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Can I ask however how in the fuck "aphobia" is real AT ALL? Nobody is offended by people not liking sex. The Christians and conservatives who have made the world hostile to the rest of us don't even have a problem with you whatsoever. If anything they put you on a pedestal and consider you "pure" while wanting LGBT people to burn in hell for being "abominable and sinful." Aces are privileged unless they are LGBT some other way. Fact. Fact. Fact. F A C T.

I normally would respond to this with cool animal facts, but you had to bring Christians and conservatives into it, so I have to stomp your ass.

I’m Christian. I am very devout. I love God, and I want to do right by Him while on His earth. I’ve struggled immensely with my sexual/romantic orientations in connection to my religion, but I’ve come to the conclusion that God would not damn people to hell over love. That is my personal connection to my God.

That is not my connection to the church. Unless you are religious or live as an aspec person in a religious society, you don’t know jack shit about how conservative Christians treat us. Everything you said above about aspecs and religion? Horseshit. Absolute horseshit.

Your definition of “ace” is completely wrong. It’s not a dislike of sex–it’s a lack of sexual attraction. Even so, people are absolutely put off by both of those things. People have a tendency to make our identities all about themselves. “Oh, you don’t find people attractive? So you think I’m ugly?” or “Oh, you don’t want to have sex with me? Why not?” They take it so personally, when really my identity has nothing to do with them.

So, actually, if it were just abstinence, you’d be somewhat right. The church does believe in abstinence or celibacy, but most of the time only if you’re part of the clergy, or if you’re simply waiting until marriage. In fact, (I’m not Catholic, so correct me if I’m wrong) but a Catholic marriage states that you have to have sex the night of your wedding to officiate it. But if you straight-up don’t experience attraction, they think something is wrong with you, just like everyone else out there who is aphobic.

You want some personal accounts? Because I’ve got em. How about my dad telling me pretty much twice a week that I’d better give him grandkids, despite my telling him that I never plan to have sex or kids repeatedly. How about the people at my church telling me that “God will bring someone your way” when I told them as a literal child that I wasn’t interested in dating. What about the people at school in the Bible belt who spread a rumor that I worshipped Satan? Or called me unlovable because I never dated? Or because I never had a crush on someone? Because I told everyone that I didn’t find anyone in my grade “cute”?

You’re talking out of your ass. You are completely ignorant on the way conservative Straights of faith view aspec individuals. You’re regurgitating shit you’ve heard online from other people who don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, so I advise you maybe go and do some of your own research first.

Here’s some links for you, if you do find that you actually give a damn at all.

–Mod Mercy

Fashionably late? Couldn’t bear to miss out on this swell shindig going on, and it’s been too long since I drew Arthur and Mesi at any rate :D

Feel free to give either one a twirl on the dance floor, they’re both very friendly- just don’t go hitting on Mesi too much, or you might find a steam locomotive crashing the party…

Amazing art going on in this tag, fantastic idea! You’re all so talented!

They then proceed to discuss costume plumage until the cab arrives.

Last drawing before the good old traditional one-day Christmas hiatus! I couldn’t possibly not draw these two though, Izzy and Pixie being the biggest celebrities at the ball and all (p.s. if you aren’t already following tanglefootcomic you really need to fix that pronto).

I’m so sorry for my hash of a pencil sketch but I just adore these two *w*

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