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A$AP Rocky’s Guess Originals Collaboration

A$AP Rocky has always surrounded himself in the fashion industry. He pulls off a Gucci fur-lined loafer like no body else. He has become a power, representing fashion in a cut throat music industry. We’ve seen him front-row as J.W. Anderson’s show in London, we’ve seen him appearing in many campaigns, so it’s to no surprise the A$AP Mob rapper has collaborated with Guess for a men’s and women’s collection. 

Featuring a number of A$AP Rocky’s staple varsity jackets, skinny jeans and tailored denim jackets, the 90s inspired Guees collection features mock-neck logo tops that replace the ‘S” with dollar signs and distressed cutoffs that appearl to the ‘festival-girl fans’ all the while the dark-wash denim have an A$AP Rocky x Guess logo.

The collection is available for pre-sale on Jan 30, so keep your ears out!

Step 1: Find cool photo of southwest. Step 2: Think of an over-dramatic name for your design company. Step 3: Think of an even more dramatic tag-line. Step 4: Put this all in a geometric shape and drop on top of your southwestern picture. 

Fifteen minutes later, here’s my new logo!  Now you can create your own cheesy design logos!

(Thanks to KevinDooley for letting me use his picture. Check out his Flickr Set)


Some character artwork for a team assignment where we get to concept and design our own game!

Our idea is a 2D sidscrolling beat ‘em up set in the ‘80s, heavily inspired by Streets of Rage, and other great beat ‘em ups from back in the day (We even called ourselves “Team Throwback”) 
My job is 2D Artist / Character designer so I had a ton of fun! I have more concept sketches but I decided to throw up some more finished work instead. I’m hoping I’ll be able to show more once we put together some mock screenshots too.

- Logo and BG title screen was done by my very talented boyfriend (who’s also in my team) to make it SCREAM ‘80s! It all came together really nicely.