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I’m so happy you guys are still tuning in to my Jughead Serpent story! You guys are so awesome! ****** Last part:

Jughead slammed his hand against the metal trailer door, leaving it swinging open and letting the cool air filter into his dirty,stale home. He was so angry he couldn’t see straight, his knuckles were aching for something to hit and the closest thing was his kitchen cabinet.

The meeting at Snake bar went as well as could be expected, the older members of the Serpents were gearing up for quite the battle against Clifford Blossom and his many Riverdale cronies, F.P led the meeting declaring all out war and explaining his expectations, Jughead had been minding his own business leaning against a bar stool when he heard his name leave his fathers lips.

“We’ll need to get in their heads, show them no one is safe, not even their children, Jughead can lead the march on that one. The fight at Pops yesterday was a good start but we need more, go after more than the football team, I want you to take on every Riverdale High student you can, I know you all seem to have a way with the girls, work your way there.”

There were murmurs of agreement from the young boys as they high fived and grinned wickedly. Fortunately Keith and Dean came to stand behind Jughead, a few other Serpents following, they liked Betty, they wanted to keep her safe they wouldn’t go along with this stupid plan.

“You got that son?” F.P asked dangerously. His father had been scorned by Clifford Blossom and he would stop at nothing to take him down, Jughead knew parts of his old dad were buried deep inside the jaded, bitter man but it was getting harder and harder to find him.

“Yeah F.P, you got it.” He mumbled.

For a moment Jughead swore he saw his father flinch at the choice of name, but before he had a chance to analyze it, the man was back to discussing plans to take down the north side.

“This is what you were born into Jughead, this is your legacy” he mocked, spitting into the sink and slamming his hand on the countertop.

“Is now not a good time?”

He whipped around at the familiar voice and stared wide eyed as Betty stood nervously in his doorway, her tiny white skirt and soft yellow tank top stood out drastically against his dirty metal trailer.

Shaking his head quickly, he moved towards her, gently tugging her inside and away from prying eyes

“No! No, it’s never a bad time for you.” He smiled, placing a hand to her arm and tracing a finger over the veins on her wrist.

Betty looked at him skeptically before her eyes lit up
“Is that a dog?! You have a dog!” She pointed behind him and he turned to see his trusty sheep dog, hotdog, poking his head from behind the door. Looking back up to Betty’s eyes he couldn’t help but chuckle at the unrestrained excitement, he released her and she flew towards the shaggy white dog.

“Hi love! Your daddy didn’t tell me you existed, I would’ve come here a long time ago.” She giggled as the dog placed a sloppy kiss to her cheek, she pushed her face into his fur and scratched his belly. Jughead watched the scene with a goofy smile on his face, for some reason she seemed to fit perfectly into his trailer, her bright smile and laughter instantly lighting up his dark home, the Southside could use a little bit of her sunshine.
She looked up at him and smiled, beckoning him to come join her.

Dropping to his knees he scratched behind the dogs ear as Betty cooed lovingly, there was something unbelievably maternal about her, something Jughead hadn’t seen since he was six years old.

“He doesn’t get out much, especially now with the turf war going on. I can’t let him out of my sight, you never know the lengths these people will go to hurt people like me, can’t risk this one getting caught up in the cross fire.” He looked at her fully, his eyes boring into hers, hoping she understood his hidden message.

Betty looked back at him with equal intensity
“Well some things are worth getting hurt for. I think hotdog is willing to make that sacrifice.” She answered softly, her hand coming up to grasp his cheek as she stroked behind his ear, his eyes fluttering closed

“Hey! I’ve got a plan.” She pulled her hand away, standing up and brushing her hands on her skirt
“I think we could both use an escape, and hotdog could definitely use a place to run free for a bit, there’s a carnival over in Pembrooke it’s only a few towns over, that means the beach will be completely deserted, hotdog can run as far as his little heart can take him.” She bent down and ruffled the excited dogs fur “you’d like that wouldn’t you boy?”

The dog barked and wagged his tail, pushing his snout against Betty’s palm as she giggled, Jughead smiled, grabbing his Serpents jacket from its space on the couch and pulling her hand towards his truck, hotdog happily following along before hopping in the back seat.

Jughead never thought an hour long car ride could be so amusing, between Betty’s singing (and damn was her voice the prettiest thing he’d ever heard) and hotdog howling alone, he bought his face might break from smiling so much, she laughed along to his stories about Dean and his absolute hatred of anything alcoholic and he internaly celebrated when she described Her embarrassing childhood crush on Archie and how when they kissed she realized she felt nothing for him.

He only had to bite the inside of his mouth a few times when he noticed bruises he had never seen before as she lifted her arms up making the tiny tank top rise and reveal pieces of her stomach.

After about an hour of hotdog running through the water and Betty splashing Jughead with the salty ocean waves, they were both fairly exhausted as the sun went down but neither of the teens had ever felt so happy or content.

Clutching Betty’s hand as they watched hotdog trail the edge of the water Jughead heard her sigh softly

“I wish it could stay like this, we could just stay here, never have to go back, never have to worry about divided homes and responsibilities.” She whispered, reading his mind.

He squeezed her hand tighter and nodded
“I know, it just feels like.. like the world is closing in on me sometimes, like I’m right there in the ocean but I can’t get out, I’m drowning.” He looked down at her eyes and saw her nod understandingly, urging him to finish, to let it out.

“My dad.. he just.. he wants me to be this almighty Serpent prodigy, and yeah I love the Serpents, they’re my family but.. I don’t want it to be like this.. I don’t want our town to be separated. This responsibility to do what he thinks is right.. it’s all bullshit.”

Saying it all out loud, letting float into the waves, he felt like a heavy load had been lifted from his shoulders and it was all thanks to the beautiful girl beside him who was looking at him with complete understanding and respect.

“I get that” she said “I’m so tired of trying to do what everyone thinks is right. I’m so tired of letting everyone hurt me.” She instinctively placed a hand to the bruises on her wrist “but Jughead, with you right now? I feel safe, like I can be myself, I know it sounds silly but..” she was cut off by Jughead bringing her wrist to his mouth placing a gentle kiss to her bruises.

“It’s not silly, I feel the same way. I can’t remember a time where I’ve felt so… at home.” He whispered against her pulse.

Betty brought her free hand up to his cheek, cupping it and smiling shyly

“Are you gonna kiss me or not Jughead Jones”

With wide eyes Jughead didn’t waste a second, dropping his lips to hers and instantly melting, it was like a ship coming into dock, she tasted like strawberries and vanilla and he had to muffle his moan against her lips. She gripped the lapels of his jacket and brought him even tighter against her, the taste of cigarettes and peppermint was now officially one of Betty’s favorite flavors.

The moment was broken in a flash as Hotdog leaped on both of them sending them flying into the sand, Betty dropped on top of Jughead as Hotdog attacked his dads face with messy kisses.

“Alright boy! Okay!” He laughed freely, his hands coming around Betty’s waist and pulling her against his chest as they sat facing the ocean.

Sure there was a war going on in their very little town, but right here right now, two damaged kids had found their home and they weren’t giving it up for anything .

Vanessa: “Ehhhh, my head hurtssss. Imma little biiitchhh, waaaaah.”

Wolfgang: “Fuck you, Vanessa.”

Vanessa: “Lol.. I’m guessing you know that I met your.. ex roommate?”

Wolfgang: “Yeah, she told me. Does it matter?”

Vanessa: “It could….. Are you sleeping with her?”

Wolfgang: “Wouldn’t you like to know..”

Vanessa: “It’s a yes or no question.”

Wolfgang: “She’s.. a good lay as Cullen likes to call it.”

a bunch of rambling thoughts about congratulations
  • both this song and satisfied start with a piano intro
  • in her first line of the song, angelica sings alexander the same way she does in satisfied - “but alexander, i’ll never forget-”
  • angelica says “kind of stupid” four times - one more time than the three reasons as to why she gives him up in satisfied
  • a testament to how much alexander knows he’s messed up is that angelica calls him stupid, and he just takes it (in comparison to aaron burr, sir, where “you punched the bursar?” “he looked at me like i was stupid i’m not stupid”
  • alexander sings “angelica” three times, another callback to satisfied, but ends up singing eliza’s name at the end, a symbolic parallel to him ultimately choosing eliza in the end
  • angelica also says congratulations four times
  • this is the fourth and last direct interaction they would have had in the play, the others being helpless, satisfied, non stop, and take a break (discounting the official reynolds pamphlet and her narrative of it’s quiet uptown)
  • angelica knows exactly how to take jabs at alexander. she throws his biggest political rival, jefferson, in his face. she takes his obsession with legacy and mocks him about it - “you’ve redefined your legacy” which is what makes hamilton finally start sticking up for himself
  • “it was an act of political sacrifice!” “sacrifice?” not only is this powerful because angelica has never defined her actions of satisfied as a sacrifice, but also because the audience knows only what she means, as only us have been completely privy to her thoughts of the events that took place that night
  • this is also a link to her and alexander’s exchange in satisfied. “i’m sure i don’t know what you mean; you forget yourself” the same feeling is implied here. angelica is saying that alexander has no idea what he’s saying. but instead of being a flirtatious or even curious exchange, she’s talking about the damage he has now done to her lives
  • “this one’s mine” angelica finally acknowledges for the first time, face-to-face, that both she and alexander know exactly what could have happened in another life
  • “feeling of freedom / languished in a loveless marriage in london” angelica uses alliterations sparingly, in this case when she is very excited (satisfied) and when she’s showing a moment of great vulnerability (congratulations)
  • “i look at you and think God, what have we done with our lives? / as i romanticize what might’ve been if i hadn’t sized him up so quickly” not only does this rhyme, but it shows that unlike in “take a break”, where angelica’s infatuation/romanticization of alexander is still very prominent, all those rose-tinted glasses have fallen away. she sees her reality, and for who he is now: a man who’s broken her, and her sister’s, heart, and can’t help but wonder how they got to be this way, how they got to be so ruined
  • “tears or the years away / here to stay” this rhyming is reminiscent of the rhyming angelica employs during her three reasons (oldest, wittiest, insidious, etc.) yet also showcases her sadness. for a mind that works as fast as hers, this song is relatively slow paced, showing that her grief and the heaviness of her feelings - that she gave up the man she loved to save her sister from pain, and now that man has caused her sister pain anyway - is slowing her down
  • “a million years ago she said to me- / there’s a million things i haven’t done” - a reiteration of their first meeting, showing both the passage of time but also how angelica has taken alexander’s words to heart - “i {the world} will never be the same” (satisfied)
  • angelica harkens back to satisfied by restating that “never find anyone as trusting or as kind” and reflects on her choice made, that she “stood by” so her sister’s happiness, which is more important to her than anything, could be possible
  • this fact also shows that, once upon a time, alexander was angelica’s happiness. “i lived only to read your letters”. he changed her life and her heart and even now, she still can’t completely let him go no matter how hard she tries.
  • “eliza is the best thing in our lives” angelica has always valued her sister over her love for alexander, and this is still very true. this also shows that angelica is saying “we both chose eliza / i will choose her happiness over mine everytime” and tells alexander that it is time he starts doing the same and prioritizing his wife and family over his work
  • role reversal of satisfied. at the end of that song, angelica realizes that “he was right: you will never be satisfied”. however at the end of congratulations, alexander eventually reaches the conclusion that angelica besets on him “so never forget that you have been blessed with the best wife!” –> “best of wives and best of women”
The Last Light: Chapter 1

Summary: You were a senator from the wealthy planet of Naiadphae; where the rich spent their money enjoying the peaceful underwater kingdom and its outstanding flora. Your coworkers respected you for your peaceful ideals and humanitarian campaigns. What they didn’t know was that you, senator Anahita Ogym, were their presumed dead princess. By hiding your gruesome scars under the adorned masks Naiadphae’s elite liked to use and suppressing you Force sensitive abilities, you managed to fool the First Order’s spies and remain alive.

Will your planet’s alliance to the First Order ruin your fragile façade?

Notes: Kylo isn’t here yet =(

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History Rant. You've been warned

I assume most Americans who aren’t truck drivers are enjoying a long holiday weekend. I’m sure there are plenty of drivers off as well. Tomorrow people will have cook-outs and barbecues and no doubt begin to bitch about going “back to the grind “on Tuesday. Paying little if any attention, if not being outright ignorant, of what Labor Day is about (In all fairness, most holidays are the same. Yes, including Christmas )

Labor Day, are you ready for it kids, is about LABOR. As in Unions. Those organizations we now detest as a country. The big bad bogeyman/mortal enemy of Free Market Capitalism. Because they aren’t perfect. They aren’t virginal pristine creations selflessly pressing their agendas. Maybe, just maybe, because they’re made up of people as well? A little strange, I think, that businesses and industry and the marketplace aren’t held to a similar standard. We forget, so we don’t even HAVE to forgive, the abuses and misdeeds of corporations. You want the perfect example look up “Toshiba/Sales of advanced milling technology to the Soviet Union”

America’s middle class dream is only possible BECAUSE of organized labor. Overtime, a 40 hour week, health benefits, retirement, OSHA, hell, the right to be treated like a human being and not a fucking machine, all of this is because people stood up and risked everything to demand some little bit of fairness. People died, and not just a couple, so we here and now wouldn’t have to live like they did. You really want to know how bad it was, and how bad it could be again, just Google “Pinkertons-Strike breaking’. You think it was just marches and picket lines? The government used federal troops on behalf of the business owners. Against men, women and children. Corruption in Unions now though means they aren’t needed or valid though, huh? Because there is, of course, absolutely no corruption in Big Business or Big Government. Lobbyists are the model of honorable and forthright behavior.

So Monday Americans will take a holiday meant to honor those whom they now discredit. People whose accomplishments we denigrate, whose sacrifice we deny and mock, and whose legacy we shit on even as we give away all they struggled for. In our fervent winning lottery ticket visions of our futures we won’t have to work anyway. But whether or not you approve of unions, anybody with the least bit of a social conscience should at least respect the fact that people fought and literally died to create a better and more equitable future.
With all the power of money, business and the government against them, they still stood up. Disrespect unions if you wish, but if you have no respect for the determination of those people it makes me wonder if you have any respect for people at all.


The Ballad of William Regal

With a prestigious and lauded career near his end, old villain William Regal hung up his pistols and retired quietly as the sheriff of developmental talent.

Here, he would mold young minds and pass down all the talent that was earned through decades of experience.

He would first meet Dean Ambrose, a wicked man of pure malice.  He sensed a kindred spirit and passed down his torch after 2 brutal battles.  He took joy in knowing there’d be some as devious as him to carry on in his spirit.

However, an old student named Kassius Ohno began to mock the legacy of his mentor and having dusted off retirement, Regal taught his pupil a lesson he’d never forget.

But the final chapter came to a man who sought to rule the very place Regal called home.  He fell to Antonio Cesaro, but not without gaining his respect.

And thus ends the ballad of William Regal…. for now.

ok but i just realised how tragic it is that young justice had everything a/rrow doesn’t: from interesting, well developed story lines to diversity like i’ve rarely seen among comic-related media and definitely a near universal praise & acclaim. yet young justice is the show that gets cancelled after 2 seasons and a/rrow is going to start a 5th

Do not, I repeat, do NOT come to this blog to ask about the new Steve Rogers Comic run or if I will be adding it to the master list.

This blog refuses to support anything placing Rogers in such a disgraceful and discriminatory position, whether it be for a ruse, to get more views, or to draw in an audience.

This blog will officially be boycotting the new Marvel, Steve Rogers series. I will be unfollowing anyone on my dash who supports the series as well.

Steve Rogers would never stand for this. Whether the character they bring us is ‘the real Steve Rogers’ or not, showing him off like this is a disservice to the character I grew up reading as a child.

The character who taught me it was better to stand up for what was right, rather than stay back because it kept me comfortable.

The character who taught me woman deserved the same exact position in anything, and showed me an example of a man who treated women with the utmost respect.

The character who was willing to go to the ends of the earth to save his best friend, because he new it was the right damn thing to do, regardless of who stood in his way.

The character who, regardless of ethnicity, sex, gender, or skin color, has treated others equally. Who would NEVER support or even THINK of working for an organization that has done so much irreversible damage to not only Steve and his family, but the entire 616 world!

Now I may not have the influence Steve Rogers does, or the strength he does to keep getting back up, but I do have a voice.

And I refuse to stay in the background while Marvel desecrates and ultimately mocks the legacy of Jack Kirby and Steve Rogers.

This comic run needs to be stopped.

At this point, doing the right thing and ignoring these wannabe spree-killing losers is entirely beyond the media. So, I propose a different solution: Mockery.

Don’t make them edgy in the slightest. No spooky soundtracks when showing their pictures, no fire and brimstone condemnations, and certainly no motive or sympathy. Instead, when their portrait is displayed on the screen, cue the laugh track. Send in the clowns: only give comedians airtime to mercilessly talk about how completely ridiculous the shooters are. No psychologists, no experts, no high-powered anything. We have no interest in figuring them out or getting to know them, we only need to mock them. The only legacy a mass shooter can hope to leave behind is to have everyone talking about what greasy, acne-scarred, gangly, permanent losers they are with horrible hair accentuating their invariably weird-shaped heads, and we’re glad they’re gone.