mock cover art

potatoes-tomatoes  asked:

What happened to your iz art? They seem to be deleted but they were so good! I'm just curious, sorry :>

Naw, it’s fine. There are a couple of reasons why it’s gone. A big one is that I’m very critical of myself and often delete art that I consider to be sub- par (so pretty much everything). Another is that I’ve gotten bored. I’m leaving up IZ stuff that I’ve drawn for friends and might put up a piece every now and then, but I kinda burned myself out. Sorry ‘bout that.

Four months later, I finished the mock-game case for game 2! I see some improvements to the overall design and cohesiveness compared to game 1 which is great. Let me know what you think!

Also, those who are in the clue crew, do you recognize all these items from the game?


I mean, the media is the media. Sometimes when we go to competitions to support Yurio or Phichit, reporters come up to us and ask invasive questions. We try to shut them down as quickly as possible… our stock line is basically that our weight and what we’re eating is none of their business.

Some skating blogs have been a little cruel, saying that it’s a shame that the world’s most eligible bachelor let himself go so badly, but… others have been really nice? They say stuff about how Yuuri and I are beacons of body positivity, and we’ll make future generations of figure skaters love themselves more than ever before! So it’s a mixed bag. But we try not to think about it all too much.

I acquired Clip Studio Paint in the latest sale and uh, it unleased the basest instincts in me. i’m sorry, 15-year-old me took the wheel and wouldn’t give it back.

(it’s actually a fantastic program for drawing if you’re not exploiting the built-in flower and sparkle brushes to make mock doujinshi covers)