mochida satoshi

Here is the translation of the character correlation chart from the Corpse Party BloodCovered …Repeated Fear In-Depth Scenario File. Here you can see the main cast of characters from Corpse Party and their relationships with each other.

Full version can be viewed here @

Love Triangle in Corpse Party be like
  • Ayumi: *cries*
  • Yoshiki: *try to calm her down*
  • Ayumi: *is about to die*
  • Yoshiki: *saves her*
  • Ayumi: *is attacked by the darkening*
  • Yoshiki: *hugs her*
  • Ayumi: Aarrrgh, I wish I was with Satoshi instead of being with your damn face !
  • The whole world: MMMMMMM WHATCHA SAY

Of course we do! Usually when we’re bored, we would share headphones and listen to music together as a pastime. I have lots of CD collections that we could listen to…Yoshiki doesn’t mind listening to them from what I can tell…

We do have our own tastes, but we’re open to listening to a variety of genres; nothing in particular!!