mochi's art

Working on my new project! 

This time I have our Chim Chim! This is not my first BTS fan art, but is the one that I feel I´ll finish(?) Idk. Also, I´m trying a new style for me, I tried drawing my pieces in a realistic mode digitally but I always fail so… Wish me luck <3!

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Welcome to Orochi High!

Truffle Takahashi is just an ordinary girl starting her first year at Orochi High School. Join her as she makes new friends–Marzi-chan, a big girl with big headboobs and an even bigger heart, and Mochi, a mischievous prankster who cares more than she lets on–and meets her first love, the mysterious, venomous Atheris Hispida!

More comics with no joke. IIII wanted to draw something with lostsa panels and arm movment. But at least it features my Reaper playing friend and their sassy mouth again lol.

(Dunno why U would but please don´t tag any ships but Reaper76 bruh)

(I love the little Reaper mochi things haha)