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17 Things I've Learned About Life by e.s.

1. Instead of victimizing yourself, make use of what you’re feeling. Cry. Write. Reach out to a friend. But don’t stomp your feet and make a sad face hoping someone will save you. Be realistic. Pick yourself up.

2. Don’t be afraid to say you are excited or irritated. If there is good reason, there is good conversation to be made.

3. Get a notepad and a calendar. Write your goals on your notepad and write on the calendar specifically when you’re gonna do them. You will not get them done otherwise.

4. Stop the idea that texting first to make plans is bad. We’re all lazy. Friends want to hang out with you but just don’t take initiative. Be the friend that makes all the plans. Who cares. Life’s short and you need to make use of the people who are available to you at this moment.

5. Don’t lurk on people’s social media. Not the person you’re jealous of. Not the person you pity. Not your crush or your ex’s. Life is organic. Relationships are organic. Get to know someone in real life. With every post you see, the more your brain manifests ideas that you can’t even confirm about someone.

6. No matter how old you are, your voice is important to someone. Speak up. Be passionate.

7. Laugh at awkward situations instead of getting mad at yourself. Not only does it help you, but everyone around you too.

8. Charisma is overrated.

9. On that note, try to get to know everyone, including shy people, extroverted people, and everyone in between. Be warm. Be a light. People are interesting and they always have something to offer to you.

10. If someone needs help, give it. Not just a push, but give like you mean it. Wholeheartedly make someone understand what it is like to be recognized and supported. This applies to both paying for a strangers meal and when a friend comes to you after a hard day.

11. Don’t reduce yourself to traits. You are you. Every part of you comes together to make a unique person. Don’t depend on being the “artist” or the “good runner.” Yes you are that, but you are also a million other things. Recognize all of who you are and don’t compare yourself to others.

12. Two things you need to do more to make you feel warm and happy inside: eating breakfast for dinner and having long hugs.

13. Be thankful for everything. The drink you are slowly sipping on. The tree in your yard. Your family. Your bed.

14. Go out and listen to live music. You’ll find something meaningful.

15. People will insult you. Respond kindly and try to hear them out. It’s the most you can do.

16. If you want to make positive change then do it. Don’t let the past 5 minutes or 5 years define you. You don’t have to explain yourself to people who question or mock you. Be the best you.

17. Love.

The Dinner Party

just a random idea that came to me in a fever dream earlier this week. rated E for explicit smutty smut smut. enjoy!

“You want me to do what?”

Peeta frowned at her foot, wielding the nail polish brush threateningly. “First, I want you to hold still.” Katniss wriggled her toes defiantly but then obliged, hardly daring to breathe when he swiped the coral nail polish onto her big toe in nice, even strokes. It looked perfect, of course. He could always paint better than she could, even nails.

“Seriously, though. You want me to go to a dinner party with you?” she asked. He glanced up at her with a crooked smile before he started painting her next toenail.

“You make it sound like I’ve asked you to strip naked and run around the block or something,” he said, focusing on her toes. She snorted, then clamped her lips shut when he shot her a warning look. Snorting made her foot jiggle, apparently. “It’s just a dinner party. Delly asked everyone to bring a guest–someone, and I quote, ‘interesting.’ So I’m asking you.”

Katniss stared at the top of his head, his blond curls falling across his forehead as he worked. “But I don’t really know her. And what a weird stipulation,” she said with a laugh.

Peeta shrugged. “Delly likes her theme parties,” he muttered, tongue poking out the corner of his mouth as he delicately painted her pinky toe. Satisfied with his work, he shot her a triumphant smile. “And you’re the most interesting person I know.”

She rolled her eyes. “Says the guy who paints nails better than any girl I know.”

He gave her a look of mock offense. “Are you questioning my masculinity? You know how I feel about rigid gender roles.” Then he held up his hand, palm flat, fingers spread. “And who’s got a steadier hand than me?” She kicked playfully at his hand, and he made a noise of protest, grabbing her ankle to place her foot down on the coffee table. “Don’t mess up my hard work.”

Katniss slumped down into the couch, chewing on her lip. “You know I don’t like people. How am I supposed to be interesting around a bunch of strangers?”

Screwing the nail polish bottle shut, Peeta sat back on his hands. “Just think of it as a challenge. See how often you can work into the conversation that dry wit and razor-sharp sarcasm of yours without them realizing you’re insulting them.”

“Do you want people to hate me?” she asked wryly, folding her arms over her chest. He grinned.

“Delly said interesting. She didn’t say anything about likable.” He laughed when she flipped him off, then pushed off the floor to stand up. “I should head home. But I swear, if you just be yourself, people will love you.” She didn’t think it was that simple. Peeta never had to worry about getting people to like him; it just came naturally to him. But she didn’t argue the point, letting him pull her up from the couch. With cotton balls stuffed between her toes, she wobbled after him to the front door. Grabbing his jacket from the coat rack, he turned to her. “So you’ll come?”

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Birthday Secrets

Word Count: 1,637

Requested: No

A/N: Happy birthday to my favorite boy in the world!! Here is a little bit of birthday angst/fluff/heated moment for us all to celebrate this special day with. Love you all!

Shawn knew something was off. You were being distant, hiding your phone from his view, going out late with no explanation. Every time you did something that made the situation more sketchy, Shawn’s gut wrenched even more. It had been going on for weeks now and Shawn refused to ask the question. He didn’t want to know the answer. Especially so close to his birthday.

It wasn’t only you. Shawn noticed a difference in Geoff’s behavior as well. He never showed up at guys nights anymore. He wouldn’t talk to him about the difference in your behavior. Shawn noticed that you two were talking a lot more. He couldn’t bear the thought of one of his best friends and his girlfriend going behind his back. He refused to think of it, and tried to act like everything was ok. But it kept getting harder when it was growing so close to his birthday and you and Geoff seemed to be growing more and more distant.

It was the day before his birthday and he had had enough. He noticed Geoff’s name pop up on your phone and the way you hid it immediately. Something deep inside him went off. He couldn’t handle the secrecy anymore.

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My Light - A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: Woohoo, it’s time for another episode of ‘I am insecure and need to be comforted by fictional characters!” Please be careful reading if you are triggered by self-hatred, etc. 

Taking a shaky breath, (Y/N) gathered a handful of Floo powder from the bowl sitting beside the fireplace. “Number 12 Grimmauld Place,” she stated clearly as she thrust the powder into the grime. 

Green smoke enveloped her as she whizzed past dozens of fireplace exits. After a moment of dizzying travel, the network spit her out in a pitch black hearth, dust spilling into the open space in front of her. 

“(Y/N)!” came the chipper voice of her boyfriend! “You’re here!” he cheered as he scooped the startled girl into his arms and spun her around. 

“Hi,”she laughed as he finally set her back on ground. “It’s good to see you too!”

“Good? Try bloody brilliant!” Sirius cupped her cheeks, his thumb stroking her slight blush. “I missed you,” he murmured, his lips ghosting over hers. 

“I missed you too,” she smiled back, her lips finally connecting to his. 

“Absolutely nauseating,” observed the younger Black brother from the doorway. 

“Shove off, Reg,” Sirius growled without fully removing his lips from hers. 

(Y/N) pushed Sirius back as she flashed Regulus an apologetic smile, “Hey, Regulus. Good to see you.”

Regulus’ lips quirked into as close to a smile as he ever came, “(Y/N). Always a pleasure.” 

Try as he might to be against everything Sirius stood for, he had a hard time disliking (Y/N). She was good for Sirius. Anyone could see it, including Regulus. Well, anyone except Orion and Walburga Black. 

When Bellatrix had ‘accidentally’ let it slip that Sirius Black was fraternizing with a non-approved suitor, Orion and Walburga were less than pleased. Once they realized it was getting serious, they banned the budding relationship. Not that Sirius cared. He found himself falling deeper and deeper in love with (Y/N). And then he found it harder and harder to be away from her. Even on winter holiday. 

So, when the heads of the house were invited to spend the weekend with family for a typical “Black” family soiree, Sirius took advantage of the opportunity. He immediately sent an owl to (Y/N) asking her to spend a couple days at the Black residence. (Y/N), though nervous, agreed after much internal debate. 

“Come on,” Sirius took her smaller hand in his, “let’s go put your things up in my room.”

“Your timing was perfect,” Sirius rambled as he led her up the stairs. “My parents left about a half-hour before you arrived.”

Reaching the top floor, Sirius led her down the dark hall and to a door labelled ‘Sirius.’ Opening the door, he dramatically bowed, allowing her to enter first. 

Taking a few small steps into the large room, (Y/N) took in her new surroundings. A large bed adorned by an elaborately carved headboard and a crimson bed spread sat in the middle of the room. There was a tall window draped in long velvet curtains which which were positioned to let in a subtle rays of light. A candle chandelier hung from the ceiling. A bookcase littered with books from every era and genre sat in the corner. 

Though much of the room was clearly designed by his mother, Sirius had clearly gone to great lengths to personalize his chamber and distance himself from the Black aesthetic. Gryffindor banners covered the walls and he had pasted muggle photographs of motorbikes and girls in bikinis on every open surface. Though she tried not to let her eyes linger, it was difficult to stop staring at the flawless models. 

She feigned a smile, “I’m sure your parents are thrilled with your decorative decisions.”

Sirius snorted, “Yeah, my mother is especially fond of the permanent sticking charms.”

(Y/N)’s tingling laugh danced through the air. Though she would spend agonizing hours, weeks, months even, worrying about those photos, she couldn’t deny her boyfriend’s humor and persistent efforts to irritate his parents. 


The evening was spent playing round after round of exploding snap, a drawn out game of chess, and Sirius’ old vinyl records. (Y/N) was enjoying every minute of it. Well, every minute that she wasn’t annoyingly obsessing over those muggle girls in their teensy bikinis beckoning at Sirius with their flirtatious glances. 

“Do you mind if I take a quick shower?” (Y/N) asked as Sirius lounged on the couch. 

“Not at all,” Sirius replied, “I’ll come up as well.”

Once they reached Sirius chamber, (Y/N) grabbed her bag and headed toward the bathroom tucked just down the hall from Sirius’ room. 

Twisting the handle, (Y/N) watched as water flowed downward from the shower head. As she waited for the water to warm, she began to undress. 

Free from the confines of her disguise, she glared at her reflection in the mirror. All she could see was a blob. A disaster of a human. 


How could anyone love such a creature. 

The models on Sirius’ walls flashed through (Y/N)’s head. They laughed and mocked. They questioned why a boy as handsome and smart as Sirius would ever want a girl like her. 

Forcing herself away from the mirror, she quickly showered and changed into her pajamas. A baggy t-shirt and an old pair of athletic shorts. 

Making her way back to Sirius was a challenge. She debated leaving right then. How easy it would be to make a run for the fireplace without looking back. She could escape to the safety of her own home. A place of solitude and familiarity. A place where no one could see her deepest insecurities. 

But she couldn’t do that to Sirius. He had seemed so happy to see her when she’d arrived. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she upset him. So, with a deep breath, she reentered Sirius’ room. 

Sirius smiled up at her from his bed where he was flipping through an old quidditch magazine. He too had changed clothes. He wore a pair of grey sweatpants and no shirt. 

(Y/N)’s heart began beating incredibly fast. 

“Ready for bed, then?” Sirius asked. 

(Y/N) nodded as she claimed the vacant side of the mattress. 

Sirius lifted his wand, lazily dimming the lights. 

Shifting closer to the center of the bed, Sirius cocked his head at (Y/N), waiting to see how she would respond. 

As discretely as she could, she slid herself away from him so that she lay almost on the edge of the bed. Though she would have loved to doze in Sirius’ strong arms, she suddenly feared his touch. She feared that he would realize how obviously her form differed from the giggling models on the walls. 

“Have I done something to upset you?” Sirius asked after a moment. 

“What?” (Y/N) replied incredulously. “Of course you haven’t.”

“You sure?” Sirius probed. “You’ve been awfully quiet since you got here and now it’s like you’re afraid I’ve got dragon pox.”

“I’m fine, Sirius,” she assured though she seemed to be having trouble meeting his eyes. 

“Come here, then,” Sirius suggested, opening his arms. 

Hesitantly, (Y/N) inched her way toward him, finding comfort in the familiarity of his warmth. 

“Not so bad, it is?” Sirius joked as he held her tight, pressing a quick kiss to her hairline. 

She didn’t respond, only stared straight ahead. 

“Do you want to go home?” Sirius questioned nervously. “Because you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to.”

(Y/N) lifted her head so she could glance up at him, “No, I don’t want to go home. I’m happy being here with you.”

Sirius gave a small smile, “You can tell me anything. You know that, right?”

She nodded, but her eyes dropped to the duvet cover she was fiddling with. 

“Then, why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind, sweetheart?” he encouraged gently. 

Fidgeting slightly, (Y/N) took comfort in the slight squeeze Sirius gave her. “I’m not like them, Sirius,” she stated simply. 

“Not like who?” he frowned. 

“The girls on your wall,” she explained. “I’m not thin. Or glamorous. I don’t look beautiful in a swimsuit. There are lumps and bumps all over my body. And as much as I try, I’ll never be comfortable with the way I am. I mean, boys have never even given me a second look but you - well, you tell me I’m pretty. And you’re sweet to me. It just doesn’t make sense.”

(Y/N) froze, shocked that she had said all of that out loud. 

“I guess I just don’t understand why someone like you would want someone like me,” she finished lamely, quite embarrassed by her outburst. 

Sirius gazed down at her intently as she rambled, his eyes filled with worry. Sure, the magazines wouldn’t identify (Y/N) as an ideal specimen, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t absolutely perfect. Hell, in Sirius’ mind she was too good for him. 

Sirius pushed her up and off of him. 

(Y/N) was pretty sure this was the end. She had ruined the best part of her life by pointing out how much better Sirius could do. 

“Sirius, I - ”

“Shh,” he hushed her gently as he grabbed something from his nightstand. Once he was finished, he repositioned himself on the bed, sitting in front of her, legs crisscrossed. “You want to know what my most prized possession is?” Sirius asked.

(Y/N) shrugged, still too scared to meet his eyes. 

Holding out a picture frame, he nodded at her to take it. She turned it around and was shocked to see the photograph it kept safe. 

It was a candid taken a few months ago. Sirius had his arm slung around (Y/N) whose face was alight with laughter. Sirius watched her with nothing but adoration, a grin plastered to his lips. As the memory came to its end and (Y/N)’s giddiness was reduced to a simple smile, Sirius lovingly placed a kiss to her temple. And then the loop restarted. 

“That’s why i don’t give a damn about the posters on the walls,” Sirius stated quietly. “They don’t make me feel the way you do. My heart doesn’t leap when I see their smiles. But, when you smile, it’s like I’ve never been more alive. And your laugh. Merlin, I could listen to you laugh for the rest of my life. And honestly, I’ve never wanted anything more than that. Just to be with you and maybe be the cause of some of your happiness.”

He took the picture from your hands and carefully placed it back on his nightstand. He took her smaller hands in his and continued, “Love, you are everything that’s good in the world. You may not realize it, but you are my light.”

He squeezed her hands, “Don’t let yourself dim just because you think that I could do better, because trust me, (Y/N), you are the only one I have ever even considered. I love you and I always will. No one can take that away from you, I promise.”

(Y/N)’s mouth gaped like a fish. Nothing had ever been so heartfelt and her own heart felt incredibly full now that Sirius had reassured her. 

Instead of answering, she simply threw her arms around Sirius and buried her face in his chest. 

He rubbed her back and continued to whisper “I love you’s” until she finally resurfaced. 

“Better?” he asked. 

“Better,” she replied as the two returned to their prior cuddly position. “Hey, Sirius?”


“I love you too,” she yawned as his chest rumbled with a chuckle. 


Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Note: Here’s Vegas 3, enjoy this banter, sin, and fluff. I enjoyed writing it. I love this series so much, actually. Oh yeah, and this is only halfway edited, so don’t kill me if there are careless mistakes.

Word Count: 2293

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. quickie, mouth covering, trying not to get caught sex

Originally posted by matthew-daddario

“Daveed!” You yelled frustratingly from his kitchen. It was the morning after the concert and you were sore, frustrated, and most of all energy-deprived, so when you realized that you couldn’t reach the coffee mugs in his kitchen, you were already fed up.

You felt a warm pair of bare arms snake themselves around your waist and a body press itself against you from behind.

“Hmm?” Daveed’s breath was hot against your neck, creating goosebumps on your body.

You sighed, subconsciously leaning back into him. “Why do you put your coffee mugs so damn high on the shelf? You know I can’t reach them.”

“My bad,” he murmured, reaching up to grab a mug for you and set it on the counter. You knew he was smirking even though you couldn’t see him. “But it’s not my fault you’re short.”

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NCT 127 reaction to you calling them daddy


Anon: Do you do smut reactions? Can you do one with Nct U and 127 (Not including Mark and Haechan) react to you calling them daddy? It’s okay if you don’t want to do it. Btw I really love your blog. You’re amazing! :)

I literally cringed so hard whilst writing this because this whole daddy rage for me is a bit weird so it felt weird to write these lmao 

But anyway , I hope you like this! I can add Ten or Hansol or Kun if you want me too! Please enjoy and send in feedback if you do! Bisous, Flo xx

(its not that graphic tbh)

You can find TenKunSol’s (Ten, Kun, Hansol) reaction here:


Would pull a face when you called him that. “Are you mocking my age?” He’d question you, raising an eyebrow. Secretly though he’d love it, despite his initial reaction. Next time you’d have sex, he’d ensure that you called him that again, loving the dominance the word gave him in bed. 


Like Johnny is daddy!af so like I have nothing to say 


Johnny would only enjoy it on rare occasions. The times where he’d get super rough with you and dominant. Usually if he was jealous or if you hadn’t seen each other for a long time. He’d get an instant boner, and would pick you up bridal style, carry you to the bedroom, before tying you to all four bedposts of the bed and having his way with you. 


Honestly, Taeyong would prefer to be called “sir” over “daddy” just because he found it weird to be called something a toddler calls their father. If you ever did, his eyes would darken and he’d grab your wrist, “you better correct yourself young lady/man. It’s “sir” to you”. This would only make the pair of you even hornier, and you’d defiantly be punished through overstimulation for calling him that. 


This would make him feel like the man. Although he wouldn’t have a daddy kink, he wouldn’t mind sometimes, like if he was feeling low or self conscious, to be reminded of how much of a man he really was. He’d let you dominate him and would watch you intensely, telling you to do various things for him e.g. “open your legs for daddy”. It would really boost his self esteem. 


The first time you called him “daddy” he’d be confused. He’s probably very clueless about kinks and fetishes, so would have no idea what to do. Once you explained it to him, he’d want to the idea, but would need to put it in practice just to make sure. This would be the first time he’d ever get that dominant and sexy with you but it defiantly wouldn’t be the last time either. 


He wouldn’t like to be called anything but his name in bed, but would get hard if you ever called him that in public. If you were horny and started teasing him, whispering rude things and calling his daddy seductively into his ear, he wouldn’t last long. “Daddy” was just a part of dirty talk for him, and dirty talk would really make him horny for you. Either through the phone, text, webcam or in person, any form of dirty talk would result in a 100% success rate of sex lol 


Honestly, WinWin would be so vanilla in bed (which is not a bad thing, I think that’s good) He’d find it a bit weird and would be confused as to why people would ever find sexiness in such a normal word. But, if that was something you wanted to do or try, he’d defiantly let you. In bed, and in general, he’d just want to please you, so if that meant being called “daddy”, he’d do it for your sake 

(on a serious note though, if someone doesn’t like something in bed, don’t keep doing it because you like it - both people should enjoy it and like it ok)

Silver Storm (9/?)

Summary: While on trip out of state, you were taken by Hydra. You were barely 21 at the time. Hydra took you and turned you into another asset, matching the Winter Soldier’s abilities. They injected you with a serum similar to his, wiped you,  and instructed the soldier himself to train you. He was hard on you, but when it was just the two of you he let his walls down. You were each other’s comfort, until the events of D.C when he was sent to kill Captain America. After that day, you never saw him again. You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts *

Pairing: Bucky x reader  , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, angst, SMUT , fluff

                                                      Chapter 9

   “Hold still or I’m going to end up poking your eye, you big baby.” Bucky keeps fidgeting under your hands as you try to apply eyeliner neatly to his lids.

 "Or we can just not put makeup on me,“ he grumbles.

“You lost fair and square, sweetheart. Don’t make a bet if you’re going to back out of it.” What a big fucking baby. He mimics you in a high voice, pulling a laugh from you. You return to trying to finish his makeup despite his inability to hold still. You finish ten minutes later and you back away from him, capping your eyeliner. You tilt his face up towards you, biting your lip to hold off the laughter at his defeated expression. You gave him perfectly winged eyeliner and applied a lengthening mascara that seemed to really do the trick. You only applied a little blush and a light layer of pink lipstick stains his lips. After an hour of him begging you not to do his hair, you settle on just putting into two lazy buns on the sides of his head.

  “Anyone ever tell you you’re beautiful, doll?” You can’t stop yourself from laughing.

“You’ll pay for this, y/n. Just wait.” You roll your eyes, taking his hand and dragging him out of your room.

  When you enter the TV room, the entire team was there, and all eyes fell onto Bucky.

“Oh this is fucking gold,” Sam bursts out laughing resulting in Steve doing the same, whipping his phone out and snapping a quick picture. Bucky goes to throw himself at Sam but you tighten your grip on his hand.

Originally posted by marvelousspider

“That is the only picture to be taken, understood?” you threaten. You receive nods in return. Have to at least try and save his pride. You hear snickers coming from the team as Bucky parts from you to go to the kitchen. Sam smacks his ass as he passes, a smooth whistle leaving his lips.

“Damn Barnes, you and Y/n are one pair of gorgeous ladies.” The room breaks out into laughter, no one bothering to hold back any longer. Bucky glares at Sam but that doesn’t stop Sam’s happiness.

“Alright alright. Come on Buck, let’s go wash that off. I think you’ve been punished enough for one day.” He follows you right on your heels like a sad puppy.

You hear Steve yell from the tv room behind you, “Maybe next time Y/n will let you win, pal!” I still can’t believe I beat him.

 You pull Bucky back into your bathroom, beginning to gently wipe off the makeup. As you do, you replay the fight from earlier in your mind.

    “Okay guys, start on 3. 1…2..3!” You and Bucky begin circling each other on the mat.

“Come on doll, show me what you got.” He keeps his eyes locked to yours. You know he isn’t going to make the first move so you bite the bullet and do it yourself. You lunge forward, aiming a punch at his abdomen. If you assumed correctly, this should sway the fight your way. And it does. He blocks your fist, pushing it to the side. As he does, you crouch down, sweeping his legs out. He barely catches himself, standing up a little wobbly.

“So you want to play dirty?” he asks.

“That’s the only way to play, honey. ” You wink back at him. He moves first this time, throwing a high kick. You duck out of the way and grab onto his hand. You use all of your strength to swing your legs up and around his neck to throw him back down to the floor. It’s always been your favorite move to use against someone; there’s something empowering about choking someone with your thighs. You successfully bring him down, clenching your thighs just to get the point across that you can do serious damage. You don’t want to hurt him or risk losing control of yourself in the environment you’re in right now. Last thing you want is to seriously hurt him because soldier mode kicked in. He looks up, locking eye contact with you from between your thighs, a devilish smirk appearing.

Originally posted by lilsonbucky

“You know, I wouldn’t have objected if you said you just wanted me between your thighs, Мой маленький микс (my little minx).” You roll your eyes, squeezing a little tighter. He moves his arms up, brushing his fingers against the part of your stomach he can reach. You shriek at the contact, the way his fingers brushed tickled you enough to let him go.

“That is so unfair! Who the fuck tickles someone in the middle of sparring, you dick!” You’re still trying to catch your breath, nearly having a heart attack from even the idea of being tickled. He tackles you before you get a chance to move, knocking you onto the floor. He settles on top of you, pinning your hands above your head.

“Looks like I win, dollface. And I think I know exactly what I want.” You see a mischievous glimmer in his eyes.

“As much fun as that sounds, I don’t think so.” You lift your lower half, grinding it against his. You see him suck in a breath, his grip on your hands faltering. He lifts his hips from you slightly, barely leaving enough room for you to gain the upper hand. You knew that would catch him off guard and you take advantage of it. You pull your knees up, hardly fitting them through the gap he left when he raised himself up. You press your knees to his chest and launch him off you and onto his back.You immediately throw yourself over him, straddling his lap and pinning his hands. His eyes are wide and lips parted. You lean down, catching his earlobe between your teeth.

“Looks like you’re losing your touch, Мой маленький микс (my little minx),” you whisper. He growls when you repeat the nickname back to him.

  “Well damn, Grandpa. Looks like your age is catching up to you!” Sam shouts. You laugh, leaving Bucky a flustered mess on the floor.

   When you finish cleaning Bucky’s face, you both fall into bed. You look at the picture Sam sent you, giggling as you set it to your background.

“I can’t believe you actually did my makeup. You could have bet anything, had me do anything, and you just had to pick that?” he groans, rolling himself on top of you. You huff out under his weight.

“Barnes, I can get you to do anything I want anyways. Even if I lost, you would have let me do it to you.” You struggle trying to roll him off you. “Jesus, you are fucking solid. I can’t breathe,” you whine.

He laughs into your neck and you feel his smile against you, giving you shivers. “Are you calling me fat?” he questions, mock offense dripping from his tone.

“Well, I’m not calling you thin.”

“Damn, that’s cold doll.” You finally get him to roll off you, dramatically inhaling.

“You are such a drama queen.” You roll yourself onto him, resting your chin on his chest. You look into his eyes, studying dazzling shade of blue.

“You going to keep staring at me or are you going to do something, doll?” he playfully questions. You push yourself forward, gently placing your lips on his. You mean for it to be a little innocent kiss but Bucky pulls you deeper into it. You roll around his bed while your lips dance, switching between who is on top of who until he permanently settles himself on top of you. He grinds himself against you, both of you releasing moans.

  “You going to keep teasing me or are you going to do something, Sergeant?” He growls, kissing your feverishly. You completely give yourself over, enjoying the way he takes control. He moves his kiss from your lips down your body, removing all your clothing quickly. He begins sucking dark marks as he makes his path down your body, making you writhe underneath him.

Originally posted by lovershub

“Please, I need you,” you whine as he kisses your waist.

“Keep begging me, doll. Tell me what you need.” His movements become even slower, making you ten times needier.

“Please, Bucky. I need your mouth on me, I need to feel your fingers on-” You gasp as he licks a long strip along your pussy, finishing with a strong suck on your clit. Your back arches and you claw and the bedding underneath you.

“Is this what you want?” he asks, sliding two of his metal fingers into your soaking center. A long, loud moan was your only response as he begins harshly thrusting his fingers into you.

“God, I love the way you sound, the way your body reacts to the littlest touches. Does it do that just for me baby?” His fingers begin moving faster than you could have imagined. The only thing to be heard in the room is your moans, the obscene noise of how wet you are, and Buckys strained breathing. You feel the coil in your stomach tighten as Bucky’s mouth engulfs your throbbing clit. He switches between sucking and nipping at your bundle of nerves, making your eyes screw shut at the feeling of your impending orgasm.

“Buck I’m going to-” He sucks particularly hard at the moment. Your hands fly to his head, weaving through his hair and holding his head to you as you uncontrollably roll your hips against his face. He slows down his movements, gently taking your hands out of his hair.

“Doll I want to try something,” he says shyly from between your thighs. What a fucking tease, I was so close!

“Anything. Just- Bucky I need-” He chuckles, getting up to kiss you.

“Ride my face.” I’m sorry, what? Your face must mirror your confused thoughts because he lets out a hearty laugh.

“I’ve never-”

“Neither have I, that’s the point. Please?” You nod, letting him guide you into the position he wants you. You’re facing the headboard, hovering over him with a thigh on either side of his head. Oh my God, I’m going to suffocate him. He pulls your core down to his face, his tongue delving into your core instantly.

“Oh my God,” you whimper out at the new angle his tongue is hitting. His hands urge your thighs to begin moving against his face and you let him lead the pace, afraid you’ll do something wrong. That fear passes quickly, your hips involuntarily grinding against his face at a rapid pace as his mouth devours you.  

    Before you know it, your orgasm washes over you. Your thighs begin to quiver as Bucky slowly slides out from under you. When you’re positive he isn’t directly behind you, you allow your body to fall back onto the mattress. He moves himself over you again, this time his clothes not present. You pull his lips to yours, tasting yourself when your tongue tangles with his. You moan into the kiss, clawing your nails down his back. When you separate from the kiss, your eyes meet his lust blown ones, the blue barely visible anymore.

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“Bucky, fuck me. Please,” you beg, lifting your hips to his. The moment his hard cock makes contact with your slit you both let out moans. You flip him onto his back, taking his length in your hand and gliding it through your wet folds repeatedly. When he is about to say something, you fully slide him into you. Your back painfully arches at the fullness, its bordering between painfully stretching you and absolute pleasure; the latter wins. You begin slowly lifting and dropping yourself on his dick, placing your hands on his chest for support. His fingers dig into your thighs and you can tell he is trying to give you control but you want him to take it. You finally speed up, bouncing yourself on him as you roll your nipples between your fingers. He plants his feet flat on the bed and starts driving himself up into you. He hits a sensitive spot, almost bringing tears to your eyes from all the pleasure.

  “Oh Bucky,” you cry as he continues to slam his hips up. He finally loses his restraint, flipping you over and onto your stomach. He swats your ass, a surprised moan from you causes him to do it again.

“Do you like that, Y/n?” You nod, not trusting your voice. His hand slides into your hair, pulling it slightly so you’re on your knees with your back pressing to his chest. He slides his cock into you again, thrusting hard as his hands move to your chest. He holds you to him by your chest, playing with your nipples while he pounds himself into you.

“I’m so close baby, cum with me,” he whispers as he bites your ear. You release a string of profanities as one of his hands slides down to circle your clit. Both of you are spiraling through your orgasms, Bucky still holding your body to his. A sheet of sweat covers both of your bodies as you both collapse onto the bed. “Jesus Christ,” you say, trying to pull yourself together.

“I love you y/n,” he says sweetly from beside you.

“I love you too. Always have, always will.”

“Sergeant Barnes, Miss Y/n, your presence is required in the conference room. It is urgent.”

“What is it FRIDAY?” you ask. I really don’t want to move right now. “Secretary Ross is here.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Bucky says as he begins looking for his scattered clothes. You copy his actions, finding a pair of random sweats and a tee. When you’re both done he takes your hand in his, lacing your fingers together as you make your way to the conference room. You walk up to the conference room, seeing that the windows have been tinted. You can’t see inside like usual, making your anxiety flare. Why would they tint the windows? What is happening in there? This is what Nick warned us about.

“Calm down, we don’t know why they’re here yet, Y/n,” Bucky says before you both enter the room.  You know why they are here but you know he is just trying to calm you. Stepping through the door was the biggest mistake of your life. As soon as you both fully step in, two different sets of hands find each of your shoulders, detaching you from Bucky’s hand.

“What the hell is happening?” you hear Bucky roar, seeing him being restrained also. You hear cuffs clink close before you register the feeling of them around your wrists. Panic shoots through you. No no no no no.

“Bucky!” your scream bounces off the walls of the conference room.

I cant lose him again

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Goodnight Kiss- Rafael Barba Imagine

Pairing: Rafael Barba x Reader

Word Count: 876

A/N: I really love flustered Barba, so please enjoy! This is also a musing that I’ve had for a while, mostly because I associated Barba with the song, “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton, so strongly. Anyways, requests are closed! I have a few to finish up, then I will open them up again. Thanks! x


You started working at SVU seven months ago, and in those months, you seemed to be the only one to crack the “Barba Code.” Rafael Barba was a mystery in and of himself and getting close to him proved to be a challenge. Luckily, it’s been worth it.

Your relationship with Barba was truly one of a kind. He was your best friend and you were his. It didn’t start off that way, though. There was a lot of animosity in the beginning.

You were the forensic psychologist assigned to the team, and let’s just say tension was at an all-time high. Everyone was afraid that you were going to profile them and ruin their careers. Obviously, you were just there to offer a different perspective and fit right in after a few days.

It took a lot more convincing from Barba. You knew he had a bit of a troubled past; an abusive father was just the beginning. His trust took a lot longer to win, but when you did, it was yours forever.

Barba had called you into his office for some trial prep. You were the expert on the case, so he wanted to double-check that everything was airtight. As always, it was. You dodged his mock cross questions like a pro.

After what seemed like a lifetime, you finally finished. Before you could leave, Barba stopped you.

“Y/N, wait,” he called out, as you headed toward the courthouse steps.

You spun on your heels, turning to a quite flustered Barba.

“What’s wrong?”

“Listen, I was wondering if you wanted to attend a charity event with me tonight? It’s for the DA’s office, so I know it’s not very appealing, but,”

“Yes, Rafael, I’d love to! Send me the details? I have to go shopping now,” you chuckled, heading toward you taxi. You blew Barba a kiss, taking full advantage of his flustered state.

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Originally posted by oregonians

Request: hello! hope youre doing well!! could you do a Peter Quill imagine where you call him daddy from time to time outside of the bedroom and like you let it slip while the other guardians are around, you can go from there! ily ~your new Star Lord anon (if youre not comfortable with this thats fine dont worry!)

For Anon

Words: 1,097

Peter Quill/Star Lord x Reader

“Y/N have you seen my shirt?” Quill asked you as he rooted through the piles of machinery and weapons that ruled your room, the perils of being a thief with quick hands. He was mostly dressed from your session of what he called ‘Afternoon Delight’. Quill didn’t like the word quickie. He wasn’t quick thank you very much. He heard you zipping your jacket and turned to where you dangled his shirt from your finger, “Found it Daddy.”

His jaw tightened and he stepped over to you, you smirked up at him and gently ran your fingertips over the defined muscles of his stomach. His voice was husky, “Don’t do that, because you know that I’ll drag you back to that bed and we don’t have time.”
“Do what?” You asked innocently. He took the shirt from you, slipped it over his head and pressed a kiss to the side of your head before mumbling in your ear, “You’re a devil.”

“And yet, you love me.” You teased and he confirmed your utterance by roughly grabbing your backside and pulling you in for a kiss. You grinned into the kiss and when he pulled away you gently bushed his hair back into its usual style.
“You know, we might have time for round two.” He smirked at you, his large callous hands pushing up from your hips and under your shirt to your waist.
“Quill! Rocket is taking my nose and he refuses to relinquish it!” Drax’s booming voice killed your intimate moment and Quill dropped his head onto your shoulder with groan.
“He’s not really got your nose Drax! He’s playing a joke on you!” Quill shouted back, his voice slightly muffled into your shoulder, you tried not to laugh at his exasperated voice.

“He’s lying Drax! I’ve got it!” Rocket’s obnoxious laugh cut through the silence before an argument erupted between Rocket and Drax out in the corridor. You sniggered and Quill bit your shoulder lightly in revenge.
“I better go and kill them before Gamora does.” Quill groaned and pulled himself away from you. You rushed passed him and slapped his ass as you went before calling over your shoulder, “You go get them Daddy.”

“You better hope I don’t catch you!” Quill warned you and you turned for a moment to blow him a kiss before going to find Gamora and Groot. You found them watching Rocket and Drax argue, Gamora handed you one of the Terran beers that Quill thought he had hidden and Groot badly hid the small sweet treats that he was eating.
You laughed and settled down next to him, “I’m not going to take them away from you Groot, as long as you don’t make yourself sick like last time.”
“I am Groot.” He grinned and slowed down eating the little colourful balls. Quill stormed into the room like just twenty minutes ago he hadn’t been locked in an embrace with you whispering dirty things in your ear and instantly stood in between Rocket and Drax and held his hands out at them both.

“What is wrong with you both? I was doing something important!” Quill snapped.
Rocket crossed his arms and sniggered, “Something? Sure you don’t mean someone, eh, Y/N?”

Your face flushed and you lost the battle for a snappy comeback and Quill seemed to be having the same issue when Drax roared, “But that is not fair! Why can he talk your sex life when I cannot?!”

“No one is talking about our sex life!” You interjected quickly and beside you Gamora hid her smirk with her hand.
“Y/N is right, why are you guys even so interested in this?” Quill asked, his cheeks and ears tinged pink. Rocket stuck his tongue out, “Because it’s super gross obviously.”
“Because it’s beautiful show of love, my father would often recount us with the tale of how I was conceived.” Drax said before turning to you, “Y/N will you not regale us with stories of your love?”

“I will not!” You squeaked, cheeks burning you caught Quill’s gaze, “Daddy tell them!”
Every stopped at their heads whipped around to you but you were focused on Quill who stared at you with his mouth agape.

“Daddy?!” Rocket screeched, he was already laughing, “What the fuck is wrong with you Terran’s?” You didn’t have to hear over his mocking laughter to know that Drax was asking Quill why you’d called him that. You focused your gaze onto your lap and ignored a curious Groot as he pulled at your sleeve, no doubt filled with a plethora questions. The mocking melded into one long echo and you squeezed your eyes shut against their words.
“All of you shut up!” Gamora hissed beside you and you didn’t need to look up to know that you were the centre of attention again and that they must know that embarrassment had inspired tears in your eyes.
“That is just the way they express their love!” Drax boomed, no doubt at Rocket.
Groot peppered small kisses over the back of your hand and Rocket grumbled, “Well, show me a species that isn’t weird.”

“Well it’s none of your business anyway.” Quill grumbled and stepped over to you to kiss the top of your head and rubbed his hands over your shoulders. You swallowed back the tears that had sprung from embarrassment, it was silly being so overwhelmed in the moment. You smiled up at Quill, “Is that revenge for me teasing you?”
He gave you a smug look, “Well I was going to give it a couple of minutes before I said it but yeah, Karma’s a bitch.”
“Who is Karma?” Drax mumbled to Rocket who shrugged in response.

Groot tugged at your sleeve again and you looked down to him, “What’s up bud, you’ve not eaten too many of your treats again, have you?”
He shook his head, “I am Groot.”

You pushed your face into Quill’s shoulder to cover your red cheeks and Rocket burst into laughter again and Gamora hid her grin behind her beer.
“What? What did he say?” Quill asked.
“No Groot, this does not make Yondu my Grandfather.” You answered.

I’d like to take this moment to say I love ALL the GOTG but Yondu is my fave so if any requests featuring him were to find their way into my ask box…

Implementations- A Sirius Black Imagine (Part 2 of Alone Together)

A/N: Sorry for this getting up so late! I didn’t realize that I had some online college homework to do and it took longer than planned. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this next installment of Alone Together. I think it is a pretty cute idea, with what I have planned. Enjoy, my loves! 

Previous Installments: Alone Together (part 1).

Originally posted by carpelunam

The morning after you and Sirius had made your deal, things seemed to go back to normal. It wasn’t a strange notion, seeing that nothing was all that different anyways. The day brought back normalcy and a lack of loneliness for the both of you. You both were fine. Everything was okay in the daylight.

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Bad Question

One of my biggest headcanons is that The Host often sees/hears The Author, whether it’s in dreams or whilst he’s awake. I love writing about it!
Anyway, here’s Bing making a huge mistake (I don’t have a gif, so here’s a picture to fill in the gap)

“Hey Host,” Bing rolled into the room, barely balanced on his skateboard.
The Host had been in one of the shared living areas reading a book and enjoying getting out of his library until the rude interruption.
“Yes Bing?”
Host wasn’t impressed. The only other egos to have joined him had been Plus and Chrome, who sat down and quietly chatted to him whilst they took a break from fixing an issue with the WiFi. Bing wasn’t the most considerate ego, maybe because his systems didn’t recognise ‘right and wrong’.
“What’s the deal with your eyes anyway? How does someone just lose their eyes?”
The building seemed to freeze around Bing, and everyone felt the surge of energy. Even Dark, up in his office, shuddered and frowned. That was a worrying feeling, and Bing was in the eye of the oncoming storm.
“Does Bingiplier not understand,” Host tilted his head, a crazed smile on his face, “ that this is a personal matter that The Host has never discussed. He could say the same thing about Bing’s eyes, since the inferior robot always hides them. Why is that default droid?”

Bing had never heard The Host speak like this. In fact, no one had. His mannerisms and choice of wording all pointed back to The Author, but still with the same, calm voice The Host always spoke in, and Bing was terrified. He could feel emotions bubbling inside him, desperate to break free. It was true that he was self conscious of his eyes, and he was default. He was a failure at best. Why did they even keep him around? Bing turned to run from the room, but an invisible barrier blocked him.
“I’m not done with you.”
That was The Author talking this time, and when Bing turned back, he understood. The Host was dressed in The Author’s clothes, baseball bat held in his hands like it was the missing piece of a puzzle, and the most disturbing feature was that the blood soaked bandage had been removed. The Host’s sclerae were red, and his iris’s an even deeper shade. He still had black pupils, but they were hidden behind the blood that poured from his eyes like a waterfall.
“A-author p-p-please,” Bing begged, his systems started to shut down in fear.
“Don’t mock me. Don’t question me. And certainly, don’t ever ask about my eyes. Got that?”
”I’m sorry I-”
”Hush,” The Host’s voice was harsh, “ you have your answer now, but don’t believe everything you see, Bing. Now leave.”
The last part was directed both at Bing and The Author, who stood beside The Host the entire time, observing the power they still possessed. He disappeared shortly after the statement, but his voice remained in The Host’s mind, like always. Bing, on the other hand, had already shut down, cowering inside himself as he prayed for it to be over.

The energy over the building disappeared, and everyone breathed a collective sigh. The Host was back to normal and he left the room with a smirk as the googles received the notification that Bing had unexpectedly shut down and needed restarting. Up in his library, Host scratched at his bandages nervously whilst The Author appearing again, watching The Host’s movements closely.
That was fun. We should do that again
Host sighed and turned to where he saw The Author, “you could have hurt him.”
Another sigh from The Host as he sat down, rubbing his temples to help ease his headache. He always developed a headache when The Author was around, but then again, anyone would get a headache if the voice in your head was yelling at you.
Did you see his face though?
The Host noticed the playful tone of The Author’s voice and chuckled. He didn’t mean to, but seeing Bing terrified had been amusing to him, although he’d never admit it to anyone. The android deserved a good scare to get him to realise that he can’t walk around saying everything that comes to his mind. Broken system or not, someone had to teach him a lesson, and it was clear the part of The Host that loved to torment people was still strong and alive.
“We’ve had out fun, Author, but please leave me be now. It’s been too long since I’ve had a decent sleep.”
Thank you for today. See you soon

Like a ghost, The Author faded away, back into the memories stored deep within The Host’s mind. The Author had never thanked The Host any other time he’d appeared, or left when asked, but he guessed that it was because he’d embraced who he used to be, which was what the hallucination of his past self always wanted him to do. The Host always felt more powerful when The Author was around, which had allowed him to manipulate his appearance for Bing without changing physically. Maybe he always possessed that power, but embracing The Author was the only way to harness it? He didn’t care much, and The Host just wanted to rest after overexerting himself. Removing his bandage, his eyes were still as they had been since that dreadful day. They were two gaping holes with nothing inside but blood. Some days he missed having eyes, but others he realised he was much happier how he was. Even though he couldn’t really see, he could still experience the world, and in the end, that was all that mattered.