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Perfectly Easy (and Tasty) Microwave Mochi Recipe

For those of you who are interested, this is how I make mochi. I used to do it the traditional steamer way but that took forever, and this is just as tasty but pretty quick to whip up! Also, there’s no possibility of you accidentally spilling boiling hot mochi all down your arms as you try to transfer the glop between cheesecloths (yes that’s happened to me and it was NOT. FUN.). If you don’t know what mochi is, it’s a Japanese sweet rice treat that is absolutely addictive: chewy and soft and YUM. I’m part Japanese and lived in Hawaii for a lot of my life so it’s a staple comfort food for me! I used to make it only for New Year’s and special occasions, but now that I microwave it I can make it whenever I want. Which is good, because look at how gorgeous it is:

Microwave Mochi Recipe (makes about 20 pieces)


  • 1 ½ cups mochiko (glutinous rice flour. Sold at most grocery stores in the Asian food section, look for a white box)
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 ½ cups water
  • 2-4 drops vanilla (this is optional, or you could use coconut extract/other flavorings instead, but I like vanilla)
  • Approximately 4 drops of food coloring. Traditionally you color mochi pink or green, so 4 drops of either green or red, but of course the color is really just up to you.


  • First you need a microwavable bowl. I use a tupperware container, it’s shallow but wide, like a pan. Any microwavable container that’s big enough would do though, I imagine.
  • Mix mochiko and sugar together in the bowl/dish until well blended (I use a fork). Add water to mixture and stir until no lumps are left, the mixture should be liquidy and smooth. It has a consistency similar to that of warm syrup. I like using a fork because it’s easy to break up the lumps and make sure the water’s well-integrated. Now add vanilla and food coloring, and stir until color is even throughout mixture. 
  • Put microwavable dish into the microwave and loosely cover with plastic. If you are using a tupperware container that comes with a lid, like I do, then just rest the lid askew on top of the dish so that it can vent but is still mostly covered.
  • Ok, now here’s the trick on how to make sure it turns out nice. Microwave the mochi on high for seven minutes total, but not all in one go. Here’s how I do it: Microwave 2 minutes, then take out of microwave and stir with that handy dandy fork. The edges will be more cooked than the middle, so mix it all together and try to get it as even as possible, then place back in microwave. Microwave 2 more minutes, then repeat; mixture will be stickier now. Microwave 2 more minutes and stir again, then microwave 1 more minute, take out and stir, and you’re done! The mixture will be really glossy and brightly colored now, and very very hot. It will also be basically glop, so stirring is more just folding the mix a little to make sure it’s even. So to sum up: Microwave 2 minutes and stir, repeat twice more so you have a total of 6 minutes, and then microwave for 1 minute and stir one last time. I microwaved for eight minutes once and the mochi wasn’t nearly as good, it got hard, so STICK WITH THIS TIMING.

  • The mochi will be VERY hot. Let it sit for … I’ve never timed it, but I’m guessing it’s about five minutes. Basically you need it still warm, but not hot. You want it to still be pliable so you can shape it, but don’t want to burn your fingers! While the mochi is cooling, you can make the powder you need to coat it in. This is also very simple:


  • ½ cup potato starch (again, should be in Asian food aisle. Some people use cornstarch. DON’T USE CORNSTARCH.)
  • ¼ cup granulated white sugar
  • Pinch of salt (not very much at all, you don’t want your mochi to taste salty, eew. I think the original recipe I’ve adapted this one from called for ¼ t but that was too much for me, so I just use a tiny pinch now. Your call.)

In small bowl, combine potato starch, sugar, and salt.

… There, you’re done making that! Easy, right? XD

Now it’s time to shape the mochi.

[Technically, you could just leave it in the pan to cool completely (depending on your dish’s shape) and then cut it up into pieces with a plastic knife. If you’re planning on doing that, then mix the mochiko up in a separate bowl and oil your microwavable dish with vegetable oil before pouring mochi mixture in to cook. I’ve never done it this way though so I’m not sure how well it would work, considering you’d be stirring a lot. If you want to try though, it’s probably doable.]

The most important thing to remember is that warm mochi is incredibly sticky, but it doesn’t stick very much to plastic. This means that whatever utensils you’re using/surfaces you’re putting the mochi on should be plastic! To shape my mochi I actually use two plastic spoons I got from Yogurtland, haha, but to each their own.

Anyway, once the mochi is cool enough, take a plastic spoon and scoop up some mochi! Approximately a Tablespoon per piece is what I do, but the size is really up to you and your spoon. I use two spoons so I can scoop with one and then use the other to separate the scoop from the rest of the mochi, and to make sure the scoop is shaped nicely–you know, like when you shape cookie dough with two spoons? Like that.

So scoop up a dollop of mochi, and then drop it into the starch/sugar/salt mixture. Roll it around in the starch until it’s coated. Then pick it up with your fingers and just roll it in the palms of your hand until it’s a nice smooth ball shape. This is fun because it’s so squishy, like a stress ball. And finally, place on a plate to cool! You don’t have to worry about it being sticky any more because the powder coats it to keep it from being sticky. Aaaaaaaand you’re done! Just repeat with the rest of the mochi until the mochi is all nice and powder-coated, and that’s all. All that’s left is to eat all the mochi, which is, alas, way too easy to do. So yummy.

More fun things to do with Mochi:

  • Make mochi ice cream! No more going to the store for your mochi ice cream fix, just make your own! Microwave only six minutes (2 + 2+ 2) and then shape as usual but flatten instead of leaving a ball shape. Scoop a bite size dollop of ice cream, place in center of flattened mochi, and fold mochi closed around ice cream. Make sure it’s well coated with the powder, and return to the freezer to eat later :D
  • Wrap the mochi around other things too: Lychees, strawberries, sweet red bean paste …
  • If you add cocoa powder to your mochi mix before microwaving it, you make chocolate mochi!
  • You can also use green tea in lieu of plain water to make green tea mochi! I’ve never tried substituting other liquids but I know coconut milk works, and I am planning on making a batch of chai tea mochi soon :D

This recipe turned out pretty long because I ramble but honestly this stuff is SUPER easy to make. So have fun with it, happy eating, and happy new year! :)


homemade sugar mochi
 1 ½ cup of mochiko (glutinous rice flour)
1 ½ cup of sugar
1 ½ cup of milk

dump all of these in a mixing bowl
stir while still maintaining your kawaii ness
once the lumps are gone desu,
(u can add food coloring if you want)

now you pour into a glass container (that should be lightly greased) and cover with plastic wrap
then microwave on medium for 7 minutes and then on high for 3 minutes

after letting it cool a little bit

dust a cutting board with potato (or corn) starch and flip the container of mochi on it

cut it into pieces, and make sure it is coated with the starch on all sides because it IS SUPER STICKY DESU AND YOU DONT WANT IT ON YOUR HANDS OR HAIR

and then you can eat

or refrigerate for later!!! 

~enjoy~ (≧∇≦)

Unicorn Tear (ユニコーンの涙)


  • 240ml Mineral water
  • 2½/3g Agar flakes (depending on water used)
  • a pinch of vanilla sugar


  • Add the water to a double boiler and sprinkle half the agar flakes on top.
  • Heat until boiling without stirring.
  • Add the rest of the agar gradually to prevent lumpiness.
  • Add the vanilla sugar.
  • Stir occasionally, trying not to introduce too many bubbles for around 5/10 minutes, until the agar has completely dissolved.
  • Pour into a half sphere mould and cool in the fridge to set.

The mochi is very delicate as less agar has been used, so it will fall apart easily. It will also begin to melt after 20 minutes or so at room temperature.

If done right, you’ll have a completely transparent half sphere of water that literally melts back into water in your mouth.

The story of why…



Green Mochi with homemade mung bean paste filling, white mochi with red bean paste filling and orange mochi with peanut butter spread filling.  

Mochi making is a sticky job.  Although I am pretty satisfied with the end result and appearance of this first attempt, I promised myself not to do it again.  Just not worth the trouble and amount of water used to clean up the mess of stickiness.  Texture wise, it is not as ultra soft as those sold in Taiwan which they claim is made from ‘xiao mi’ (millet).  Maybe that is what makes the difference.   


240 g glutinous rice flour 

60 g cornstarch 

3-4 tbsp condensed milk 

1 cup + 1 tbsp hot water 

1 tbsp corn oil 

Food colouring 

Fillings: mung bean paste, red bean paste, ground roasted peanut, sesame paste etc.

  • Mix the 2 flours together in a large bowl. 
  • Pour in boiling hot water and stir rapidly to mix.
  • Add in condensed milk and oil to combine and knead to form a soft dough
  • Cover with damp cloth to rest for a short while before shaping into small balls.
  • Wrap in fillings and steam mochi balls over mediium heat for 10 min.
  • When cooled, rub with some snowskin powder (fried glutinous rice flour) before encasing in small paper cups.

This recipe (makes 30 balls) is adapted from My Kitchen with some alterations and additions.

Addendum: For soft mochi balls, microwave for 20 seconds.  There is no need for this if you are able to achieve and maintain softness. 

Recipe for Coconut Butter Mochi

Hi guys! Papa is back with a new recipe for you!

//This one is a family tradition for me, my baachan and papa used to make this because it was a hawaiian take on a japanese dish and its super easy to make!!//

What you need: 

0.75lbs butter

2 eggs

1.5 cups sugar

1lb Mochiko(mochi/rice flour, can be found at the asian aisle of your grocery store, or at your local asian market for half the price)

3 tsp baking soda

13.5 oz coconut milk

1 can evaporated milk

2 tsp of vanilla extract


1. Preheat your over to 350 degrees fahrenheit.

2. Mix all your ingredients in a bowl

3. Pour into a greased and floured 9″ x 13″

4. Bake for an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. Its gonna look gelatinous, but that good! If it doesn’t jiggle its overcooked and gonna be really hard to chew. 

5. Clean up. You have an hour to wait, please take this time to clean up, as the mochi batter is very sticky, and you don’t want to end up with it all over the place.

6. Important!! wait at least 2 hours to cut the mochi, it will be very hot from the rice. Cut into cubes, and serve hot, or room temperature.

And thats it! I’d recommend trying it with Kinako(I eat mine with sugar and shoyuu but that’s an acquired taste), but other than that, that’s it.

If you manage to get hot mochi on you, run to a sink right away. Remove some of the glob with a utensil, then run your hand under cold water. Once the pain stops, put some aloe/soothing lotion on it. I’d recommend wrapping a chunk of aloe to the burn if you have access to it.

and of course, enjoy :)


Ohagi Recipe from Twin-star exorcists/Sousei no Onmyoji

(Quick version - makes 6)

An essential thing to make for your waifu if she’s like Benio. And I managed to make it and eat it in less than 15 minutes.

This requires mochi/glutinous rice, not your regular short-grained calrose or japonica. Also, regular versions of ohagi use a mixture of glutinous and regular short-grained rice but I decided to use only glutinous.

See my whole list of fan recipes here and follow me @onionchoppingninja for more!


  • ½ japanese cup (90ml) of mochi/glutinous rice, washed.
  • 2/3 japanese cup (120ml) water
  • Packet of tsubuan (chunky red bean paste - got mine from daiso!) (It’s possible to make your own too, but if you’re out hunting for glutinous mochi rice, chances are that a can of anko will be right next to the rice.)
  • pinch of salt


  • Soak rice in water from 30mins to an hour in a microwaveable bowl.
  • Cover and microwave at max for 2 mins
  • Stir it a bit, and microwave at max for 2 mins again x 2 (6 mins total)
  • Try smooshing a grain of rice between your fingers. If it doesn’t smoosh, cover and microwave on medium for another minute or so.
  • Mix in pinch of salt
  • Mash up rice with a mortar. Ohagi isn’t as finely mashed as mochi, so it’s ok to have some structure of the rice grain still there!
  • Roll rice with moist hands into equal balls.
  • Spread the tsubuan on some (moistened) clingwrap, and put a ball of rice in the middle of it. Wrap red bean paste around the rice. (It’s ok for thereto be some rice showing - That’ll just be the bottom.)
  • Plate and listen to your waifu complain that you didn’t make more. (I know I’m only showing 3 instead of the 6 balls this makes, but the first 3 weren’t that photogenic. :P)
Of Swordplay and Horse Riding

Katakura Kojuro/MC
NC17 Smutty Fic


He looked at her, “I might hurt you. No, I know I will hurt you.”

“Kojuro-sama, you taught me swordplay and horse riding, I have known pain from you and I survived.”

“This,” he ground himself against her, making sure she felt the full extent of his raging arousal, “is an entirely different kind of swordplay and horse riding.”

A smutty Kojuro Fic. Kojuro/MC. Takes place after the Echoes of True Love story event in the game.I might be planning a second part, explicitly PWP smut to follow, wish me the luck and the courage to write it!

Keep reading


If I’m being honest, my love-hate relationship with Los Angeles has not yet abated. There are glimmers of joy in the way I breathe in the the way the city breathes through me, moments when I’m stunned by the creative magic this town generates. A couple weeks ago, I went to a music show—a tribute to the music of Modest Mouse—that reminded me just how stunning this place can be. In a dark room full of sweaty, clapping, bearded and flowingly clothed people, I heard a dozen musicians exorcise their souls through their instruments. I was purely happy. And yet. Afterwards, I was expelled onto the streets of Hollywood, into urine and construction zones, wildfire smoke-filled air, concrete.

I have a good, comfortable life. And still, the city is rough on me.

But then, too, there is the sweetness of connecting with creative folks in my field here in LA—like this weekend’s waffle party with Fix Feast Flair and Honestly YUM.

Read more and get the recipes from our waffle party here!

Alright let’s weeb it out murrika style with some dark chocolate Nutella mochi 

I used to not be about that microwave life, but after a few sessions with some modernist cuisine books involving microwaving in some super complex recipes, I’ve gained respect for the lil convenient mofo

This recipe is painfully easy and you’ll like insanely hardcore and awesome when you give these to people, they last like 2 days so if you make them you’ll feel justified devouring them in like 2 mins flat 


 Dark Chocolate Nutella Mochi 

Servings: 10 mochi 



- 3 cups water
 - 1 1/2 cups mochiko flour (sweet glutinous rice flour)
 - ½ cup hot cocoa powder
 - ½ cup sugar
- ½ cup plain cocoa powder
 - hella Nutella 

 ~ Procedure 

 🔹mix 2 cups water with the mochiko flour in a larger microwaveable bowl, cover and microwave for 5 mins

 🔹after 5 mins, take bowl out and gradually mix all the remaining ingredients (except the Nutella) add the rest of the water until it looks like a weird lumpy brownie or cookie batter, wet but not like…toooooo wet u feel

 🔹microwave for 5 more mins, then let sit for 5 mins in a fridge to cool down a teeny bit. 

 🔹Shits gonna get real messy now. Take the bowl with ur mess of what, as a dear friend of mine remarked, looks like elephant shit, and take a solid spoonful out 

 🔹flour your hands with some mochiko and pat the hella hot dough into a disk that’s slightly larger than your palm, add a lil dollop of Nutella, and then close the disk like a pouch, pinching it until it’s hella closed. Roll it in some more mochiko, dust it off and then let it sit for like 5 mins. Repeat until you’re done with all the dough, and then proceed to eat everything until you hate urself


AND THATS THAT GUYS ENJOY YOUR EASY AS BALLS MOCHI RECIPE Usually I’m all about that tough shit, like I just made this weird smoky foie gras chocolate cookies yesterday but like tbh sometimes you just gotta make some easy convenient shit while you read fed up Internet stories to your buddy u kno SO ENJOY, YA LIL FUCKNUGGETS, ENJOY AND REJOICE




1 stick butter (8 oz.)

1 box mochiko flour (16 oz.)

1.5 tsp. baking powder

3 c. sugar

1.5 c. milk

4 eggs, beaten

1 can coconut milk (12-13.5 oz.)

2 tsp. vanilla


1. Melt butter in 9x13 inch pan in oven at 325 degrees. Take it out.

2. Mix dry ingredients together in LARGE FRIGGIN BOWL.

3. Mix wet ingredients together (not the butter, it doesn’t count).

4. Mix dry and wet ingredients together.

5. Pour that shit into the 9x13 pan, on top of the butter. I tend to scrape the melted butter so it just covers the top of the mixture, but I’m not sure this is actually necessary.

6. Put cookie pan in oven. Put 9x13 pan on top of cookie pan. This will ensure that any spillage is caught by the cookie pan, and not the bottom of your oven. YAY!

7. Bake for 50 minutes or until golden brown.  Cool for at least 20 minutes and cut into pieces.


Caveat: Baking time is unpredictable with different ovens.  Often I have had to go over 50 minutes by 10 or even 20 more. Test for doneness with that tried and true toothpick/fork/knife/penetrating object into the center to see if anything sticks.