I know everyone thinks that the Diamonds feel sad/upset about losing Pink Diamond because of some sisterhood thing but let throw a curve ball. What if the other Diamonds viewed her as a failure, and erased any history of her after the rebellion because they didn’t want any other gems to think they can be easily over ruled.


Robert Rauschenberg was a Neo-Dadaist/Pop Artist. Rauschenberg was interested in exploring the definition of what art was, and what the role of the artist in their creation. Rauschenberg worked with photography, painting, printmaking, performance, found object sculpture, mixed media, and designing sets and costumes for experimental dance performances. Rauschenberg attended the Black Mountain College in the late ‘40s which influenced his later work in manipulating and studying the lines, textures and colors of found and material objects. Rauschenberg was active from the late 1940s, until his death in 2008. Sleep for Yvonne Rainer, 1965 (pictured above) was created by Rauschenberg for his friend and collaborator, dancer and choreographer Yvonne Rainer, as a tribute to their friendship.