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can you post the link, for some templates, textures, mock ups, you use please?

i rarely use mock ups and templates as i prefer to make my own (i mean i have a few but im lazy to use them). here are some links to ones i remember:

here are some packs i compiled previously in my dropbox!:

and here are some zip files to textures i have that i took the liberty of uploading:

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How would you draft craft foam armor patterns?

The same way you draft anything – templates, mock-ups and tweaking before cutting your final piece!

My recommendation is to wrap your chosen limb in saran wrap, cover yourself in tape overtop, and then draw out the shape of your armor overtop.

I recently did a Google Hangouts session with @sheepskin to help them with their Sparrow-skin Genji armor. We tag teamed it online –– first they drew out the rough shape of their ideal pattern/scale/design on their arm, and then they drew out a digital version with scale. That’s this:

Then I made a clean version digitally:

Notice some shape changes? We made revisions as we went.

They printed it out on their end to test it in real life, resulting in this:

That was after 4-5 minor tweaks.

Because I have a digital file, I can easily drag apart the layers so I can have individual pattern pieces. Here they are screencapped from my WIP lasercutting file:

The next step will be a cut foam prototype. If we’re not happy with it, we’ll go back to the drawing board!

- Jenn

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is it hard being a graphic design student? what kinds of projects do u do?

hello! thanks for sending an ask.

is it hard being a graphic design student? yes and no. why?

graphic design is my passion (*insert meme here*), and it’s honestly one of the most fun and exhilarating subject that i have pursued. i get challenged creatively in every angle, and it’s fun and frustrating to figure out how to tweak your work to get to that perfect degree that a client (or more so your tutors) are looking for.

it’s not hard in the sense of dragging myself to do things because i know i can get to starting them because as i said, when i get challenged when engaging myself with assessments/projects i have a lot of fun.

but it is difficult learning skills, learning and adjusting to critiques on your work and figuring out what designs best fits your client brief. type faces, leading/kerning, grid layout, colour and so much more- things consumers don’t see as ‘important’ but affect the entire success of a piece/work.

however, i have a lot of fun learning these skills because i. frkn. love. graphic. design. it’s not just learning photoshop/illustrator/indesign-it’s also about learning the processes behind why certain styles are more appropriate to use than another.

it’s challenging because i tend to have a one-mind decision making brain when it comes to thinking up designs. but as a designer, your tastes are different to your clients tastes, and you have to learn to be creative and think in a designer’s way to figure out what the client wants. – essentially you gotta have an open mind!

it’s also goddamn expensive. font licenses, mock up templates, stock photos, glue, boxboard, markers, endless sketchbooks… and boundless more art supplies that are utilized for design. you spend as much money as you do for a normal student’s textbooks as you would for art supplies for your projects.

oh wow i can’t believe i rambled on LOL OOPS– but what kinda projects do i do?

it really depends from institution to institution, but so far at my uni for my graphics class i had to engage with different font forms and engaging them with the basic elements of design. i also had to ‘design’ a decorative font face which represented a “utopia”. this year i had a project where i had to create a visual narrative about a community- and i created an illustrative book which contrasted the media’s perspective about my local suburb and the truth behind each one of the citizens. my most recent project (and my final) was to create a visual identity/branding for a famous motorcycle company to advertise to young adult sydney citizens.

in another class i learned about web design and how to create a website! (loved this class the most). but what i learned so far from my experience as a graphics design student is that the field isn’t purely involved with illustrator/photoshop/indesign but the exterior processes too like book binding or using scale or printing.

HAHAH oh my god sorry for rambling on- as you can see i love design so much u_u;;; thanks for sending an ask though! it was so much fun answering this question

XXI - The World (2016)

This is my completed card for the 78Tarot Carnival deck! This was such a fun project to work on, and everyone produced amazing, amazing artwork. I can’t wait for the Kickstarter to start and for you guys to see the beautiful deck we have put together!

This is a mock-up template, by the way, not the final template for the deck - but I think tarot cards look so much nicer with their number and title on. ;)