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1. What was the last book you read? the last book i fully read was the Hobbit and that was like before the movie came out in December oh god

2. Which book that you had to read at school/university you didn’t get at all? uh…like all of freshman english fuck that noise (FAHRENHEIT 451 EXCUSE YOU)

3. What was your silly childhood (or early teenage years) obsession? I’ve always had an obsession since I came out of the womb. When I was a kid I liked A series of Unfortunate Events and Harry Potter. And Naruto hot damn. My best friend and I would imagine ourselves as the characters and it was really sad. I was Klaus

4. Favourite showtune? omg like i love showtunes I have to say anything Julie Andrews sings/participates in like the Sound of Music or Marry Poppins oh god tears I love Julie Andrews

5. What movie can you watch over and over? Oh god you know I was thinking about this the other day and I’ve lost what I said. I’d say like a Quentin Tarantino Movie cause he’s the bomb.

6. Favourite writer? I’m not really specific enough to have one. I like the books themselves so I don’t really focus on their writers all that much. Each one does their own thing and I can appreciate them all.

7. The historical figure you like? I Have the biggest obsession with the axis powers leaders and I’m really ashamed of it bye. Mussolini is the best oh god. Uh out of the good guys I’d say The Kennedys.

8. Worst TV show you have ever seen? Hm…so many…I dont like reality TV shows so one of those. American Idol has just gotten sad.

9. If you could have a drink with one famous person, who would that be? Michelle PFEIFFER YO. she’s classy and perf and we could talk about her movies and end up making out

10. Top 5 favourite movies?
yo this is cruel you dont know how long i sat there thinking about it. tbh I pulled this out of my ass Idk still

1. Kill Bill Vol 1
2. Hunchback
3. True Grit
4. Amadeus
5. Monsters U (you have no idea how inspired I was afterwards)

11. 3 fictional characters you associate yourself with?

oh god idk. Uh lets go with Meg from hercules cause a lot of people say that idk, Gob from Arrested Develolpment, and Red from Dick Figures. go look it up of you don’t know.

My Questions:
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2. what would you do with 3 wishes?
3. whats your favorite movie and why?
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5. best director?
6. favorite time period?
7. who is your celebrity crush?
8. favorite book?
9. favorite food?
10. what is a dream for yourself?

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