mock box art


I mean, the media is the media. Sometimes when we go to competitions to support Yurio or Phichit, reporters come up to us and ask invasive questions. We try to shut them down as quickly as possible… our stock line is basically that our weight and what we’re eating is none of their business.

Some skating blogs have been a little cruel, saying that it’s a shame that the world’s most eligible bachelor let himself go so badly, but… others have been really nice? They say stuff about how Yuuri and I are beacons of body positivity, and we’ll make future generations of figure skaters love themselves more than ever before! So it’s a mixed bag. But we try not to think about it all too much.

Doctor Who video game for the ATARI VCS console - 1979.

As a kid, my Dad dreamt of owning a Doctor Who video game for his ATARI 2600, but no such thing ever existed so today I’ve made this mock-vintage box art for him.

(I blagged the Dave Gibbons artwork from the Marvel Comics’ Marvel Premiere: Doctor Who, 1981)

* Errata: the art is by Walt Simonson, not Dave Gibbons (he did the main interior strip), and it’s the cover to Marvel Premiere #57. My thanks to notgeorgelucas for the fact-finding.