test over size T-shirt (W.I.P)

I would like to modify the width again…..


Pants by: sim3simsimi

Shoes by: sk-sims

P1-2 pose by: sim3simsimi

P3 pse by: mochi029

P4 pose by: littlemsim

P5 pose by: bes-ye94(left)  tiff-yd2(right)


Thank you for these wonderful CC  >3<

Blog Recomendations for MALE CC


Wssp Simblr

Aight so i recently just started playing “TS3″ and im in desperate need of MALE CC. HELP!

What type of cc specifically? :)

For clothes, hair & accessories (and poses): I’d say check out @simsimi-only-mine, @the77sim3, @littlemsim, @2sanghaec, @infisim, @chunkysims, @aikea-guinea, @shatsai, @ooobsooo, @sim-it-up, @pipifonnesims3, @salverin, @siosims, @cakenoodles, @peacemaker-ic, @mochi029, @remaron, @venusprincess-simblr, @ha2d, and there are heck of a lot more. :)

Feel free to check out my Resources page and my tags: #ts3 male sim, #ts3 lookbook, #ts3 male clothes, #ts3 male hair, #ts3 shoes

Hope this helps. :)

Anyone have suggestions??


Semi-lookbook (Mostly playing with gimp & wip new sims)

Models: Dai  & Jaehee 

Dai (blonde): top (shojoangel) | bottom (sim3simsimi) | shoes (sims3-po) | accessories (the77sim3)

Jaehee: top & bottom (mochi029) | shoes (sims3-po) | accessories (the77sim3 & littlemsim, earring)

Poses: the77sim3, pnmai, sim3simsimi

lucifermetternich (house)

Many thanks to the creators!!! :)