゚・:,。★·͙⁺˚*•̩̩͙✩Captain America: The Mock Poster Project✩•̩̩͙*˚⁺‧͙★,。・:・゚
                                 THE WINTER SOLDIER

I don’t think I properly introduced this project, but here’s me, recreating famous (romantic) movie posters with the Captain America characters. The hope is to create one for each movie of the trilogy.   as opposed to 6 billions for the Winter Soldier and none for Civil War because SO MANY CHARACTER
Each poster is gonna feature the most iconic Stucky line of each movie (”Not Without You”, “I’m With You Till The end of The Line”, and possibly “Your Bucky”), and credits as similar as possible to the *actual* Captain America poster.
Today’s choice was Titanic (1997) by James Cameron.
It was my first pick, and I never wavered (even if I *might*, if time allows, work on my second and third pick, too). And the more I think about it, the better it fits. The sinking ship. The lovers separated by catastrophe. 

*Here you can find my tumblr post and art for Captain America: THE FIRST AVENGER based on Gone with the Wind (1939)

You can find the art on my Society6 shop here. I decided to post here a version cropped to look as similar as possible to the Titanic poster I used as base. Buuuuuuuut S6 requires square canvas for several gadgets, so the shop contains both this version and also a second, bigger one showing more of the art (the whole helicarrier, the whole shield and other such details.)

Delirious: “Follow me Vanoss, I don’t know where he went.”


Ohm and Delirious start laughing.

Vanoss: “He said come with him!”

Terrorizer: “You guys are like the worst team mates ever!”

Terrorizer starts mocking Vanoss and Delirious:

“Come this way Delirious buddy old pal~ Oh!”

“You taste so good Evan~ Uhhh!”

My Oldest Child: [watching TCW] It’s an Obi-Wan episode! [laughing] Mom will like that. Obi-Wan is her favorite
My Husband: [laughing at me] Oooooooooh!
Me: [sour-faced] Everyone leave me alone. 
My Preschooler: [looking at the TV, squinting] Is Obi-Wan an astronaut, mom?
My Husband: Post this. Post this entire conversation on your blog. 

Man, I really feel bad that I have nothing for the Strange Magic birthday.
I had planned for some romantic writing or coloring a kissing picture, but sadly I wasn’t so motivated for it in the last weeks and now I also got sick (again, for the fourth time!) *grumbles*
Well, I try to do all that stuff all on Valentines Day. :3
Anyway, Happy Birthday Strange Magic and the Fandom. To maaaany more fantastic years where we share our love for this movie. <3
Janet Mock’s speech at the Women’s March is the most empowering and uplifting thing we’ve ever read
No matter how you feel about the election results, you seriously have to read Janet Mock's speech at the Women's March. She is SO amazing.

“Our approach to freedom need not be identical but it must be intersectional and inclusive.” - Janet Mock #WomensMarch

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing