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I've been reading older fanfics from before news of the metaverse so akira is wearing his pt outfit in the real world. just the thought of it applying to cannon makes me laugh so how would s/o and other pt members react to finding out akira has a 1-to-1 replica of his joker costume in his closet?

The leader sat on his bed, head facing down. His charcoal eyes glancing up, watching his team members wearily.

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! This is so effin’ cool!!” Ryuji exclaims as he looks at the mannequin that was propped over at the corner of the attic. The other Phantom Thieves were also in said room, looking at awe by the fact that the actual outfit that Joker wore in the Metaverse, was sitting right there. 

“Wow! It actually looks like the real thing, I’m impressed.”

“How’d you even get it here?”

Their leader blushed and fiddled with his collar. “It’s… actually kinda embarrassing.” 

“Huh? I didn’t know that our leader could get embarrassed!” 

“Especially with how extravagant he is in the Metaverse.”

You looked at Akira, it was kinda cutenice to see him embarrassed, “Yeah yeah, where did you get that?” You asked him curiously. Of course he couldn’t have brought that from the Metaverse, that was physically and metaphysically impossible. 

Akira stood up quickly and shoved the mannequin away. “Well, there’s nothing to see here anymore. Why don’t we get to discussing our plans for the next Palace-”

“Oh no, hell no! We are not going to move on from this so quickly. Where’d you get it dude, like, what the eff?!”

Morgana looked like he was just about to say something but a glare from Akira made him shut up. “Can we just move on from this? It’s not like it’s any important.”

“Akira sews.” Futaba casually dropped.

“Futaba!” He squeaks out. He pinched his nose. “I forgot you have this place bugged.”

The team suddenly bugged Akira with his wonderful hobby. They totally wanted one for themselves.


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(Another Noragami Headcanon) Crack Theory about Father

This freckled lady has been a mystery since a while back. Obviously she’s someone important to Father seeing as Izanami changed into her form. Context clues will tell us that she may have been someone Father loved.

So why bring her up, you may ask? Remember Father’s chosen family name for his shinki?



He doesn’t strike me as a familial type seeing as how he was so quick to dispose of Edachi. I bring it up since what if the ‘chi’ is actually in remembrance of someone, in the same way Yato uses ‘ne’ (i.e. Yukine, Tomone) to remember Sakura aka Tamanone? If so, then ‘chi’ is probably to remember Father’s lost love. Who might she be, you may ask?

It’s possible that she’s none other than Uke Mochi, Goddess who protects Food, the very same one who was slain by Tsukuyomi.

Everyone in the Noragami fandom already knows the Tsukuyomi theory so no need to explain it. I just think it might be interesting and not to mean a morally challenging development if Father actually had a legitimate reason to hate Yato and treat him badly (he definitely treats him with more vitriol than Mizuchi; he’s emotionally manipulative towards her but he seems to not care about her at all than having any violent feelings towards her).

I still think Father is human (then again, there really isn’t proof of that, just his words and Mizuchi’s belief, but he didn’t call them out of Yomi anyway, so maybe he actually can’t) just one who fell in love with a Goddess, and subsequently lost her. Maybe he got his pseudo-divine possession powers from her. One problem with this headcanon is that it was heavily implied that it was the freckled girl who called Father out of Yomi, thus making her human. But who knows? Maybe we’re just being mislead and some other human called out his name. Idk, just some food for thought.

Izuocha Headcanon #1

Headcanon prompt: ask meme, letter F - Favorite food

Requested by @kerarin

  • Usually after stressful and tiring days Ochako always finds a box of her favorite mochi in her locker with a doodle of Thirteen and encouraging quotes attached on it.
  • Eventually this becomes a regular thing. Everyone in class A knows because Ochako always shares. And whenever she announces she got another box, it turns to war for everyone else.
  • (Kirishima dubs it ‘Battle of Mochi’)
  • She wants to know who this mysterious sender is so she can thank them personally, so she goes and compares the handwriting on the doodle with everyone else’s. She even checks class B.
  • No match
  • It’s not Kaminari, who knows mochi is her favorite
  • It’s not Iida or Deku either
  • (she’s slightly disappointed that the handwriting doesn’t match Deku’s, because he’s the only one she could think of that could do something sweet like this, besides, doodling heroes is his thing)

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So consider this:

Ravus is a mortal. He has a good heart. He has good intentions. He may be tough and not show his care so openly, but he is always ready to jump in front of his loved ones. He protects all. He loves the one who he can’t save. He is always gravitating towards him. As much as his lover does bad things, he can’t leave him. Even if the person he loves hurt him he still would love and die for him.

Ardyn is an immortal. He has seen everything. He has felt everything. Good and bad. He fell in love countless times for the same person. He lost his lover all the times. He never had much time to fully appreciate the best of his lover. Every single time his loved one reincarnated he had killed him. He is in a loop of pain, suffering, rage and seeing his beloved one die all over again. Forever.

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Cuddling habits for the GOM+Kagami with their S/O? Welcome back, Mochi and Eclair!

Akashi Seijuro: He always explicitly waits until you’re asleep in order to gaze at your peaceful, soft sleeping form. It’s only then that he rests head on your chest, listening attentively for your heartbeat. It both soothes and relaxes him enough for him to sleep. He’ll also make sure you’re fully covered, it’d be bad if you were to catch a cold, after all. You’d never know, for he always wakes up before you do.

Aomine Daiki: In order to sleep at his maximum comfort he needs to either rest his head on your chest, or let you rest your head on his chest, there is no in-between. His hands are usually wrapped around your waist and your legs are, occasionally, intertwined, when he feels particularly affectionate or after more intimate times. Even if he doesn’t fall asleep in this position, he’ll shift to it in his sleep.

Kagami Taiga: He likes to spoon you and remains in said position for the entire night, always bringing you to his chest, his chin resting on top of your head and his arms wrapped around your waist, or, alternatively, letting you rest your neck on them. Sometimes he wakes up with a small cramp afterwards, but he wouldn’t change it for anything.

Kise Ryota: Loves, loves to let you rest on his arm as you sleep facing each other. His arm always hurts for a while the morning after, but he is very committed to this, his favorite cuddling is always face to face, after all. Be warned, however, that he is a shameless bedsheet thief.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko uses your breasts as a pillow. Sometimes innocently, sometimes not, it’s almost impossible to know what his intentions are, at least until the cuddling shifts to something else. The rest of the time, he’ll end up being the little spoon, much to his embarrassment and your delight. 

Midorima Shintaro: He’ll change his positions everyday, yet he always manages to look proper yet calm and relaxed in his sleep, and you wonder how is it possible. In fact, you fear there might be a sleeping pattern horoscope you are not aware of. Despite changing his position every other day, he usually sticks to the chosen one for the entirety of the night.

Murasakibara Atsushi: You sleeping on top of him, period. He LOVES it. It’s his absolute favorite because he can caress you all he wants, and your weight feels very light on top of him. He will let you hog all the sheets if you want to, for it doesn’t matter if you’re on top of him, after all. 

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So I saw your undercover akuhi marriage au and I must say. I need more.

I’m all for this AU, mostly because both of them would realize Oh shit we’re supposed to be married QUICK ACT NATURAL

Mori definitely assigned this to them for giggles, no lie.

A few good things from this AU:

  • Hand holding where Higuchi just stares at their hands for a while because omg his hand is surprisingly big? and also soft? wtf? amazing.
  • This obviously leads to an awkward silence
  • a lot of awkward silences
  • “Higuchi are you oka—” “I’M FINE PERFECTLY FINE I’M DANDY HA h AH AHAHA”
  • really cliche ‘oh no we gotta share a bed’ trope 
  • “We should practice…being married.”
  • “Practice…how???”
  • They start to get along and joke about random things in their ‘mundane married life schedule’
  • Akutagawa becoming lowkey protective of her
  • headcanon: Akutagawa can cook really well but he can only cook like two things lmao. Higuchi cooks well, but can only cook from recipe.
  • Gin slips into their undercover residence to check in/deliver a message and is met with the slaughter of Too Many Tomatoes and Higuchi lamenting the death of her recipe sheet bc she spilled boiling soup on it.
  • Higuchi drops a lot of things when cooking; Akutagawa saves lots of fine china with Rashomon, which is ironic bc Rashomon is supposed to destroy shit
  • Higuchi has a sweet tooth and Akutagawa finds this really endearing (but he will never admit it)
  • he also thinks Higuchi’s really adorable??? like really adorable. But you didn’t hear this from me. I didn’t say a thing.
  • random inside jokes. Higuchi will say, “Oh hey, it’s the green pepper!” or something absolutely out of place, and Akutagawa will smile the smallest smile. The Black Lizard members just ??? ??????
  • Akutagawa’s face doesn’t turn red when he’s embarrassed, but his ears and neck get this awful blush lmao rest in pieces akutagawa ryuunosuke
  • “Can you use Rashomon with like….a light blue t-shirt?”
  • “………………..technically, yes.”
  • Higuchi wearing pretty dresses and Akutagawa does the Shoujo male lead eyes widen and /soft inward gasp/ thing
  • Akutagawa discovers Higuchi’s really bad road rage 
  • Higuchi wearing his jacket ;w;

AHH THIS IS ALREADY SO LONG I could go on forever

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can i please have some hc about ann and akira having kids?

Akira Kurusu

  • He is a great dad.
  • He also sometimes accidentally spoils the kids too much.
  • He swears that he does it accidentally.
  • He makes sure that the kids don’t feel neglected at all.
  • He is also seen attending any meetings about the class and such.
  • Kid gets good grades in school? Extra treats! Bad grades? Helps them with school work!
  • The kid somehow gets in trouble? Akira comes in and saves the day.
  • He is an amazing cook the kids love his cooking so much.
  • Is he sorry for accidentally spoiling the kids? No. He’s not sorry at all.
  • He makes sure that the kids know that he loves them tons.
  • He also tries to make sure that the kids don’t feel forced into doing anything. He’s happy as long as his kids and family are happy.

Ann Takamaki

  • She is a very fashionable mom.
  • And busy. Very busy.
  • Doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have time for her kids.
  • Kids also get to go sight seeing! Fashion shows in so many different countries! woah! 
  • The kids got their sweet tooths from the mom, obviously.
  • Sometimes the kids can’t go along with her on the fashion shows so she brings them back as much stuff as she can.
  • And sweets.
  • Some of them might be for herself.
  • She tries her best to attend to her kids needs.
  • She’s always gonna be there for the kids.
  • She is also slightly over protective of them.

I really like the idea of Kirino being very traditionally Japanese, and his interests reflecting that.

After all, he was named after an old Japanese warrior. Ranmaru is a very old-fashioned name… It sounds like something straight out of the samurai era.

In official art he is seen doing ikebana (flower-arranging) and even playing the shamisen (Japanese instrument).

I think he would definitely prefer washoku (Japanese-style food). Fish, rice, miso soup… That’s the kind of food he’s used to eating with his family. As for snacks, I think he would like Japanese sweets like mochi and dango. Instead of Western snacks like potato chips and chocolate bars.

I think he likes peach-flavored things, like peach tart. This is his voice actress’ idea, not mine!

But I think his room is probably Western style. He sleeps in a bed, not on the floor on a futon. And his regular clothes are Western style. But a yukata really suits him, and whenever he wears one it causes people to think ‘It suits him, doesn’t it!’.

Imagine if in that scene where Ardyn disguise himself as Noctis and kills Ravus, in Ravus’ last minute of consciousness he sees that who killed him was Ardyn and not Noctis. And Ardyn is there looking him falling, smirking; he has tears in his eyes but none fall. Ravus last thought was ‘I trusted you.’ And the last thing Ardyn sees on Ravus eyes is not only how betrayed he felt, but also failure. Ardyn doesn’t cry or lose his posture when Ravus fall for good, he just give his back to the body on the ground and whisper, 'You should not have loved me.’

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✿ ☾♡ for Rin Matsuoka and Sousuke Yamazaki? (≧◡≦)

More like me seeing how many euphemisms I can make on a single post.

Rin Matsuoka

✿ - Sex Headcanon

Whenever he feels like him and his partner are lacking a bit on the thrill department, he gets twice as devious as usual. Like the white shark he is –and a pretty impatient one to boost-, he’ll hunt his lover with deadly precision; targeting them while they least expect it. He’s going to find a way to drag them to a secluded spot for a bit of daring fun, pressing all the right buttons to get them to play right into his hands. Literally.

- Sleep Headcanon

He was always the type of sleeper that needs to hug a pillow while he’s asleep, a behaviour he had to drop while having a roommate in Samezuka. He had to, in his opinion, because fiery captains do not sleep like that… Much to his regret, that is. Once he moved on his own, he’s relieved to be able to go back into his old ways.

- Romantic Headcanon

Despite his usual gruff behaviour, he IS quite a romantic guy –getting emotional over a pool with sakura petals, seriously- and is more than glad to share such a side with his partner. He might have a busy schedule but will always find some time to surprise his partner with a romantic dinner or just by dropping at their place because he “just felt like it.” Which roughly translates to him being a bit on the needy side.

Sousuke Yamazaki

- Sex Headcanon

You could say rough is a default mode in Sousuke’s mind-set; he’s intense about everything he sets himself up, which becomes a big advantage when it comes down to pleasing his partner. Don’t expect him to stop until he feels his lover is content enough with his performance, he’s a hard worker type after all. His preferred reward is seeing his partner catching their breath underneath him; the messier, the better.

- Sleep Headcanon

He doesn’t have any preferences when he’s sleeping on his own; but when it comes to sharing a bed, he’d prefer it if his partner didn’t move at all. If they were to be the squirming type of sleeper; he’d either move to the other side of the bed and pray for the best, or simply keep them locked into a bear hug for the rest of the evening; hoping that’d bring some peace into their night of sleep.

- Romantic Headcanon

He is going to act like the corniest guy ever, but only when there’s no one else around to see. Silly pet names, teddy bears, flowers delivered with diabetes-inducing messages; everything and more to prove his intentions towards his lover, but with no trace of him doing so. He just finds it hilarious to see his partner raging about not being able to demonstrate that big buff Sousuke is actually into puppy love.

the vendetta : prologue

word count : 165 words

…for more info click here

Unknown has entered the chat.


: …Hello?

Unknown: Hello MC

MC: Do I know you?

Unknown : No, but I know you.

MC : ?

Unknown : MC is 22 yr. old.

Unknown :She loves Cats.

Unknown : Her favorite color is Pink.

Unknown : Is currently not dating anyone.

Unknown : And….

MC : You little creep. Who are you?

Unknown : Relax. I’m an ally.

MC : An ally against what?

Unknown : Well before you rudely interrupted me, I was just getting to the best part…

Unknown : MC’s Father suffered financial ruin at the hands of the current Chairman of C & R leading to the ultimate separation of her parents, an-

MC : I’m done with this.

Unknown : -d the recent suicide of her father.

MC : …. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Don’t contact me again.

MC has left the chat

Unknown : Bad girl.

Unknown: Leaving before I offer you the oppurtinuity of your long dreamed of paradise?

Unknown : Nonetheless…we’ll both have a chance to correct your error.

Unknown : You’re mine, MC.

Unknown : See

Unknown : u

Unknown : soon

Unknown has left the chat

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YUSUKE WITH AN S/O THATS JUST AS ECCENTRIC AND ARTSY (though maybe not as good) AS HIM? Bonus points for gender neutral.

  • S/O met Yusuke when he submitted his work at the local exhibit. They were also bringing in their own piece of work to submit, but when they Yusuke’s art they almost lost the self-confidence to.
  • They weren’t going to be rude about it though, they admired his art completely. The brush strokes, the concept, the everything about it.
  • The two became good art buddies since Yusuke greatly appreciates that he and S/O have the same views on most of things.
  • Everyone knows about that one time Yusuke had art block and S/O was kind enough to pose bare. 
  • Sometimes when its S/O’s turn to have major art block, Yusuke himself offered to pose in that way. S/O refused profusely, but was thankful of the offer.
  • Theres also the occasion that both of you have art block. Those days are not productive whatsoever, but you two usually play with the beautiful lobsters that Yusuke once brought home.
  • Sometimes you joke about eating them, Yusuke at first thought you were serious and was very hurt. Now he knows better.
  • One time, Yusuke accidentally got paint on himself. S/O thought this was a good opportunity to try the paint on a new canvas. 
  • It got really messy.
  • No kidding, Yusuke started walking around while the paint wasn’t dry yet.
  • Long story short, Yusuke had to sleep over at your place

Clenches fist cause ilu archosaurman

More BH6 Headcanons
  • Honey Lemon is raised by her two gay dads, one of whom is a famous fashion designer, which is where Honey picks up her passion for fashion (*shot*). He’s a little disappointed when she doesn’t want to pursue design, since she has such a talent for it, but is incredibly proud of her nonetheless.
  • GoGo’s mother forced her into taking ballet when she was younger. She could have been a really good dancer, but she hated it more than anything so she purposely did badly. She spent most of the time watching teenagers zoom past the studio on their bikes, wishing she could be out there with them.
  • Fred is actually an amazing chess player. He frequently competes in tournaments, and has won a fair amount of them. When the Team finds out, they go to every single one of his competitions until the Sanfransokyo Chess League has to ban them for cheering too loudly and being a distraction for the players.
  • After their parents died, Aunt Cass promised Hiro and Tadashi that they could have a pet. Tadashi adamantly wanted a dog, but one day Hiro found a kitten abandoned in an alleyway outside the cafe. Aunt Cass agreed to take it in, much to Tadashi’s disappointment. Later on, Tadashi would spoil Mochi with treats more than anyone else, but Mochi still gravitated towards Hiro the most, despite being the guinea pig for most of Hiro’s inventions.
  • Frustrated that he still couldn’t get Baymax to work properly, one night Tadashi gets super drunk and starts tinkering with Baymax’s programming with all of his “great ideas,” which is why Baymax acts drunk when his battery is low. At the time, Tadashi couldn’t remember the word for cat, so he just called it a “hairy baby” and it somehow ended up in Baymax’s programming.

omgfandomssss-deactivated201612  asked:

Aph Italy boyfriend headcanons?

~will cling onto you 24/7, refusing to let go, wailing and grabbing onto you desperately if someone tries to separate you two.
~loves cuddling and hugs, and will do that anytime of the day when he feels like it, oblivious to his surroundings.
~likes when you pat his head gently, and will relax when he feels your touch on his head. If you accidentally touch his curl well( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
~likes to eat the food you made him, no matter what it is. If it tastes bad he will unconsciously say it out loud but will immediately apologize profusely and cling onto you until you forgive him.
~if meals were up to him it would be pasta every single day for every single meal, or maybe even pizza if he feels like changing it up. A plate of tomatoes will always be placed on the dining table.
~when he’s sad or when Germany is being mean to him, the first person he will go to is you, running towards you with tears in his eyes and tackling you into a hug. If Germany is chasing after him he will hide behind you through reflex.
~always does something romantic for you at least once a day, like bringing you gifts, showering you with sweet words, or just cuddling with you and planting kisses on your face.

I hope you liked it and sowwy if you didn’t!! I’ll continue to do my best!!!>

~admin mochi

reddawn4187  asked:

STARISH guilty pleasures? Extra points for reactions to getting caught if it's an embarrassing one ;)

We wanted to take this seriously, we really did… But instead, the mods took a turn for the silly. We apologise.

sike. °(❛ᴗ❛)°

Natsuki: He has no guilty pleasures. He doesn’t care about how his hobbies may be seen at all, so there is no guilt to begin with. Plus he is a fan of Piyo-Chan after all.

Tokiya: He has a secret spot in his bookshelf for all the harlequin novels he owns. He prefers to read them right before bed, their weird plot and overly useless drama fascinates him to a point in which he’ll read until his eyes get tired enough.

Cecil: He’s an easy victim of earworm songs. Especially the really bad ones. Despite the muses’ will, he’ll be humming them much to his friends’ annoyance. It’s not like he can help it if the songs are so catchy and fun to sing. The shower is his only safe haven so that’s where he sings them to his heart’s content.

Ren: He loves Mexican soap operas. He’ll lock himself in his room and binge watch them. The old ones especially since they are even more dramatic than the nowadays’ ones. He just finds the plots so compelling, it’s impossible for him to stop at one episode only. Despite several recommendations, he tried getting into Korean doramas as well, it just didn’t work out for him.

Otoya: Having a big bashful side, he can’t help but feel guilty after watching porn. He likes to watch but as soon as he’s finished he’ll mentally apologise to all the actresses straight away. He also turns back any kind of pictures that may be in the room while he’s watching.

Syo: Ugly Christmas sweaters. He considers himself the epitome of fashion in every way, but there’s something about Christmas sweaters that just tickle him fancy. He has a wardrobe full of them and he loves adding new pieces to his collection every year. He ADORES going shopping for them, but makes sure to do so in absolute secret.

Masato: Super Sentai series. Its exciting storyline that has been going on since years ago keep him hooked even today, he can’t help but be amazed about its continuous success. More than once Jii has found him making some of the heroic poses once he’s out of the waterfall.

balanceofares  asked:

some fluffy yusuke x reader?? maybe the reader is an up and coming writer that goes to school with yusuke and asks him to review their work??

You let out a scream of excitement. You’d been writing this stupid book for ages and now you’ve finally finished it and you’re free from this curse known as book-writing. You stood up quickly rushing over to the sleeping Yusuke on the bed. When you lied down quickly it made a lot of noise, which woke up the artist from his slumber. He groans out your name, turning over and wraps his arms around you.

“Hey, hey Yusuke- guess what~” You say looking over to him.


“I finally finished the book that I’ve been writing for ages!” You smile, hugging him very tightly. Seeing you this happy made Yusuke feel warm inside. Usually the most he saw was your poker face, or your concentrated face. With the slightly furrowed brow, tight-lipped stare at the laptop as you typed away, desperate to finish the book.

“Is it okay I read it?” He asks, you nod. He took the laptop from the table, and took in all the words that you’ve written with your blood, sweat, and tears. 

It took a while, you’d fallen asleep at some point. Since Yusuke was absorbing all of the words and descriptions, and the fact that it was also a full length book.

By the time Yusuke finished the book, it was already the next day. You were woken up by a good smelling spice-y aroma. It smelled… it smelled oddly like curry. 

“You cooked this?” You ask almost immediately. Yusuke’s face flushed as he looked away slightly.

“I,” He paused. “Well, I had  little help from someone. I-I wanted a celebration in commemoration to such a beautiful person and the most wonderful book that has been ever made.”

Your face flushed a bright red as you pushed him lightly. “You dork.”

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tadashi headcanon?

this is broad, so im narrowing it down to high school tadashi ahhhh

  • He and Hiro graduated at the same time. Tadashi was 17(Almost 18) and Hiro was 13(Almost 14). Tadashi wouldn’t let Hiro anywhere near the graduation party plans though, considering Hiro spilled ink on his graduation gown and had to order another one. Cass wasn’t happy about that.
  • Tadashi had a rough time in high school. Whether it be because it was simply high school, or because his kid brother was attending the same school as he was. Tadashi had a hard time fitting in. Admittedly, and he admitted it with pride, Hiro was really his only good friend through out high school. He had other people he hung around, but not nearly as much as Hiro. 
  • Tadashi was fully aware of how Hiro was bullied throughout high school, because of his age, and his big mouth that seemed to get him into all sorts of trouble. So, Tadashi, being the good older brother that he was, sacrificed his chances to be ‘popular’ to stick up for Hiro and to walk him through high school.
  • Braces for the first two years. He got them in the summer between the 8th and 9th grade. He didn’t like them, but he was constantly reminded by Cass what a beautiful smile he’ll have when he’s done’ so he delt with them for two years.
  • Glasses during freshman year. He wore(and still does, if he doesn’t feel like putting his contacts in) glasses. They were a permanent thing in the 9th grade, and it was during spring of his 10th grade year that Cass decided to trust him enough with contacts.
  • Awkward around girls. He fiddled, stuttered, and blushed a lot, especially in his Literature class because he sat next to a really pretty girl.
  • Tried not to get into all the drama that associates itself with high school, though that was hard considering people picked fights with his brother for no reason other than ‘what does he think? that he’s smarter than all of us?’ That would get Tadashi angry and he isn’t happy to admit that he’s been sent to the principles office for punching and yelling at people who make fun of Hiro.
  • Worked exceedingly hard, in and out of school. He maintained his grades, because he wanted to go to SFIT, and he knew how important keeping his grades and being a good student meant, made sure Hiro maintained his as well for Hiro liked to slack because he thought he was ‘too smart to do the stupid 6 pages of homework’, thought about Hiro’s future as well as his as he lectured Hiro about homework, and his grades. ‘If you slack, you won’t go to college and you’ll be stuck in life’ is what he told Hiro.
  •  He worked in the cafe with Cass after school, typically a few hours so he could still get his homework done.
  • Got his moped for his birthday during his 11th grade year. Probably the best birthday present he ever got from Cass(Aside from Mochi, but Mochi was technically a present for both Hiro and Tadashi). Treats this thing like its his baby, and wouldn’t even let Hiro tinker with it. 
  • First kiss when he was 15. Was out at a small get together with some of his buds, playing spin the bottle. She was a really pretty girl, one that hadn’t even noticed he existed until the bottle landed on him. It was a peck, nothing more, but it was still a kiss and Tadashi still finds himself laughing about it. How pathetic, he’d say, you’re first kiss taken by a girl who didn’t even bother knowing your name.
  • It wasn’t until he graduated, and applied for SFIT, that he started building trustful and meaningful relationships outside of Hiro. Hiro was grown, so Tadashi really let himself come out of his shell his first year of college, making friends with GoGo(Who went to the same school as Tadashi and Hiro, and Tadashi knew who she was but it wasn’t vice versa), Honey, Wasabi, and Fred.