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                 Happy belated Birthday to my homie from the hood @sailor-mochi!!

This drawing is my own way of celebrating your birthday with you this year! I’m truly blessed to have someone as kind and understanding as you! It’s always a nice day or night when it comes to sharing my silly little rants, stupid tweets, deep subjected topics and even all the way to our sponge bob nights of jokes and puns! I hope you had lots of fun on your special day and cheers to many more to come!
         We gotta reach a certain age point together to get that certain cake we want, ‘kay!
                                                Happy aging homie!


Sorry the end card isn’t finished… but I’m tired, I lack time, and I’ll replace that with a finished version… Eventually. OTL I still hate my new job, and I never have much time to draw. Like. At all. And that makes me more than just sad.

I wrote this last year. Scrapped it. Re-wrote it. And I’M STILL LATE.

Anyway, SO! Happy Mother’s day! Whether it’s for your mom, or grandmom, or if you have two mom’s, or your mom is a dad, or so forth!♥

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related to sawasprout comic 🌼 all the little plants in miyuki’s garden

also please see the amazing daiya plants by @narameval!

It’s not an April Fool’s joke, @nanopedayo! 8′D (It almost did though because my stomach is starting to hurt again and I almost wanted not to finish it… OTL)

Sorry. My stomach is hurting so I decided to just leave it as lineart…. I already messed up a lot. Anyway, it’s just the first post. I’ll be taking it slowly over the weekend since I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday.

I will also slowly be working on the next one where we’ll finally see how Miyuki and baby Eijun first meet, and I want it to be of good enough quality!♥ So please be patient with me… * bows*

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daiya no how to carry (or not carry) your partner.

If someone knows where the source to this is:


03/10 - “DEAR BABY EIJUN, what will Miyuki Kazuya’s wedding dress look like? (HAHAHA)“ from 4heartstrings

Well, luckily for Miyuki, Eijun’ll likely bounce right back from this.

(I had to rush this one a bit. Was short on time.)

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