mock album cover

Oh, you don’t want a limelight (don’t want a limelight)
You just want a white light (only want white light)
You’re only spending time (spending time)
If it’s the time of your lifetime (the time of your life, woo)

Yeah, I bet you never seen a spotlight
Spotlight that you don’t like (that you don’t like)
Yeah, so come and show me why (show me why)
You’re the queen of the night life

Oh, you’re my highlight, girl

Yeah that song just really inspired me to make a mock-up album cover for Rhythm Heaven’s Love Posse if they ever did a serious album or something!

So this poorly photo shopped album mock cover is inspired by The Yogscast and all the funny stuff those guys do to entertain us. 

I was listening to Panic! at the disco right after watching some yogscast and this little play on words popped into my head. I don’t know if anyone has thought of this before but I just thought I’d put together a mock cover for fun :)

I discovered ‘dream pop’ on a while back and found a few good songs there. So while listening, I doodled this and it’s become like a mock mixtape/playlist (on YouTube) album cover for songs i like, new and old, that seem dream pop to ME (i don’t know music genres ok lol) which are dreamy-like and cute >w> (honestly this list is so short aaaa)

  1. Shifter - Jenny Mayhem
  2. Blind Little Rain - Asobi Seksu
  3. I Don’t Recall - Lavender Diamond
  4. What Aren’t We Going To Do - Ember Fx
  5. New Years - Ohbijou
  6. Sleepyhead - Passion Pit