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Cuddling habits for the GOM+Kagami with their S/O? Welcome back, Mochi and Eclair!

Akashi Seijuro: He always explicitly waits until you’re asleep in order to gaze at your peaceful, soft sleeping form. It’s only then that he rests head on your chest, listening attentively for your heartbeat. It both soothes and relaxes him enough for him to sleep. He’ll also make sure you’re fully covered, it’d be bad if you were to catch a cold, after all. You’d never know, for he always wakes up before you do.

Aomine Daiki: In order to sleep at his maximum comfort he needs to either rest his head on your chest, or let you rest your head on his chest, there is no in-between. His hands are usually wrapped around your waist and your legs are, occasionally, intertwined, when he feels particularly affectionate or after more intimate times. Even if he doesn’t fall asleep in this position, he’ll shift to it in his sleep.

Kagami Taiga: He likes to spoon you and remains in said position for the entire night, always bringing you to his chest, his chin resting on top of your head and his arms wrapped around your waist, or, alternatively, letting you rest your neck on them. Sometimes he wakes up with a small cramp afterwards, but he wouldn’t change it for anything.

Kise Ryota: Loves, loves to let you rest on his arm as you sleep facing each other. His arm always hurts for a while the morning after, but he is very committed to this, his favorite cuddling is always face to face, after all. Be warned, however, that he is a shameless bedsheet thief.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko uses your breasts as a pillow. Sometimes innocently, sometimes not, it’s almost impossible to know what his intentions are, at least until the cuddling shifts to something else. The rest of the time, he’ll end up being the little spoon, much to his embarrassment and your delight. 

Midorima Shintaro: He’ll change his positions everyday, yet he always manages to look proper yet calm and relaxed in his sleep, and you wonder how is it possible. In fact, you fear there might be a sleeping pattern horoscope you are not aware of. Despite changing his position every other day, he usually sticks to the chosen one for the entirety of the night.

Murasakibara Atsushi: You sleeping on top of him, period. He LOVES it. It’s his absolute favorite because he can caress you all he wants, and your weight feels very light on top of him. He will let you hog all the sheets if you want to, for it doesn’t matter if you’re on top of him, after all. 

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BH6 Cereal Headcanons
  • Wasabi: Carefully measures out an equal amount of cereal and milk to make the perfect ratio, and each bite is a perfect mix of the cereal and milk. Makes sure to drink all the milk so there aren't any drops left. Eats something gross like Rasin Bran.
  • Honey Lemon: Pours the cereal and milk in at the same time in a colorful bowl while somehow multitasking on her phone, then takes a photo of it to post on social media (like her blog/Instagram). Uses a cute spoon that has a cat paw as the handle. Her favorite cereal is something like Lucky Charms.
  • Gogo: Pours in the cereal first while unscrewing the cap of the milk with her other hand, holds the spoon in her mouth while doing so. Plans her meals. Keeps the fridge and cupboard open ahead of time, and puts everything back as quickly and smoothly as possible. Eats whatever cereal is cheapest, but mostly goes for stuff like Cheerios.
  • Fred: Eats out of the box and chews with his mouth open; shoves cereal into his mouth with a spoon (because he has to have a LITTLE etiquette, otherwise Wasabi would go insane) and chugs the milk from the gallon/glass after. Most of the time he does this while reading one of his comics, and ends up spilling milk on his shirt. Doesn't even care what cereal he's eating, it's cereal, and cereal is great.
  • Hiro: The most atrocious, rebellious cereal-making method of all- milk first, cereal second. He says he does it because he likes to be a rebel; secretly, he puts more milk than cereal because he's trying to grow taller. Chews with his mouth open on purpose to annoy Tadashi. He has a specific cereal bowl and spoon that are based off of his favorite TV show. Tries to nick some of Aunt Cass's cereal, but is often left with something with reduced sugar.
  • Baymax: Shakes the box a little too roughly and has a boatload of cereal pour out onto the counter; while trying to clean it up, knocks the milk over and spills that too. As a wise robot once said, "Oh no."
  • Tadashi: Probably the most normal out of the bunch. Completely focuses on his bowl, except when he's telling Hiro to stop watching TV more than he's eating, otherwise the cereal's going to get soggy. Washes and puts away his own dish when he's finished. Eats the same cereal as Hiro so Hiro doesn't feel like he's missing out. Occasionally sneaks in some of Hiro's absolutely favorite, sugary box with the groceries and hides it in the bedroom.
  • Aunt Cass: Adds a little sugar and honey, mixes it thoroughly so it tastes just right. Sits at the table and crosses her legs like she's meditating. Mochi often curls up under her chair. Her favorite cereals are fruity, sugary ones, like Froot Loops. Though, she tries not to binge on it too often and keeps it in a separate cupboard so Hiro doesn't try to take it. (He does it anyway.)
  • Headcanon where Tadashi is actually a really big baby when it came to horror movies, and whenever he finished watching one would often get restless and have trouble sleeping.
  • One night he reluctantly agrees to watch a slasher film with Hiro, only the brothers had to shut it off halfway through because neither of them could handle it and nearly dropped kicked mochi when he rubbed up against their feet unexpectedly.
  • Hiro was pretty shaken up, completly unaware that his brother was even more so, and sheepishly asks if he can sleep in the bed with him for the night. Tadashi playfully teases him about it, but in all honesty was hoping that he'd ask.

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STARISH guilty pleasures? Extra points for reactions to getting caught if it's an embarrassing one ;)

We wanted to take this seriously, we really did… But instead, the mods took a turn for the silly. We apologise.

sike. °(❛ᴗ❛)°

Natsuki: He has no guilty pleasures. He doesn’t care about how his hobbies may be seen at all, so there is no guilt to begin with. Plus he is a fan of Piyo-Chan after all.

Tokiya: He has a secret spot in his bookshelf for all the harlequin novels he owns. He prefers to read them right before bed, their weird plot and overly useless drama fascinates him to a point in which he’ll read until his eyes get tired enough.

Cecil: He’s an easy victim of earworm songs. Especially the really bad ones. Despite the muses’ will, he’ll be humming them much to his friends’ annoyance. It’s not like he can help it if the songs are so catchy and fun to sing. The shower is his only safe haven so that’s where he sings them to his heart’s content.

Ren: He loves Mexican soap operas. He’ll lock himself in his room and binge watch them. The old ones especially since they are even more dramatic than the nowadays’ ones. He just finds the plots so compelling, it’s impossible for him to stop at one episode only. Despite several recommendations, he tried getting into Korean doramas as well, it just didn’t work out for him.

Otoya: Having a big bashful side, he can’t help but feel guilty after watching porn. He likes to watch but as soon as he’s finished he’ll mentally apologise to all the actresses straight away. He also turns back any kind of pictures that may be in the room while he’s watching.

Syo: Ugly Christmas sweaters. He considers himself the epitome of fashion in every way, but there’s something about Christmas sweaters that just tickle him fancy. He has a wardrobe full of them and he loves adding new pieces to his collection every year. He ADORES going shopping for them, but makes sure to do so in absolute secret.

Masato: Super Sentai series. Its exciting storyline that has been going on since years ago keep him hooked even today, he can’t help but be amazed about its continuous success. More than once Jii has found him making some of the heroic poses once he’s out of the waterfall.

Domestic pro miyusawa parents headcanon time!!! Man I’ve missed doing headcanons ;-; Here are all the other ones in order lol (1 - prequel lol), (2), (3)

  • Miyusawa in seiza position while being scolded by their kid cause she was just out to buy something from the convenience store and she comes back to he half-naked dads all over each other’s throats. “How many times have told you to at least do it in your room?!’” “But we thought you went out-” “NO BUTS!!” no butts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Their kid and Mochi are best fucking buds because “Oh my gosh You-nii, my dads are the most shameless people in the world.” “You tell me, kid.” 
  • And lmfao, Mochi takes their kid as his apprentice. An apprenticeship on how to keep those 2 shameless people under control LOL

Favourite headcanon/note I’ve written today

Kuramochi Youichi’s Feelings On Miyuki & Sawamura’s Relationship:

  • Honestly the part he was most surprised about was that they weren’t ALREADY dating when Sawamura spilled the beans
  • Also could they STOP making out in the dorm? Didn’t people overseas have some sort of bro-code for this shit? Something about a sock on the door??? Jfc, if he walked in on them making out ONE MORE TIME…Seidou was going to be down one pitcher and need their substitute catcher again.

Headcanon that Hiro from BH6 and Tip from Home are neighbors and met the day they went to the house of the old lady down the street to pick out kittens from the litter her cat had; Hiro ended up with Mochi and Tip chose Pig.

EDIT: Incidentally, Hiro got Mochi because he’s a male calico, which is extremely unusual; calicos are almost always female (this litter of kittens had TWO male calicos omg!) and any rare male calico which is born is sterile and Hiro likes unique/unusual stuff. Aunt Cass was all for this because it meant she didn’t have to pay to have Mochi neutered since he couldn’t make baby kitties anyway.

Tip chose Pig just because of his funny tail.

Mochi headcanons
  • Aunt cass decided to adopt mochi a few months after taking custody of the boys. Both Hiro and Tadashi started off rather depressed in their new environment, and she had hoped that a pet would help pick them up a little.
  • They found him at an animal shelter as a kitten. He was the smallest thing, and extremely weak, he wasn’t even amongst the other cats in the adoption kennel.
  • Hiro was the one who managed to wander off and catch a glimpse of some woman hand feeding the scrawniest ball of fur he had ever laid eyes on. 
  • Hoping for a cat with a bit more life experience, aunt cass wasn't entirely convinced. However seeing how much her younger nephew’s eyes lit up when he looked the creature she decided to give him a shot.
  • Originally the clinic informed the Hamada’s that mochi was found sick and abandoned on the streets, and wasn’t up for adoption due to being scheduled for euthanization the next day.                                                                                                                                                             upon hearing the Hamada’s demanded that the be allowed to adopt Mochi immediately.

  • Mochi was very shy for the first few months, often hiding under the couch or fridge or wherever else he could fit to get away from people.
  • He eventually did come around though, becoming that insanely chubby thing we all know and love in the movie.  
  • He actually gets so chubby, Hiro wanted to re-name him “lardo” and often called him that despite the foul looks of Tadashi and Aunt cass when he did.
  • he’s mostly an indoor cat, but every so often Tadashi or Hiro would take mochi outside with one of those cat leashes.
  • Despite Hiro’s ever growing irritation, Mochi actually ended up gravitating toward Tadashi  the years went by. 
  • This caused many brotherly fights to break out, and you better believe competitions for the feline’s affections were created.
  • Mochi didn’t actually favor one brother over the other, to him, Tadashi’s belly was just more comfortable to sleep on. 
  • more years pass, and after that faithful night at the showcase Mochi was right there by Hiro’s side the whole time. He didn’t understand why the little human was so upset, but he did know that something was wrong. Mochi was often found curled up on the boys lap or licking the salty watery stuff that was almost always coming out of his eyes.

  • Even though his tongue was scratchy as hell, Hiro always appreciated the gesture anyway.

  • For months after the funeral, Hiro snuck off to Tadashi’s grave. Sometimes he just wanted to be alone with his brother, but more often than not he carried mochi along with him. He didn’t know why, but he but sometimes he just felt better with mochi next to him.
  • by the time Hiro was sixteen, he wasn't able to be around as much for mochi like he used to be. Going to college and being a superhero took up a lot of time, which usual meant the cat was left at home alone or with aunt cass who was often too busy with the cafe to show him a lot of attention during the day.

  •  unfortunately, Mochi begins get up in age. 
  • One day, Hiro comes home after a late night superhero battle, wanting to collapse onto his bed only mochi is hogging up the entire middle of it. “get up you fat tub of lard,” he says irritably to the feline.
  • only Mochi doesn’t respond to Hiro’s words or his touch
  • he starts to panic, and immediately yells for aunt cass to get the car started.
  • Hiro holds a still unmoving Mochi close to his chest, whispering “you’re gonna be okay, buddy” into his beloved pet’s fur as they race to the animal hospital.
  • they get to the clinic, where Hiro all but bolts into the waiting room, demanding to be taken care of first. 
  • Mochi didn’t make it. The vets say he was just up in age, and that he lived a happy life and died peacefully.
  • Hiro wants to be happy that his pet didn’t suffer. He knows that he was just a cat, but he still can’t help but feel just like he did when lost his brother. 

“love you lardo,” Hiro chokes out as he pets mochi  tenderly for one last time. crying, he plants a soft kiss on the cat’s forehead before following his aunt back toward the car. 

“Not sure if cats can go to heaven but…if you make it, say hi to Tadashi for me.”