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which marvel character thats already in the mcu deserves a spin-off tv show the most?

Mockingbird. Marvel should absolutely make a good Mockingbird TV show, not that ‘Most Wanted’ thing they were trying to put out which sounded lame and I’m glad got cancelled. The character has already been introduced but then they’ve done nothing with her. Each episode should be 30 minutes long, and it should be like a modernised version of an 80′s cop show like ‘Miami Vice’, with flashy cars, and speedboats, and fight scenes, and explosions. They should give her the current blue and white costume from the comics. In fact, they should just adapt the recent Mockingbird comic-book into a series. The comic-book won a whole bunch of awards and was easily one of the best female-led comic-books on the stands. 

If I ever have a daughter, she won’t grow up with stories about princesses being saved by princes. No, she’ll grow up with tales of queens who saved themselves and the world at the same time.

I’ll tell her about Natasha Romanoff, who didn’t let her past define her.
I’ll tell her about Bobbi Morse, who took no bullshit from anyone.
I’ll tell her about Wanda Maximoff, who was powerful in every way possible.
I’ll tell her about Peggy Carter, who decided her own worth.
I’ll tell her about Hermione Granger, who knew the power of knowledge.
I’ll tell her about Ginny Weasley, who didn’t let anyone tell her what she couldn’t do.
I’ll tell her about Luna Lovegood, who knew that being a bit crazy isn’t always a bad thing.

You can say what you like about the young people of today, but you have to admit

We’re going to be damn good storytellers