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Harry is so damn supportive of Louis. I bet he is bursting to show us (hopefully soon / some day). Our extraness about Louis is nothing compared to H's level of devotion

Aaah, so so true <3

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved Harry and found his devotion and love for Louis so beautiful, but this past year? The way Harry behaved throughout 2016 until now, the way he literally never left Louis’ or Louis’ family’s side hit me like the sweetest slap in the face. It’s inspirational, really. 

The DR fandom isn’t the worst I’ve seen - far from it - but it’s the only one where I’ve seen this trend to mock someone else’s work. I don’t care if you don’t like this edit/fanfiction/fanart. Whether it’s because you dislike the theme, the ship, the artstyle, it’s not my problem. Don’t reblog someone’s art with some derogatory comment, even in the tags.

People spend hours making their stuff, they don’t need you to stick your ‘different’ opinion on it ? If you reblog something, it’s because you enjoy it, if you don’t enjoy it, please don’t reblog it, and if you can’t stand seeing this particular kind of art on your blog, unfollow, block, blackist if you need to.

I’ve been in this fandom for a couple of months, and I’ve seen entire blogs dedicated to bashing fanworks, but also just some random blog I followed reblogging edits to mock the person who made them.

It’s killing me that these people don’t understand how much they can hurt some people who are artists, whether you like their art or not, and not always confident about what they do, and the day they decide to post their work, they are laughed at/insulted/mocked.

the first (and hopefully only) time I cried today:

My school had a mock election today. When they announced the results - Hillary Clinton, by a huge margin - one of my students, who is Muslim, burst into tears. She and her friends spent the last two minutes of the day exchanging hugs and enormous smiles, and for half a second I thought, you guys, chill, it’s a mock election, it doesn’t count for anything.

But of course there is nothing “mock” about it. Her classmates overwhelmingly rejected a man who doesn’t think that she and her family belong here. My students’ votes don’t count in the election, but they matter in our school. And today, my students affirmed the safe, inclusive environment that we all work so hard to nurture.

So of course. Of course she was celebrating. 

Me too, kiddo.

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Well if we’re going to talk about non-USA words being used, “mum” instead of “mom” drives me up the wall lol

I know, right? There’s some words that you just “hear” in an English accent and it’s just wrong and jangly sounding. Some of the weirder things that have thrown me out of a story:

bench: apparently in non-American English speaking countries this is what they call the kitchen counter/work surface, in the context of a “work bench.” In the U.S., I’ve never heard a kitchen counter referred to as a bench, and couldn’t figure out why Dean was preparing a sandwich on one of these:

flat: I run across this one in a lot of AU’s, but also in canon casefic where they’re discussing interviewing someone at their flat or whatever and I just want to scream. Call it an apartment. Americans do.

trainers: you mean sneakers

pavement: In the U.S. this literally means the paved roadway surface. The strip along the edge for pedestrian traffic is called a sidewalk.

windscreen: windshield

takeaway: takeout

I could probably go on all day, but instead I’ll just reiterate my plea for writers to ask an American friend to give their work a quick once-over to de-Britishize the American characters’ dialogue. I can roll my eyes and overlook it to some extent in exposition (unless it’s first person narrative or close third narrative where the American character’s thoughts are on display), but it’s almost impossible to overlook in dialogue.

Here’s the other take on that script tease though: the one where Killian is giving David a pep talk. Because David is technically under a sleeping curse right now and his daughter is having visions of her own death and he hasn’t spoken to his wife in days with no end in sight, and now Emma is gone, and the Evil Queen is threatening everyone he loves again, and there’s no Snow to believe in him and no Emma to fight at his side.

But there’s Killian Jones. And when Killian realises that David is berating himself, doubting himself, blaming himself, he steps in. He reminds him about which one of them is the hero. Killian is the one who did bad things, not David. David is the man who saves the kingdom and defends the people and fights the dragons. He has nothing to blame himself for.

He is Prince bloody Charming. Killian is Captain Hook. Not the other way around. So if there’s blame to be passed around, Killian will take it, and David can go and be the hero and fight the Evil Queen.

(And David listens. And then he nods, and agrees, on one condition: they’ll both do the hero thing. Together.)


College has made me a sucker for varied formats u.u

this is a re-visit to an old Warriors au where ol’ Jayfeather sort of gets paranoia and nightmares and has to take poppyseeds to sleep but then they mess with his head and yadayadayada there’s lots of sad times

Also props to awaitingyourcall for reminding me of this idea, it actually turned out better than i thought

I was destined to be a supervillain, 

and we were destined to be rivals! 

The die was cast! And so began an epic enduring lifelong career… and I LOVED IT!

Our battles quickly got more elaborate.

They would win some,

I would almost win others!

They took the names: Ladybug and Chat Noir, defenders of Paris.

I decided to pick something a little more humble: Hawk Moth!

Incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy!

OH BBOOYY and here’s the one thing that most people I know hate about this movie.

Lighting’s jerkass ego that last till about halfway through the film. Which considering the cars shorts and the 2nd movie you can forget that yea Mcqueen was a jerk.

And honestly, I guess it we’re suppose to see how jerky he is so we can appreciate his development later it’s necessary. It’s more that people do really hate these kinds of characters and considering dissing his pit stop crew is like dissing all the technical people behind a stage play, it’s pretty disrespectful. So it’s playing the waiting game for him to get that moment of realization and this is also the fault of this movie of following with a bunch of cliches with it’s plot and characters. Granted it’s more of how the cliches are executed and Cars does a decently nice job but nothing too spectacular.

Eh I hope it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.

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If you're still taking prompts: Sam and Benny secretly exploring a relationship (they want to know it's for real before giving Dean a heart attack) and sneaking around the bunker to steal kisses and hold hands and shit :)

One order of mush, coming right up;

“Are you holding hands?

They most definitely are; they’re sitting on the couch with their hands clearly entwined between them and Deans not blind, thank you very much.

“No,” Sam denies crossly, but they don’t stop holding hands either. “He’s – taking my pulse.”

Dean can feel his eyebrows rising before hastily lowering into a scowl. “Huh. Well, Benny, how’s his pulse feeling?”

“Fast,” Benny deadpans, and Sam kicks his shin.

Dean sends Sam a scrutinizing look, to which Sam makes an irritated shoo gesture at him. Fine, Dean can take a hint; little brother doesn’t need any help with the creepy old vampire taking his pulse (he resolves to keep a closer eye on them. For safety purposes).

Dean can’t be a hundred percent sure, but he thinks he catches them not-hand-holding a few times more.  


“Are you spoon-feeding him?”

“No, you moron,” Benny replies patiently, “I wouldn’t use a spoon for crêpes.”

“Get your shit together,” Sam agrees and steals a strawberry from Benny’s plate. Dean steals the plate itself out of spite.


Dean doesn’t question the flowers that sporadically appear at the bunker; for all he knows, Sam’s started growing weird herbs for lore purposes or something equally useful.

He does, on the other hand, congratulate Sam on the hickey on his neck after a night out. Guy had to get laid eventually.


A month or so after the first not-hand-holding incident they sit him down at the kitchen table, with an awesome dinner consisting of grilled chicken and homemade French fries. They’re doing the not-hand-holding thing again, but Dean doesn’t really pay attention to it anymore.

“Dean,” Sam says, “I don’t – I don’t think we really need to actually inform you about this anymore, but, um.”

“Stop beating around the bush, sugar,” Benny pipes up, an amused smile pulling at his mouth.

“Out with it,” Dean orders, making a show of talking with food in his mouth just to mess with Sam.

“Your brother and I are dating.”

Dean doesn’t have a heart attack, but Sam does end up performing a Heimlich maneuver on him.