Yaaaaay :D

I’M BACK in black

Well, that- that was a way longer time than I though- ugghhh so many issues to have Internet again—


I missed this so much ;w;

And– well, that’s it, I just wanted to announce that. I did some things too; changed the theme of the blog and added a FAQ page to the About and Rules page. And that’s it. I’m back.


Because I didn’t want this to be just a plain text post and because I feel bad for not having published anything (even though I know I couldn’t help it),- I’ll show you some dumb af Asche doodles I made while I was bored and without Internet-

So, click “Keep reading” if you wanna see ‘em! ‘cause they’re just too many .w. well, only like ten, but you know

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English Fashion In Paris In 1966.
Fashion show at The British Fashion Store Located On Saint-Catherine’S Square In Paris.
Place du Marché-Sainte-Catherine in Paris in the sixties was intended to be the French response to Swinging London and Carnaby Street. November 22, 1966

anonymous asked:

(To Mod- Do you headcanon Jotaro with autism/asperger's? I relate to him a lot because he shows a lot of the symptoms and I'm wondering what you think?)

((I do headcanon it too, actually! I’ve got asperger’s myself, and I found a few things that he does line up with my own symptoms (shows little emotion, clumsy with relationships, speaks in a monotone voice, has a consistent style in clothing, a special interest is what I’ve seen so far and which I can remember on the top of my head), so the Jotaro on this blog has asperger’s!)