This is where Steve finally realizes what Tony means to him, and what he means to Tony. He goes to find him, they confess their feelings, kiss, and live happily ever after. 

But seriously, that’s what it looks like is gonna happen by the look on Steve’s face.

Coldflashweek 2016 Fanart Part 1:

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I was only able to draw out three prompts this year, and I took pictures of my wip as I drew them. I only had my phone to take pics of them, not a scanner, so the image quality is not the best ^^;

I will be doing a total of 3-4 posts. First two are of the wip, and the last will be both completed images.

My tools for this experience.

A close up of the initial first sketches.

Len wound up looking too damn young imo, and that was the part that kept pissing me off.

Meanwhile, Barry’s face was the first and easiest thing for me to draw. I love his pose, so I’m totally using it again in the future.

The completed sketch, and yes, I totally just drew an Assassin’s Creed styled jacket onto Len. My excuse: to keep his identity even more of a secret, Len bought a jacket that a lot of people have purchased, thus, making it hard to pinpoint just one individual for the unique jacket.

As for the panel above it, I wound up just completely changing the pose. I imagine Len is a professor during the day and had seen a few of his students in the Assassin’s Creed jackets, and got the inspiration for his costume from there.



Book nerds, if ever there was a time to rejoice, THIS IS IT, for Lila Selle and Steffi Lynn have combined their limitless talents to bring you a LITERATURE-LOVER’S DREAM. @lilabeanz (who gave you Hogwarts heartthrobs as you’ve never seen them before) updated your fave famous characters (uh, Romeo with a man bun? YUS PLEASE), and @steffilynnt (our resident Queen of Cute) added her trademark LE-GORGEOUS typography to create these VISUAL MASTERPIECES. Click through to swoon over them all!


Feminist comic book author Chelsea Cain has been harassed off of Twitter by (presumably) meninist trolls

Just whisper the word “feminism” and the trolls come running. That couldn’t be clearer after what just happened to thriller writer and Mockingbird comic author Chelsea Cain. Mockingbird #8, released on October 19, sports a cover featuring the Marvel comics character wearing a T-shirt that reads “ASK ME ABOUT MY FEMINIST AGENDA.”


Coldflashweek 2016 Fanart Part 2:

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Below are the rest of the wip for the first prompt.

A full shot of the completed sketches.

My tools for inking, and food for energy XD

Close up of one of the pens. I use the tiniest one for little details like eyes and such. (You’ll notice Flash is now holding a pair of glasses too.)

Completed inked sketch of panel 1. I made a mistake on Len’s pants, but I was able to turn it into shading.

Panel two, completely inked, and as above, I made an ink error and covered it up XD (I’m okay with admitting my mistakes.)

Full shot of both panels fully inked and ready for color. Last post will feature this image fully colored.