W I N T E R  IS  C O M I N G

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What if Super Mario Bros on the NES was'nt originally a hit? What if Mario did'nt evolve thru the years, becoming ever more popular, with his look becoming more and more refined and friendly? What if all we had to remind us was just the original sprites, no coverarts or official artwork. How would you remember him? A chubby and happy determined Italian Plumber or just some old-looking player wearing red overalls? With that in mind, I came with this idea… How would look in an HD version of Super Mario Bros created today taking in consideration just the 1985 sprites? Well, that’s how I think it would all look!

Mockup of a book cover idea I had for Jane Eyre.

The jacket is the fire (obviously) but when you take it off, you see the damage the fire left behind.


You can now get your hands on a copy!

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More fighting game shenanigans!

This time, I took rebornica’s character select art and fashioned it into an actual character select screen!

And yes, Mike is standing on a giant pizza. It’s the only fitting thing I could think of.

The original character select image is here (once again by rebornica.)

Am I giving credit right?


What if a Dark Crystal video game was released on the Famicom / NES back in 1994?


Here is my humble (and simple) tribute to this awesome movie of my childhood

Here is a link to the soundtrack, it’s a cover done with Famitracker (inspired by the Trevor Jones masterpiece).

Please note that the art is just inspired by the NES limitations and not sticked to them.

(This is a tribute, all rights reserved Jim Henson Company)

Snake and Konjak did a Wario Land and Princess Daisy mockup respectively, so I couldn’t stay behind.

I started this at the end of 2014 and finally got around to finishing it This taught me a lot about all the different aspects of game art, and it allowed me to put everything I’ve learned during Nuclear Throne into something that was a bit higher resolution. 

So yeah, this is what I would make a Sonic game look like if I was given the opportunity. It’s heavily inspired by Sonic Advance 2, which is my favourite Sonic game, along with the overall aesthetic of games like Sonic CD and Knuckles’ Chaotix. 

I might at some point animate Sonic’s runcycle and the Starpost (the wings flip around the red ring when you run past it, so that they end up right way up), and perhaps the Mosqui’s flying. For now though, I need to take a break from this one, haha!