Basic info on Japanese tags for Spamano fans

Explanation for those who aren’t familiar with the Japanese ‘terminology’ concerning the character Spain from Axis Powers Hetalia:

Oyabun ((親分) = Boss/leader/captain (Spain likes referring to himself as the Boss)

Spain the boss = spain oyabun

>mochi + oyabun = mochibun (Spain-mochi)

>chibi + oyabun = chibibun (chibi!Spain)

Kobun (子分) = underling/lackey

OyabunKobun (親分子分) = Boss and his lackey = the term for spamano in the japanese fandom. Unlike in the western fandom, this term is used equally to tag chibiromano arc stuff and romantic spamano (and everything in-between).

NishiRoma (西ロマ) = romantic!Spamano only. In that order.

RomaNishi (ロマ西) = same as above, except Romano tops.

Expect an explosion of spamano fanart/fanfiction/videos on Japanese sites such as pixiv, tegaki or niconico on these dates:

6/24 = Spamano day = nishiroma no hi = using the sounds of the numbers in japanese: 6/24 = 2 (ni) 4 (shi/yon) 6 (roku)

11/26 = Good Spamano day = ii nishiroma no hi = 11 (ii: good/nice in japanese) 2 (ni, for nishi) 6 (roku, for roma)

Character tags (avoid tagging them as their country name to differentiate aph characters from stuff concerning the real country):

Lovino Vargas: ロヴィーノ・ヴァルガス

Antonio Fernández Carriedo: アントーニョ・ヘルナンデス・カリエド

These are Pixiv tags, but OyabunKobun works on most sites.