkin’ is identifying with a demon instead of as, but that’s just me. - Mod Alexis

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I feel very close to demons in some way. I feel connected with shadows, I like blood, witchcraft and supernatural stuff- But I also feel a strange feeling -sorta like a deja vu or something- when it comes to angels. I feel connected with space, cosmos, nature and animals. I'm very confused... (Srry about my english ;;)

You could be a fallen angel, an angel/demon hybrid, a deity with demonic or angelic tendencies, and so on.
There is also the possibility you were infatuated with an angel as a demon or a fallen angel. The possibilities are endless.

Feel free to send me an IM @demonic-noble, and if you do you can make a new sideblog to stay anonymous!

(Your English is fine, don’t worry!)

Alright, everyone! The time has finally come for the H/L Summer Exchange to go underway!

We (as in, @skyebyrd , @hazzabooween , and @asexual-lester) are hosting this year, and we are all so excited! I (skyebyrd) ran it last year and loved it so much and am so glad to be doing it again :)

In case you don’t know what an exchange is, here’s some info:

What is an anonymous fic exchange?

Think secret santa. Everyone throws a minimum of three H/L centric prompts into the hat, and everyone pulls out a set of prompts to write! And, like a secret santa, the person writing the fic will not be revealed until it’s all over. You write a fic, you get a fic!

(You will definitely be revealed later, but until then, don’t spill the secret!)

How do I sign up?

We have a tutorial on our blog right here that walks you through step by step. But, essentially, you go to our AO3 Profile, hit sign-up, enter in your info and bam! You’re signed up. 

Sign ups will last two (2) weeks. They open today, April first (1st) and will last through April fifteenth (15th). 

You do need to have an AO3 account in order to participate. If you do not have an account, there is a waiting list for an invitation to one. However, if you message us, I have a few available to give out based on a first-come first-served request. If you don’t have an account and wish to participate, please message us sooner rather than later!

What about actually writing the fic?

Well, that lasts from April twenty-second (22nd) if everything goes well, and will last until July 1st, when fics are due! 

Fics have a minimum word requirement of 4,000 words. This is a mandatory word account. With two months to write, that is adequate time. However, that being said, we do recognize that there are other things going on and extensions are available based on request. We don’t mind being asked for extensions, so please don’t be afraid to do so if needed. 

And, having a beta/britpick is required! As fic exchanges are a lot of new fic writers looking to get their feet wet, I believe it’s the best thing possible to have someone else there to lend a hand in the writing process. Even more experienced writers can always benefit from having a beta/britpick. 

While we don’t do check-ins, we do expect you to comply to this rule. 

Any other rules?

Yes! More detailed rules may be found in our rules list, and we also have an faq available. 

  1. You must send a minimum of three (3) prompts, to give your author a few different choices. Please be as specific as possible in what you like/don’t like, so we are able to match you up to the best of our abilities. 
  2. Once you are done signing up, you are required to email us your AO3 username and your tumblr url, if you prefer tumblr as a means of contact over email. 
  3. Again, fics have to have a minimum of 4,000 words. 
  4. Do not change your AO3 name, or else we will lose track of who you are. If you change your AO3 name, inform us immediately so we are able to know who you are. 
  5. If we email you/message you, no matter the enquiry, you are required to respond within three (3) business days. If you do not, you will be dropped from the exchange and replaced. This is because a good number of our questions will be time-sensitive (i.e., you turned in a fic less than 4k and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible) and we can’t wait for a response that may never come. 
  6. Finally, have fun! It’s not as serious as it sounds in this description, I promise. 

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email us at or message us right here on tumblr :)

Happy writing!

And lastly, credit for the photoset above goes to the lovely @bvckyau

This might be bias because I’m black, but I absolutely hate seeing people post or confess their perfect angel line-up of 6-14 different models without a single model of color present. There will be 90% blondes and 10% brunettes (maybe even a redhead sometimes), but then there will be no Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, or Hispanic model.

I feel like everyone is so focused on their faves that they don’t realize that every body, regardless of their race, needs representation when it comes to a company that states they have the sexiest models in the world.

Little dark/brown skinned girls are growing up thinking they’re not beautiful because companies as big as VS or communities praised like Hollywood don’t represent them enough to have them defined as beautiful.

An angel line-up is supposed to provide a base for everyone to feel secure. As a company, they’re supposed to sell to everyone regardless of their race, especially if they’re saying that they know what’s sexy.

Angels should not only be sexy, but they should be representatives to everyone who pays attention to them.

VS has gone almost four full years without a Black angel in the line up, and they only use 4-5 of the black models currently in the fashion industry. While doing so, they only used Ming Xi and Liu Wen outside of fashion shows.

I think it’s time that we as fans start bringing awareness to VS for them to add diversity in their line-up. We should tell them that we actually want diversity, and we should show them that every single fan of theirs isn’t a blonde girl with blue eyes or the occasional brunette.

As fans, we should show VS that we want everyone in their fan base to know that they are sexy regardless of their skin tone.

Encourage VS to use darker skinned models, Asian models, hell it would be lovely to see them work with a Middle Eastern model

I’m just saying that diversity doesn’t mean every blonde/brunette model should be kicked out of the picture, I’m saying diversity means that every body regardless of their race/ethnicity needs representation.

So I found out there’s a fan war going on between Britney Spears and Beyonce fans right now just like the fan war between Adriana and Candice a few months back. This made me realize that two successful women within a single industry cannot be seen as successful or popular without having to be in competition with one another; however, if it had been two men, let’s say Tyson Beckford and David Gandy or Denzel Washington and George Clooney, there wouldn’t be an issue and fans would say they both have talent.

So, why within the female community do we always have to put two women against one another? Why can’t we just accept that they are both successful in their fields rather than having to put one above the other?

As women we should respect and applaud each other for the accomplishments we make in life. Yes, Candice arches or back, plays in her hair, and keeps her mouth open; however, Adriana keeps her mouth open and had poor facial expressions aside from her eyes. Each woman has a flaw within them, but their success and capability shouldn’t be doubted because of that flaw.

It’s time that we start motivating and praising other women, even if it’s as minor as being a fan of someone successful. Women are already seen as catty and weak, so let’s not give people an excuse to continue thinking negatively of us.