mockingjay still


yalitmeme (4/5 protagonists) - Peeta Mellark, The Hunger Games 

“you’re a painter. you’re a baker. you like to sleep with the windows open. you never take sugar in your tea. and you always double-knot your shoelaces.”

My Top 3 Peeta Stills

Why not?

#3: Peeta getting painted by the Morphling, Catching Fire
Even more so because this scene was cut from the film.  Them triceps tho.

#2: Peeta and Katniss watching the reapings, Catching Fire
Is this face not glorious?  And that so-relaxed-I-don’t-even-give-a-F*@%-about-these-victors-that-might-kill-me, Finnick-who?-I’m-prettier body language… unf.  

#1 with a bullet: Peeta armored up for the Star Squad, Mockingjay: Part 2
Hijacked or not, that look would kill me. And who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Plus, he looks a bit more grown up.

Honorable mention (since it’s not technically a still): Peeta’s The Most Interesting Man in the World Victor Portrait 
Catching Fire promo was just so good to us.  Spoiled us, even.


YA/NA Lit Meme [1/3] Endings

I’ll tell them how I survive it. I’ll tell them that on bad mornings, it feels impossible to take pleasure in anything because I’m afraid it could be taken away. That’s when I make a list in my head of every act of goodness I’ve seen someone do. It’s like a game. Repetitive. Even a little tedious after more than twenty years.

But there are much worse games to play.

Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins


“Did you have a nightmare? I have nightmares too. Someday I’ll explain it to you. Why they came. Why they won’t ever go away. But I’ll tell you how I survive it. I make a list in my head. Of all the good things I’ve seen someone do. Every little thing I could remember. It’s like a game I do it over and over. Gets a little tedious after all these years, but… there are much worse games to play.”

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015, Francis Lawrence)

cinematography by Jo Willems

Why I’ll never stop defending Gale Hawthorne

Gale Hawthorne just wanted to save everybody from the games and having to keep living like that.

And it cost him the one person he wanted to live that better life with.

In my opinion, Peeta only ever cared about saving Katniss, he was single minded in this. He never really thought about the bigger picture, about fighting back, not like Gale did. Not until he gave that motivation speech to Katniss while they were hiding out at Tigress’s. A speech that should have been Gales, since he was always the one to say they should fight back, that she should fight back, always putting that spark in her, even when she didn’t realize it at first, a spark that turned into a fire when she needed it. He loved her and wanted to protect her and keep her safe, but never tried to hold her back from the fight, was always right there beside her, knowing how strong she was, but still there if she needed him.

He was a real hero! The bomb thing was 100% Coin’s fault but he still blamed himself, just as he did for not getting more people out when 12 was bombed. And I cry cuz he knew walking into that room that she would blame him too, knew that she would would never be able to forgive him, he knew he had already lost her, and he didn’t even fight her on it, because he felt guilty for not keeping Prim safe like he promised. Even though he was not the one that put that bomb near her, not the one that put her in the middle of a war zone, but he will still carry that guilt, and the loss of Katniss, with him forever.