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Wax On, Wax Off

Characters: Y/N Padalecki, Jared Padalecki, Y/N’s parents (mentioned), Jensen Ackles, Danneel Ackles, Lucas Padalecki (OC), Sebastian Padalecki (OC), JJ Ackles, Arrow and Zeppelin Ackles    

Pairing: Jared x Reader, Jensen x Danneel (brief)

Warnings: Family sucks and waxing hurts. Jared is an amazing, patient, wonderful husband (and yes that’s a warning).    

Word Count: 1600ish

A/N: This was born out of a conversation I had with @blacktithe7 (and no this time it is not turning into a series lol) I hope you will have fun reading cause I had fun writing it. As always no wife hate here. I love Gen - she is just not married to the moose here for the purpose of the story :)

Erin also betaed this mess for me so thanks a lot darling <3

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You knew that your family was uptight and that they would always find something to pick on you for. You had always been the black sheep of the family. Never as successful as your brother or as pretty as you sister. No matter what life decisions you made they seemed to be wrong. Every time you saw them it was something new too.

First, they disapproved that you decided to marry an actor. You sister had even said straight to your face it was only a matter of time before he was going to cheat on you with someone younger and prettier guest starring on his show. You hadn’t minded that one too much though. No matter what they said,   it couldn’t make your trust or love for Jared waver. He had never give you a reason to doubt him, and you didn’t need their approval to love him. He was good for you and you for him. You knew you could face whatever was thrown at you as long as you faced it together, your family included.

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Tumblr bullying.

I really hate the way Tumblr users just needlessly bully users on this site. They don’t let it go, someone does one thing wrong and even when they apologize it’s all they become known for.

Years later they still get anons saying “ haha you’re the one who did this right?” Or every time they reblog something someone will add a snarky rude comment onto their reblog. Like you assholes are like leeches.

You don’t give a shit if that person apologized and realized what they said was wrong. You just want to bully them. You want to find an easy target to mock.

But then as soon as a person you like is bullied you immediately try and use the high ground of “ bullying is bad”.

These popular users just can’t stop bullying smaller users because it makes them feel superior.

I’m sick and tired of it. Let things go. Move on. Grow up.

Steve “Don’t Touch My Bucky” Rogers, Ladies and Gentlemen.

My App’s Not Stupid… You Are (THE SHIELD)

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Tried to add humor to this one lol. Hope it makes sense!


Warnings: none


“Romannn…” I whined pouting at one of my best friends.

He chuckled, mocking my tone soon after. “Baby girllll…” I scoffed hearing my other two best friends, Seth and Dean join in on the laughing as they continued out the elevator.

Ignoring them, I continued taking to Roman. “You gotta believe me.” I tried to reason with him.

Roman turned around taking me by the shoulders. “Y/N, It’s not you I don’t believe…” He paused and I could tell he was trying to be dramatic. “… I don’t believe your app.”

“Yeah,” Seth’s voice rang in my ears. “It’s an stupid app.

“I looked at him with a scowl on my face."My app’s not stupid… You are…”

Seth smirked, “Says the girl who thinks an app is really gonna tell if the hotel is haunted. Seriously Y/N/N. You wasted you money.” He turned on his heel, resuming the walk to our hotel room.

I saw Roman starting to walk ahead, to catch up with Dean.

I gasped. “You’re gonna follow him Ro?”

He only shrugged, yawning shortly after. “Any other time I would play along with you but not now. It’s 2 in the morning and I’m too tired.” He finished disappearing around the corner.

I sighed glancing over at Dean. “You gonna go with them?” I mumbled.

Dean shook his head. “I don’t believe you, but I’m not gonna leave you. Especially not since you’re really freaked out.”

He smiled causing me to smile. I linked arms with him. “And this is why you’re my favorite, Deano.”

We made our way back into the elevator and Dean pressed to button to go back down.

While we waited to get to the lobby floor I giggled causing Dean to look at me. “What’s funny?”

I continued giggling. “Oh nothing, just thinking about how Seth said I wasted my money… when I bought the app with his credit card.” I smiled innocently.

Dean looked at me shaking his head playfully. “Remind me to never leave my wallet around you.” He grinned.

Explained: covfefe meme
Please come find me.

Commission for @kraium (thank you so much for commissioning my beautiful French bean!)

“Damn Eren, rough night?” Jean mocks at him as soon as he had set foot outside of the elevator.

Raising his head, and giving him a look that says “Don’t fuck with me today”, he saw the tall guy lower his gaze and focus it on the floor beneath them.

“Sorry man,” Connie said as he gave him a pat on the shoulder, to which Eren just hummed and gave a quick nod in his direction after he had sat himself down behind his desk.

He took out his stuff; ignoring the painful headache that was searing through his brain as he booted up the computer in front of him. Trying to keep his mind fairly blank, he got interrupted by a certain someone’s voice drumming through his ears like it was a drill.

“Ereeeeeen, my boy, my man, where are you sweety?!” Hange sang, their voice echoing through the whole space of working people, not caring that most of them were on the phone and dealing with unhappy customers.

The brunet raised his arm high enough so it would stick out from behind his workplace, supporting it with his other arm as he felt his muscles sting from last night’s war.

“There you are” they groaned as they made their way down to his post and rested their elbows on the edge of Eren’s cubicle wall, forming a bridge with their hands and resting their chin on it. “Hey handsome, I have a really pissed of customer for you,” they said with a wink. “Here are his papers aaaannddd…” they trailed off, playing air drums which made the people around the both of them turn their heads in their direction accompanied with a few muffled laughs. “He has made four people cry already so enjoy that” Hange finished and got up from their leaning position.

“Oh and by the way…” the distance between their faces closing, “You’ll find him don’t worry” they spoke softly while giving him a weak but genuine smile.

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@operaticspacetrash suggested “Cassian Fencing and Jyn gawking for royal AU “ to me…

“Where is her Royal Princess?”
“I think she is in the Garden.”
“Is he fencing again?”
“Seems so…”

Meanwhile in the Garden.. Cassian Andor is (indeed) fencing again And Princess Jyn?

“Sometimes it seems like she forgets , that they are actually married…”


12/12/16 | Last week’s bujo spread! If you haven’t noticed, I stopped the 100 days of productivity thing a little while ago; I intend to pick it back up again when I start revising for my January mocks (so, soon). More bujo pictures to follow!

pasta & cuddles || lrh

luke comes home from a tiring day to you, who always seems to make his day better

a/n: so this started as a blurb but i kinda got too into it so now it’s a short imagine? or is it still a blurb? idk,, this is shorter than my other imagines but it’s full of f l u f f ! enjoy!

You were sitting on the couch while Luke was at work, eating some pasta and watching TV, until you heard the door open and looked over to see your boyfriend, Luke, stumbling in. You can tell he’s tired as he trudges from the door all the way to the couch, and flops right down next to you. You put your food down on the table in front of you and face him.

“Bad day?” You ask.

He simply nods as he scoots closer to you and rests his head on your shoulder. You immediately put your arms around him and try your best to be the big spoon, which is easier said than done due to his broad stature. “This is good,” he mumbles after a minute of silence. “Can we just stay like this… forever?”

You giggled as you kissed him on the forehead. “Sure, Luke.”

He sighs in return and was about to fall asleep on you before his stomach grumbled. “Aww, Luke! Let me get you something to eat.” You cooed.

“No! Stay…” He pleaded as he grabbed you before you could stand up.

You eyed the pasta you had put down earlier, then returned to your position beside Luke on the couch. “Fine, but you’re still eating.” You said.

“But I’m so tired…” He whined.

You grabbed the bowl in front of you and brought it back to the couch. You sat cross-legged on the couch and turned to face Luke. “C’mon, Luke eat up. Then you can go to sleep for however long you want.”

“Why can’t I eat after I sleep?”

“When did you have lunch?”

You were answered with another grumble from his stomach.

“I will feed you if I have to, Hemmings.”

Luke opened his mouth in response. You rolled your eyes at him as you lifted the fork and fed him some pasta. “You’re such a child.”

“But you love me!” He said with a mouth full of food.

“Swallow your food before you talk.”

Now it was his turn to roll his eyes at you. “Okay, Mum.”

You both laughed as you continued to feed him.

Once the bowl was empty, you stood up to go wash it, only to have Luke follow you into the kitchen. His arms snaked around your waist as you washed the bowl in the sink. He rested his chin on your shoulder and gently swayed you from side to side. Luke began to pepper kisses along your neck.  “Luke!! I’m trying to work here!” You whined, although you couldn’t stop the smile from forming on your face.

“Y/N!! I’m trying to love you here!” Luke mocked you.

As soon as you were finished, he picked you up by the waist and carried you to the bedroom, with you screeching along the way. He laid you gently on the bed before he walked over to the closet and began to change into a baggy t-shirt. You got yourself comfortable under the covers as you waited for him to join you.

Luke finally got under the covers and snuggled up with you. This time, he was the big spoon as he held you lovingly against his body. He kissed the top of your head and whispered, “I love you, Y/N.” into your ear. You smiled as you looked up and whispered, “I love you too, Luke.” back. He pecked you quickly on the lips, but you brought him back for a full kiss that satisfied the both of you.

And it was nights like this that Luke was so glad to have you in his life. Nights where he would come home from a frustrating day to find you waiting for him and brightening up his whole day. He appreciated you and loved you so much, yet he would never know how to express just how much you meant to him. And so, his day concluded and the last thing on his mind before his eyes fluttered closed and sleep took over his body was you.

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blorke + 15/19 (from C's pov, hun!! bc lbr, das some truth tea.. doll busts for bell left right n centre) ty babyboo

ok 1) this ask is the absolute best and 2) i only realised after i wrote it that you wanted it from clarke’s pov i’m sorry!! 

kiss meme #19- Kisses because I don’t want you to go and maybe I can convince you to stay just a few minutes longer (mild smut)


Usually in the warmer months Bellamy couldn’t wait to leave his stuffy, muggy tent to attend to the day’s work. At least outside there was some breeze to help with the oppressive heat, and he could sneak a dip in the nearby river if he so wished.

But now, things have a changed.

Now he has a properly ventilated cabin instead of a tent, now he has an actual bed instead of a pile of fur, and now he has someone to share that bed with every night instead of being on his own.

For someone so small, Clarke manages to occupy the entire bed and then some, her left foot dangling off the edge.

Her head is pillowed on his chest, clinging to his bicep as she snores something awful, her hair a bird’s nest around them. It gets in her mouth, and his mouth too, and yet he still keeps her there, a gentle hand tracing the bumps of her vertebrae as she sleeps on.

“Clarke,” he murmurs softly, nosing the crown of her head. “Clarke, babe, I need to get up.”

She makes a soft sound of disagreement, brow wrinkling as she presses her face into his sternum, almost butting his chin in the process. He has to tilt his head up to avoid getting hit.

Clarke,” he whines, “I have work.”

“I don’t,” she grumbles. The sun has already risen, light dripping through the curtains, and the air has begun warming up. Their bare skin sticks together uncomfortably where they touch but it doesn’t stop her from snuggling further into him.

“Not all of us have mornings off,” he says, fingers trailing over her scapula now. If he tickles her, she might squirm away, leaving him with an out.

She finally cracks her eyes open, glaring balefully at him. “You could have morning off you know,” she says, “You never take time off. Kane wouldn’t mind.”

“I’m supposed to inform him before I take time off, not miss my shift.”

“You’re taking inventory today. No one’s going to miss you,” she sighs, arching her body against his so that the thin blanket slips down, catching on the curve of her ass. His fingers itch to follow its path, but he knows exactly where that’ll lead and it involves him being later than he already is.

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Forever Silent

We can see Jack, who looks absolutely petrified. Though his mouth is moving and there’s every indication he’s shouting as loud as possible, we can’t hear anything.

Familiar laughter filters through, and Anti’s mocking voice soon follows;

There were signs… But once again, you ignored all the warnings.

Why should you listen to Jack now?

Won't Happen Again : Epilogue to Chicago Med 2x17

Jay spotted him slumped over a beer in the far back booth. It was one of the rare occasions he felt sorry for the guy. But he was sure today had been a tough one for him so when he’d called and asked Jay to meet him for a beer Jay didn’t hesitate to agree.

Jay stopped briefly at the bar to greet a few friends and order a beer before making his way to the back of the bar. He plunked his beer on the table and sat on the stool across from his brother.

“Hey, how you holding up?” Jay asked Will.

Will raised his head and gave a forced smile as his answer. “Hey, thanks for meeting me.”

“Of course,” Jay nodded.

They sipped their beer in silence, both casually scanning the bar, watching the patrons laugh and drink their daily stress away.

“You okay?” Jay asked after a few minutes. Will was the talkative one of the two and his lengthy silence had Jay concerned.

“Do you know that most doctors consider suicide at some point during their residency?” Will asked, still shocked by this fact.

Jay’s back straightened, his eyes inspected Will looking for signs his big brother was sending him distress signals.

Will raised his hand. “I’m fine. But that’s just it. It never occurred to me. I never got to that place. I had no idea so many residents struggled like that.” He took a swig of his beer. “I don’t know, maybe it’s the Halstead genes. Push everything down, don’t feel too much and sure as hell don’t talk about your feelings.” He laughed bitterly. “Can you imagine what dad would say if he walked in here right now? The names he’d call us?”

Jay snorted and took swig of beer.

“And now we have these women in our lives, wanna talk about feelings all the damn time,” Will moaned.

“Speak for yourself,” Jay said flatly. “Erin’s harder to crack then a damn bank vault.”

“I don’t know man, the way that girl’s eyes light up whenever someone says your name, she can’t hide those feelings,” Will teased.

Jay smirked confidently, “Well, I mean when you’ve got the best,” he bragged.

Will laughed shaking his head, “Shut up.”

“Seems to me you’re the one who’s got all kinds of feelings to work out,” Jay teased, putting air quotes around the word feelings.

“What are you talking about?”

“Dude, you’re living with one girl and can’t shut up about another,” Jay observed.

“That’s not true!” Will said defensively.

“No? Nat this, Nat that, all the damn time,” Jay mocked. “Nina’s gonna catch on soon and you’re gonna find yourself homeless,” Jay warned. “And don’t,” he continued raising his finger and pointing at Will, “even consider crashing on my couch. No way am am I dealing with you and Erin first thing in the morning.”

“Not much of a morning person is she?” Will asked laughing, avoiding Jay’s comments about Natalie.

“You have no idea,” Jay laughed but there was something in his eyes that told Will Jay was perfectly content to deal with Erin’s grumpy moods.

Will laughed too. He’d never seen Jay like this before. His dark brooding little brother, who would rather hide in his room than deal with the world and then later ran away to war so he wouldn’t have to deal with his own demons only to be saddled with even more demons, seemed more settled and more at peace these days, happy even. He’d had his doubts about Erin, especially after she dropped into a self destructive spiral without concern that she’d gutted Jay, but clearly she had got her shit together and was helping him carry his load.

“Hey, where’d you go?” Jay asked, drawing Will’s attention back.

Will second guessed himself for a moment before speaking, but after today he knew he just needed to say what was on his mind. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when we were kids and after… after you got home. And I’m sorry you had to deal with dad on your own when mom died,” he blurted out.

Jay didn’t respond at first, just took a swig of beer and swallowed, grimacing like the liquid burned going down. “It the past man,” he said, waving off Will’s apology.

“Well, it won’t happen again. You need anything…”

“I’m good, but thanks. Besides you called me remember?” Jay said interrupting Will.

“Yeah, I did,” Will nodded. The silence stretched between them again before Will grew impatient with his own mood. “Okay enough of this, you see the Sox game last night? Quintana pitched like shit!”

“It’s only spring training,” Jay reasoned.

Will and Jay argued baseball and drank beer after beer until a petite brunette placed a hand on each of their shoulders.

“I don’t know why you waste your breath, the Cubs are gonna kick their asses again anyway,” Erin announced amused.

“Erin! What are you doing here babe, thought you were having dinner with a friend tonight,” Jay asked as he leaned over to kiss her.

“I was, that was hours ago and then I got a call from the bar owner,” she said thumbing in Herman’s direction, “ said there were two rowdy Irish boys disturbing the peace and drinking all his beer,” she laughed. “Poor man wants to close up and go home.”

Jay and Will looked around the now empty bar then at each other and laughed drunkenly. They had lost track of time and closed the bar down.

“Hermann!” Will called, “since when you shy about kicking people out?”

Hermann laughed as he walked over to them. “Since never, but I know you had a rough day, figured I’d bend the rules a bit for you.”

“Well I appreciate that,” Will said slightly slurred, “but you didn’t have to call us a chaperone. We know how to hail cabs.”

“Eh,” Hermann shrugged. “I’ll sleep better knowing you two goons aren’t out inflicting your enthusiasm for the Sox on the rest of this fine city. No one deserves that.” He said in mock seriousness while walking them to the door.

Will flung his arm around Erin’s shoulder. “Lindsay, I like you,” Will announced, “even if you are a Cubs fan.”

Erin laughed up at him and shook her head. When drunk the Halstead boys thought the were even more charming.

“Hey,” Jay called a step behind them. “That’s my girl you got your grubby hands on.” He moaned.

“Relax Halstead, I ain’t trying to steal your girl,” Will mocked as he pulled Erin closer to his side, knowing it would fuel Jay’s fire.

Erin rolled her eyes, it was gonna be a long drive getting these two home.

imagine this scenario,better written and onscreen

ok so I just had a thought:
You know that scene, where Betty was dancing around her room like an adorable, carefree angel? Imagine it happening again, only this time Jug catches her not Alice.

He needed to finish his maths homework and although he prides himself for his intelligence, there was something about algebra that was impossible. Betty happened to be whizz at the subject and he wanted to visit her anyway, so he was technically killing two birds with one stone.
He knocked on the front door and Polly opened it, all smiles and extremely welcoming, she sent him upstairs to Betty’s room. He began knock on the door but stopped himself when he heard a buzz of pop music and Betty’s gentle voice singing along.
Slowly and carefully, he opened her bedroom door. Betty was so caught up in her little dance party, she didn’t notice him at all, and continued jumping about without a care in the world.
Jug watched her with heart eyes, completely mesmerised by his girl. Then he walks in, clapping slowly and makes a witty, but jokey comment about her choice of music. She turnt around quick as a wink and slightly horrified “Oh my god Juggie! how long have you been here.”
He laughed and she pouts, playing mock grumpy at first, but soon gives in, when Jug kisses her forehead lightly. She can’t help but smile and pulled him into her for a hug.

“I missed you”
“I missed you too”
“What are you doing here?”
“I wanted to see you. I also needed help with my algebra, but your little performance enthralled me”

She laughs and elbows him lightly, placing her hands on his face and pulling him into a kiss.

“I love you Juggie”
“I love you too Betts.”

Simon Snow’s birthday.


I wrote a fic to celebrate the occasion.

Set in a time where Snowbaz hasn’t happened yet.


Baz knows it’s my birthday today.

This is very bad news. It’s already evening and he hasn’t done anything yet but I’m pretty sure my day is about to be majorly ruined. He’s been nice to me all day, which is suspicious in itself, and I’m sure the timing isn’t a coincidence. He said ‘good morning’ before he left and didn’t sound sarcastic. He smiled at me when we passed each other in the hallway (it did look like it was physically hurting him to do so, but still, he smiled). When everyone decided to embarrass me by singing ‘happy birthday’ at dinner, I’m pretty sure I saw him singing along. Last year he stood up and walked out of the room, very conspicuously, so this is quite a change.

Conclusion: Baz Pitch is plotting something, and it’s going to go down tonight. Why else would he be nice to me, and on my birthday of all days?

I walk up to our room slowly, carefully peering around every corner, though I have no idea what I’m looking out for.


For some reason I’ve always felt like I was obligated to make an extra-special effort to be mean to Snow on his birthday. I’m sure he celebrates with his friends during the day (reluctantly, though; Snow wouldn’t want to make a scene), but the last thing he thinks about is his absentee parents and all the birthdays he’s spent alone. I always make sure of it. At first, for years, I would push him to tears and then mock him for it. But soon I would find myself lying awake, hating myself for hurting him, crumbling further with every sound of misery from across the room.

I’ve decided that this year I’m going to be nice to him, just for one day. I’m done hurting Snow.


Baz isn’t in our room when I finally get there so I let myself relax, just a little bit. I go to the window and look out at the pitch, but it’s empty. He’s off somewhere, plotting, and I’m probably about to find out what he’s doing.

Baz always makes a point of tormenting me on my birthday. He used to really get to me. Instead of being happy I was here, with magic, with my friends, he’d make me think about everything I don’t have. Like family, a home, somewhere to belong. The childhood birthdays that meant nothing to anyone. Meanwhile, here was Baz, rich and sophisticated and perfect and loved. (Even though he was evil, and a vampire).

But then, more recently, I’ve realised nothing Baz says about any of that bothers me anymore. I’ve already thought it over, felt the hurt, to the point where I’ve accepted it. And I don’t need heaps of presents, or want to belong anywhere outside of here…

I figured it out a little while ago.

There’s only one thing I really want, for my birthday, or ever.

I just want Baz.


Snow visibly jumps out of his skin when I walk in the room. 

‘Don’t worry,’ I say coolly. ‘I’m not going to do anything.’

Snow doesn’t look reassured. I see his eyes (beautiful, blue eyes) follow me across the room. I see him reach up to finger the cross around his neck. I wonder if it would really do anything - what would happen if I touched it. I’ve never gotten that close to him before, I wouldn’t know.

I head into the bathroom to change.

I remind myself that Snow wears that cross for a reason. He wears it to ward me off, and he has good reason to want that, after everything I’ve done. Not to mention the fact that I’m a vampire.

Sometimes I think if he didn’t wear the cross and if it wasn’t for the Anathema, I would have bitten Snow in his sleep a long time ago. Or, I would have tried to kiss him, and he would have responded by feeding me to the merwolves.

‘Good night, Snow,’ I say when I walk back out.

His eyes follow me across the room again.


‘Why are you being nice to me?’ I blurt out.

‘Is it a problem?’ Baz responds, returning to his usual snarky tone.

‘Well. No, but it’s weird.’

‘Should I continue or do you want me to start insulting you?’

‘No, this is… nice,’ I say uncertainly. Nice isn’t really how I would describe it. Unnerving would be a better word. It’s easier to hate Baz when he’s being an evil git. What am I supposed to feel when he’s acting normal? It creates the illusion that we could be something other than enemies. It makes me question where I stand with him.

That is really not what I need right now.

Maybe I should tell him to go back to mocking me.

‘Okay then. Happy birthday, Snow.’

‘Um. Thanks.’


Snow sounds really confused. I’m not sure if that means I’ve failed in my mission to be nice to him.

I turn away and try to fall asleep. I listen to the muffled sounds of Snow changing in the bathroom, then to his footsteps walking back to his bed and the sound of him crawling under the covers.

Then, quietly,

‘Good night, Baz.’

I roll over slowly and just before he turns out the light I see a glimmer of gold on the bedside table.


‘Snow, did you just take off your necklace?’


I’m being stupid, I’m being reckless. Just because Baz decides to be nice to me for one day doesn’t mean it’s going to last. I still don’t know if he’s plotting something. He’s still a vampire. He probably still hates my guts.


‘Because love makes people do foolish things.’




Shit, did I just say that out loud?


I sit bolt upright.

‘Simon Snow, what did you just say?’

‘What? Nothing.’

I get up and turn the light back on. 

He’s staring at me, the cover up to his chin, his blue eyes wide. Snow scrambles to his feet and reaches for the necklace.

‘Wait. You don’t have to do that.’

I walk up to Snow and I’m still amazed that he doesn’t move away.

He freezes, watches me. He lets me come closer. He lets me touch his cheek.

I kiss Simon Snow. Just once. Then I open my eyes and watch him slowly open his. They look brighter, more alive. And Simon’s lips curl into a smile, and I grin back at him.

I think I’ve finally made Simon’s day.

waterunderthebridgefic  asked:

How about headcanons for Uma and Audrey's friendship?

Uma and Audrey (friendship) Headcanons

- To Audrey, a teen girl who had only recently struggled with the idea of someone not listening to her every word, Uma was intimidating. Neverless, Audrey had realized that she had her first “friend crush” and really wanted to get to know the teen.

- This is something extremely new to Audrey. She isn’t the type of girl to really yearn to interact with a specific individual, and when she does, it hasn’t been a problem for her to actually just start talking to them.

- Audrey isn’t even capable of looking Uma in the eyes, so the daughter of Ursala just assumes that she is either very shy or sciddish around VKs.

- After (embarrassingly) telling her friends her situation, and a ton of encouragement, she gains the confidence to walkz up to Uma after school. The only problem was, she had no clue what to say.

- She hadn’t thought this far ahead. Audrey didn’t really think she would get this far.

- Finally, seeing as the breeze in the air had more to say than the pink loving princess, Uma decided to be the one to start up a conversation.

- So, they talked…and talked…and talked. They discussed Uma’s new life in Auradon, some other VKs, magic, etc.

- Uma’s always been pretty good with keeping a conversation going, as long as the other person comes up with something to talk about- and, luckily, Audrey seems to never not have a dozen things going on.

- Did someone call for an instant friend who is the complete opposite but somehow ending up relating to a lot of things? Cause here it is!

- Uma referring to Audrey as “princess”

- Audrey h a t e d the nickname at first, probably due to how it was usually used when people were mocking her, but soon grew to like it and how sweet it sounded when the person wasn’t mentally ripping off her head.

- They aren’t best friends, but they always have really interesting conversations and seem like they could talk to each other forever.

Midnight Tromps

Originally posted by o-8-4blogs

I’d like to thank @travelwithwords for checking this over and also helping me out a lot! Once again, I’d just like to point out I wouldn’t be posting if it wasn’t for her! I appreciate all your help, Bromeo.

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Schijn bedriegt pt 3

“Where did you get that?” Levi asked to which Eren jumped up in surprise. “Where did you come from?” the brunet asked while he tried to hide the key he had been holding in his hand. “You’re not answering my question Jaeger” he snapped as he grabbed Eren by his wrists. “Open your hand or do I need to break it first?” he laughed and could feel how Eren’s heartbeat was rising inside of his own palms. The brunet kept trying to get the raven to let go of his hands but Levi wasn’t planning to do that any time soon.

He was starting to lose his patience now and started squeezing the tall guy’s wrists as he still waited for his answer. “Stop you’re hurting me!” The brunet yelped. “Well that’s the point Jaeger, now tell me who you got that key from” he demanded as he started digging his nails in Eren’s forearm.

The usually tanned guy was becoming more pale by the second. “Come on Jaegerboy don’t p-” he mocked, but stopped as soon as he felt something warm flowing under his hands. “What the-” he stepped back and looked at his hands. His fingertips were covered in blood and before he could get his words out, Eren had sprinted away from him.

“Oh hell no!” he dashed forward and grabbed the brunet by his shirt and pulled him back. He slammed his body against the lockers and pushed him down on his knees. “Show me your arm” he ordered, knowing that the blood wasn’t coming from his own hand. “No” the guy whispered as he pressed his hand on the obviously bloody sweater. “Jaeger, sh-” “I said no!” Eren yelled looking him straight in the eye. That murderous and daring look was there again, the same look he had given the raven the day before during math class.

“God dammit” Levi murmured and he picked up the brunet. “Why am I doing this?” he muttered as he forced the weak body to enter the already opened classroom. He sat him down on one of the chairs and lowered him to his height. “No” Eren whispered. “Look, Eren is it right?” he started awkwardly. “You’ve got a wound, so you should take care of it” but unfortunately Eren didn’t even flinch at his words. “It’ll be fine” he said as he started leaning to one side.

Levi didn’t know what, or even, why he was doing this. He had beaten up people before, he had made people bleed in the past, but he had never felt bad for it. But this guy had made something deep inside of him ache.

No one ever fought back in the way that Jaeger did. Everyone always avoided his gaze, but Eren just stared right back at him. And now that guy was clearly in pain, and in need of help, but he still refused Levi to help him.

Whatever was going on, Levi didn’t like it. “I’m not gonna be your fucking mommy okay… just let me take care of that since you clearly can’t do it yourself” he said but the brunet remained silent.

He stopped breathing for a second when he noticed that the guy had passed out and instinctively grabbed the water from inside his backpack and splashed it on his face.

Levi tried to remember what they had seen in med class and remembered you should lay the unconscious body on the floor but with their legs and feet up.

So that’s what he did. He laid the tanned figure on his back and rested his feet on one of the chairs while he kept checking if he was still breathing.

His eyes wandered across his whole body to find something that could have been the cause of this and his eyes rested on the bloody sleeve again.

“Of course, he passed out because of the blood…” he trailed off as he rolled up the wet sleeve to take a closer look at the wound.

His eyes widened and for the first time in forever, he started to feel nauseated from the sight before him.

“No way…”

pt1, pt2 , pt3 (here), pt4, pt5, pt6, pt7 or read on AO3

Guys. GUYS. I am still making some sort of high-pitched noise in my head over the sketch commission I got from @ngoziu ( @omgcheckplease ) at @c2e2 today! I said I wanted something that looked like an ALA “Read” poster, so I couldn’t help mock one up as soon as I got home tonight! How cute is this?!

If I replaced one of the big ones hanging in my library’s reference area, how long you think I’d get away with it? (And now I want “Read” posters for all my favorite characters!)