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Fun idea - Stop mocking aro culture for once. I keep seeing posts joking telling people to go outside in reference to aro people trying to explain squishes and other alloromantic people are mocking the idea of queerplatonic relationships and saying it’s literally just friendship and that people are idiots.

Please, just… Stop. If you don’t understand it, that’s okay! You don’t need to, but if you don’t have the experience you can’t tell people that the way they experience things is invalid or identical to some other thing.

tl;dr: mocking squishes and queerplatonic relationships isn’t funny and I really hope some of you guys will understand that and stop.


Honestly? I can totally see why he was set on fire…

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

(Based on this gem)

@vesuvia - I can’t stop…
@asraaaa - this is your fault <3
@justmaghookit - “ Lucio just sulking while wearing like 5 sweaters” as requested 

I know Tumblr hates frozen but I’m watching it on freeform right now

And it’s not a bad movie, lmao.

I think tumblr just got sick of it and had to demonize it.

The let it go scene still gives me chills, no pun intended.

I just remember seeing it in theaters and feeling really inspired.

Elsa just comes off as very powerful in that scene and I just loved it.

anonymous asked:

I'm glad you liked the ask~<3 But seriously, people who ship sheith, hance, klance, shallura, shance, and heith all have mocked me for shipping shunk just because 'they don't have any interaction' 'Shiro barely knows Hunk is part of the team' 'Even shidge and hidge would be more canon' and it breaks my heart...

How is that even a thing?? Like, how can anyone say Shiro barely acknowledges Hunk as part of the team?

Remember when Hunk specifically crawled behind Shiro for protection when the castle’s doors first opened?

And yes, crawled.

Honestly I really love their relationship, simple as it is? Because Hunk has a certain maturity and sensibility that matches Shiro’s own.

They complement each other so well? Like when Hunk mentions wanting to return to the Balmera to save Shay and Lance argues with “wow, you’re really hang up on that lady” but Shiro doesn’t even question it because he knows Hunk’s serious about it. He’s all just “sure, let’s launch the castle and go” and they go.

Remember when Hunk wanted to comfort Shay about being able to beat the robeast but he was struggling with what to say (Hunk is a pretty anxious dude) and in comes Shiro, finishing the sentence for him

And Hunk has the softest voice when he says “thank you, Shiro” immediately after

Like, characters like Lance and Keith, they have a great deal of respect for Shiro. Understandable, given their past. But Hunk doesn’t have one, at all. Hunk really only met Shiro for the first time in the desert shack and yes, of course he respects Shiro, but it’s not an old sentiment. Everything he knows about Shiro, it’s stuff he’s finding out about now. And if Hunk disagrees with Shiro, he will voice it. He doesn’t let that respect for him hold him down.

And that’s something that I really appreciate about these two.

So huh… yeah, they do interact. Not as much as the others, but saying it’s non-existent or badly there is factually wrong.

They support each other.

Anyway. Unfollow me if you support the exclusion of aces in LGBTQIA spaces. You’ve aligned yourself with the radfem, gold star lesbian, biphobe, racist white gay boy side of the community and I want you the fuck off my dash. Oh and feel free to message me so I can unfollow you too. Thanks.

Last complain about the lion guard I swear 

Zebras… don’t do horse noises.

They don’t  even neigh, actually their sounds sound NOTHING like a usual horse. 

I would usually don’t give a damn, but the trouble is that this show is trying to also be educative about the animal kingdom, and misinformation is worse than not information at all….

There’s also the fact that Fuli is a cheetah but is designed as a leopard (and also suffers form the ‘make ‘em look like a female’ standard), that aardwolves ARE a type of hyena, etc.

the foxes as things my brother and i have said
  • neil: if i get murdered i'm going to be pissed
  • andrew: throwback to when i put a corpse in a suitcase
  • kevin: it's the history majors that will survive the apocalypse
  • nicky: the power of christ compels you to chill the fuck out
  • aaron: don't you mock me, tiny bean man.
  • dan: friends don't let friends do strip trivia.
  • matt: [about the ea sports guy] is he okay
  • allison: i would be the most relatable kardashian
  • renee: it's funny because she's gay
  • wymack: my children are born with knives in their hands
  • abby: so we're out of bandaids, but i've got a menstrual pad with wings
  • bonus andreil: he's so sexy... but he's such an asshole
  • bonus nicky: [about the twins] they're not ugly they're just goth.
  • bonus tetsuji: man do i want to beat someone up with a cane one day

Street racers!AU

warnings: still mafia related, hints for the next chapter, this is a stand alone story but it will confuse you for a bit if you haven’t read the other series, more delays, secrets and betrayals in so deep, some fluff to compensate. 

You raced the car beside yours, taking a strong left drift before repositioning the vehicle. Kicking on the clutch to shift your gear to a four, you accelerated the car as it neared the finishing line. However, the one beside you got ahead and took over. The crowd cheered as your opponent hit the finish line and the girl swung the flag round.

The male got out of his car before you did and strolled towards you slowly until you heard the sound of sirens. Instantly, he grabbed your wrist and dragged you behind a building. Seonho trapped your body between his own and the wall. He glanced back and forth at the policemen huddled on the road.

When you heard footsteps approaching, Seonho panicked so you held his hand instead and jumped into the water. This caught the attention of the officers; however, they couldn’t see your bodies for you were deep underwater.

You pulled the older male with you as you got out of the water, you placed your finger on his lips as he was about to speak. The both of you succeeded in escaping, but you still had to keep moving.

Not later did you find a telephone booth, thus Seonho made his call lucky enough that his cash clung to his pockets. You wrapped your arms around your body, shivering at the cool breeze. Seonho saw this and wished for his friends would pick up the phone; however, they didn’t.

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Lee says:
This may sound like a bit of a silly post to be making, but here I am anyway!

I’ve been walking all over town over the last few days, and it’s been pretty hot out where I live. Today, I walked to the bank, then to AAA, then back home, then I had to walk to my aunt’s house, walk her dog, walk back home after, then walk to work, and home from work. Not too much, but I’m out of shape, it’s hot, and I’m binding. And I’m making this post to tell you to not do that. Long story short, I almost passed out while I was at work, so I’m urging y'all to be more careful than me.

If it’s hot outside, and you have to walk places, be careful if you’re binding. Walking for three hours in a binder in the heat isn’t a good idea. It’s easier to get overheated, and it can be hard to take a deep breath. Make sure you have water if you know you’ll be outside for a long time! It’s okay to wear a binder and be outside, and to go on walks, but be careful not to over-exert yourself. With Pokemon Go out, I know some people will be walking all over the place & that’s good and healthy, but remember to bind safely!

When I make too many pun jokes in front of my friends.


This video is so precious lmaooo. Only trash people like me would notice the tension and awkwardness in some parts. Maisie & Sophie seem like Kit’s real life sisters xD 

Oh and this video is great too, Natalie’s exasperated face @1:01 is GOLD