My project for my infographics class (presented in a poster at the top)!

We had to design a campaign using a theme, 6 icons of a person in that theme, and apply it to collateral. I decided to do inspirational women involved in technology, so I called my campaign “FEMTECH”.

Pretty happy with this one! The style is definitely not what I usually do, so it was a fun experience!

If you guys saw my icons from before while they were a work in progress, this is how they turned out, haha.


So I ADORE SkullGirls, the world, the characters, the animation, UI design, and theming BUT I am not a very big fan of fighting games so I decided to put together this little concept of a SkullGirls Beat ‘Em Up called SkullGirls Rush. Maybe one day I’ll see if I can get together a small team and find a beat em up engine and see if I can make this sort of a reality.