mockingjay shooting


I fell in love with his first EP, Take Me to Church, then From Eden. It was playing a lot in my hair and makeup trailer when I was shooting Mockingjay in Atlanta, and my crew couldn’t believe that it wasn’t an American singer because a lot of Hozier’s music has a real soulful blues, like, delta blues kind of sound. So, they found it amazing that it was an Irish guy. Then, when the shoot for Hunger Games moved to Berlin, luckily, Andy had a gig on so we went to see Hozier in a beautifully small, intimate little venue. And then I met him backstage that night and the rest is history. We’ve become friends and I was really eager and keen to shoot a music video with him. – Natalie Dormer [x]


Since the trailer is about to come out here some shooting location pix at the ICC international convention center in west Berlin. You can see these orange columns of the ICC metro station, the dark gangway/tunnel Josh spoke about when he scared Jen right behind the corner. And some other stuff happend inside. Keep your tissues ready.

Jennifer [Lawrence] didn’t realise I was leaving. Everyone had to get in the trucks and drive somewhere else, so I went back to take off my Effie [Trinket, her character] make-up alone in the rain. Then I got a text from Jennifer saying, ‘Oh God, I just realised. I’m so sorry!’ Which is totally her, so great.
—  Elizabeth Banks about the last day of shooting Mockingjay
I was at dinner when I received a horribly bloodied Woody on my phone. He had wrecked on his bicycle in some gravel and was in horrible shape. We were in the middle of shooting ‘Mockingjay’ and he had a scene the next day but his face was damaged. I called immediately and he sounded horrible—weak, worried, and a bit blurry. I was truly worried about him and urged him to go to the hospital. There was a moment of silence and then I heard that amazing Woody laugh. It was a joke that he and our makeup team had devised. None of it was real, but I bought it. I bought it because he brought the same talent to that joke that he does to his performances. He finds a truth and fills it with vulnerability, unpredictability, gravity and mischief: the perfect ingredients for a great actor (and also a really great joke).
—  Francis Lawrence on Woody Harrelson (source)

Am I the only one who noticed during the MockingJay promo photo shoot that they did between Liam, Josh and Jen we can clearly see. Jen’s tattoo on her hand !!! Like it’s right there on her hand they didn’t get rid of it with makeup and they didn’t get rid of it with photo shop !! And the shot you can clearly see it in is when it’s just her and Josh has his hand around her waist.  I’m in love ( not my photo just to be clear I did not originate this photo)

epic pt. ii // some instrumental songs to send shivers down your spine and make your spirit soar


the mockingjay / james newton howard; shooting star / ilan eshkeri; davy jones / hans zimmer; oogway ascends / hans zimmer & john powell; forth eorlingas / howard shore; …to die for / hans zimmer; sunshine (adagio in d minor) / john murphy; lux aeterna / clint mansell; dragon-sickness / howard shore; dumbledore’s farewell / nicholas hooper; tristan & yvaine / ilan eshkeri;  a lannister always pays his debts / ramin djawadi