mochida satoshi


Satoshi Mochida’s profile from the Corpse Party 2: DEAD PATIENT Drama CD Vol. 2. It reads:

[4th Year University Student / 22 years old]

Satoshi was one of the students who had survived Sachiko’s curse as he was trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School.

While visiting his sick mother at Amare Patriarcha Crucis Hospital, he found himself locked in.

Also the announcement for the extra chapter, “Satoshi Mochida Part 1″, has the following information for Satoshi:

Heavenly Host Survivor
Satoshi Mochida

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely come back.
So, Mom, just stay here and don’t leave this room, okay?”

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"Would you fuck a clone of yourself?"
  • Tomohiro: Yes.
  • Mayu: No.
  • Kai: I don't want to fuck my clone because that would be gay sex and I'm not gay.
  • Kensuke: I'm not gay, but I would totally fuck my clone.
  • Ryosuke: I'm gay, but I still don't want to fuck my clone, that's gross and weird.
  • Sakutaro: I don't want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is THAT strong.
  • Mitsuki: I'd totally fuck my clone because I want to know if I'm good in bed.
  • Satoshi: I'd fuck my clone because who would know better how to fuck ME than ME?
  • Yoshiki: It's basically the same as masturbating, right? So no big deal.
  • Ayumi: It's not the same as masturbating, it'd be like having sex with your twin. Wrong and bad!
  • Emi: I would not have sex with my clone because what if my clone was evil.
  • Yuuya: I'd totally do all sorts of weird things to my clone I'd be embarrassed to ask someone else to do.
  • Naomi: To be honest, fucking my clone has always been my fantasy.
  • Seiko: Not only would I have sex with my clone, I'd probably make a bunch of clones and just get it on with all of them at once because that's how pro-clone fucking I am.
  • Sachiko: You guys are nasty and I'm, frankly, a little concerned.