mock legacy

ok but i just realised how tragic it is that young justice had everything a/rrow doesn’t: from interesting, well developed story lines to diversity like i’ve rarely seen among comic-related media and definitely a near universal praise & acclaim. yet young justice is the show that gets cancelled after 2 seasons and a/rrow is going to start a 5th

At this point, doing the right thing and ignoring these wannabe spree-killing losers is entirely beyond the media. So, I propose a different solution: Mockery.

Don’t make them edgy in the slightest. No spooky soundtracks when showing their pictures, no fire and brimstone condemnations, and certainly no motive or sympathy. Instead, when their portrait is displayed on the screen, cue the laugh track. Send in the clowns: only give comedians airtime to mercilessly talk about how completely ridiculous the shooters are. No psychologists, no experts, no high-powered anything. We have no interest in figuring them out or getting to know them, we only need to mock them. The only legacy a mass shooter can hope to leave behind is to have everyone talking about what greasy, acne-scarred, gangly, permanent losers they are with horrible hair accentuating their invariably weird-shaped heads, and we’re glad they’re gone.


Okay, sometimes the game just does something totally on its own that is freaking hilarious.  And this is one of those things.  Yes, that girl just peed herself.  And Shea just waltzed up, and did the “Watch This!” interaction directly in the puddle of this girl’s urine.  THE LOOK ON HER FACE.  I DIE.  I’m sure she’s suitably “impressed” with your daredevil ways, Shea!