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that's a fact or your thoughts? can mon-ew be gone forever?

It’s a fact.  He was literally sent off into space and the earth’s atmosphere is poison to him and all of his kind now.  Daxamites that is not Dude Bros sadly.  Winn and Lena made a lead based planetary defense weapon.

Forever I don’t know about.  It is a comic book show.

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I'm glad you liked the ask~<3 But seriously, people who ship sheith, hance, klance, shallura, shance, and heith all have mocked me for shipping shunk just because 'they don't have any interaction' 'Shiro barely knows Hunk is part of the team' 'Even shidge and hidge would be more canon' and it breaks my heart...

How is that even a thing?? Like, how can anyone say Shiro barely acknowledges Hunk as part of the team?

Remember when Hunk specifically crawled behind Shiro for protection when the castle’s doors first opened?

And yes, crawled.

Honestly I really love their relationship, simple as it is? Because Hunk has a certain maturity and sensibility that matches Shiro’s own.

They complement each other so well? Like when Hunk mentions wanting to return to the Balmera to save Shay and Lance argues with “wow, you’re really hang up on that lady” but Shiro doesn’t even question it because he knows Hunk’s serious about it. He’s all just “sure, let’s launch the castle and go” and they go.

Remember when Hunk wanted to comfort Shay about being able to beat the robeast but he was struggling with what to say (Hunk is a pretty anxious dude) and in comes Shiro, finishing the sentence for him

And Hunk has the softest voice when he says “thank you, Shiro” immediately after

Like, characters like Lance and Keith, they have a great deal of respect for Shiro. Understandable, given their past. But Hunk doesn’t have one, at all. Hunk really only met Shiro for the first time in the desert shack and yes, of course he respects Shiro, but it’s not an old sentiment. Everything he knows about Shiro, it’s stuff he’s finding out about now. And if Hunk disagrees with Shiro, he will voice it. He doesn’t let that respect for him hold him down.

And that’s something that I really appreciate about these two.

So huh… yeah, they do interact. Not as much as the others, but saying it’s non-existent or badly there is factually wrong.

They support each other.

If you write for NCT or have written anything for NCT, please tell me and/or tag me in your work so that I can repost it! I don’t want my blog to be utterly empty during my exams and since I can’t write myself, I might as well reblog some other blog’s work👀😂Just message me or send in an ask or tag me in your work (or if you want to write but never have, just tell me), I really want to read some new stuff too anyway so❤️🤧

I’m just a very shy and easily intimidated person who appears much cooler on the internet than in real life because if you are pretty or cool and I just met you? I will not talk to purley because I am scared I will make a fool of myself but everyone on the internet knows im a fool already so it’s less scary …. anyway bye.

When I make too many pun jokes in front of my friends.

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

Vampire Diaries {Sentence Starters}
  • "Your hair's different; I like it."
  • "I know that you can't change who you are, but you don't belong here anymore."
  • "I shouldn't have come home."
  • "The rest of the world has moved on. You should try, too."
  • "Today will be different. It has to be."
  • "They follow you. You can't escape them - as much as you want to."
  • "I will smile, and it will be believable."
  • "For over a century, I have lived in secret. Until now."
  • "I need you to be afraid of me. I need you to run like hell, do you understand me?!"
  • "Do you wanna hear the bad news, or the really bad news?"
  • "Why did you come back after all this time? Why now?"
  • "I'll be downstairs. Drinking."
  • "I know it's late, but I needed to know if you're okay."
  • "I'm not going to give up on you. I believe in you."
  • "Not in the mood! Today's been a no-good, very-bad day."
  • "You're really going to run this whole psychic thing into the ground, huh?"
  • "Why would you risk it? Why would you come here?"
  • "Don't embarrass me, young man!"
  • "I don't hurt people. I don't do that."
  • "If you're just gonna mock me, could you move along, please?"
  • "Aren't you a little old for a high school carnival?"
  • "Hey! If you want to forget it happened, fine. But I can't."
  • "I can't tell you what to do. But coming back here was a mistake."
  • "Let go of me before I cause a scene."
  • "You're taking a stupid risk. I could hurt you."
  • "Yes. You're a complete nuisance."
  • "I have so many emotions, but I don't have any way to express them."
  • "You touch her and I swear I will never speak to you again."
  • "Indulge me for a little while, please?"
  • "Don't pout. It’s not attractive in a woman your age."
  • "What do you know about werewolves?"
  • "I know I'm the last person you wanna see right now, but I need you to come with me."
  • "You were running from something. What was it?"
  • "I've no secrets. Only dirty shame."

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I don't see any improvement from you for such a long time now.. what happened? I mean, I'd been a follower since 3 years ago and I always feel you're the most eager-to-learn artist, but for a whole now, I don't think I see any improvement. I think it started somewhere in the middle of 2015? I'm not trying to mock you or anything, please don't get me wrong. Just wanted to say I realized the slow pace and maybe you'd hard times so I hope you're okay

Yeah I see it too. I got really burnt out in 2015, and I almost didn’t get back up. I’m starting to love art again, little by little, but it’s been a while. I’ve had to make a lot of tough decisions between then and now, and I’ve still got a lot of growing up to do, but I’m really glad I’m still here to see it all happen. I’ll do my best, for both me and everyone who’s stuck around <3

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I'm sorry, what does this mean: "Daxamites that is not Dude Bros"?

“He was literally sent off into space and the earth’s atmosphere is poison to him and all of his kind now.” is the sentence right before that.  Mon El is both a Daxamite and a dude bro.  Sadly the weapon used to repel the Daxamites from earth has no effect on other dude bros.


If you ever had a desire to see a depressed loaf of bread eternally stuck in a blank void explain the German history from the Neanderthals to the Fall Of The Berlin Wall to children - here you go. 

It’s with English subtitles. If you want to go straight to the history part, skip to 3:03 in. 

Also it’s of course 100 % historically accurate and serious.