mock cover art

My mock-cover art for Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew, Secrets Can Kill game. I’m doing this series for three reasons.

The first reason is because I need MUCH more practice designing covers (books, games, movies, ect.). It’s a super important skill needed for anyone who wants to become an illustrator.

Secondly, my personal ND game disks are currently in blank DVD cases without the original art because for some reason I threw them all away when I was younger. Don’t ask why. My younger self isn’t even explaining it to me. So since I have time in between homework assignments, I figured I’d get this process started. After all, there are only 32 games.

The other reason is simply because I just love ND and knew that this project would be a blast. I think it’s off to a good start.



You have just unleashed a monster and I love it.

Ash however, is rightly terrified.

I acquired Clip Studio Paint in the latest sale and uh, it unleased the basest instincts in me. i’m sorry, 15-year-old me took the wheel and wouldn’t give it back.

(it’s actually a fantastic program for drawing if you’re not exploiting the built-in flower and sparkle brushes to make mock doujinshi covers)