mock me or don't

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

When I make too many pun jokes in front of my friends.

  • MM Characters: "Remember to get a full nights rest!"
  • "MC, did you sleep well?"
  • "It's important to keep a regular sleeping schedule"
  • "Sleep is very important!"
  • Me: ... You assholes see me in here for every single chat room. How the fuck do you think my sleep schedules going?

Throw back Friday to an old pair of jeans I haven’t worn since my freshman year of high school. Honestly they have seen better days but I have used them in writing when I get to descriptions of outfits. It’s kinda nice where I live so I thought why not? Done with skinny jeans and boots for now. Wanted to wear boot cut jeans and converse for a while


If you ever had a desire to see a depressed loaf of bread eternally stuck in a blank void explain the German history from the Neanderthals to the Fall Of The Berlin Wall to children - here you go. 

It’s with English subtitles. If you want to go straight to the history part, skip to 3:03 in. 

Also it’s of course 100 % historically accurate and serious.


we’ve all seen this selfie niall has posted. if you look at the wall behind him, you’ll notice a poster. a one direction poster, to be exact. and if you zoom in, you’ll notice that harry and niall can be seen on this poster. now, i obviously know both of them are in one direction, so it makes sense for them to be on this poster, but here me out: this selfie is a message. larry will be free soon.
niall, the one who took the picture, is standing in his closet. his closet. you know who else is in the closet? harry, who can be seen on the poster, next to niall. and of course harry’s boyfriend louis is the closet as well.
niall posting this closet selfie clearly shows that he supports harry and louis. he’s showing them that they’re not alone during this situation, and that he will support them. unlike their bandmate liam homophobic payne, who most likely broke into niall’s house, locked him into his closet, and threw away the key. but that doesn’t stop niall. he’s there, he’s fighting for louis and harry, who have been so strong and brave. #symbolism #endbabygate #simoncowellisliterallythedevil #wellington