mocha melody


So I know there is a lot of confusion on how this all works. So I have created an abridged version of the Lacelot Ts4 Trilogy

Dreams of Willow Creek

My first attempt at bringing berry Lace and Lo into the Sims 4 universe. As you can see we didn’t get very far before the split.  Surname: Chiffon

Founders: Merlot ♥ Chantilly Lace

Gen 2. Theme - Floral : Hydrangea ♥ Hibiscus 

Split Reality

This is the family I post most regularly. Surname: Chiffon

Founders: Merlot ♥ Chantilly Lace

Gen. 2 Theme - Floral: Hydrangea ♥ Hibiscus ♥ Iris ♥ Poppies Bloom ♥ Galaxy ♥ Lilac Love ♥ Tiger ♥ Azalea Blossom

Gen. 3 Theme - Oceanic: Andrew (Spouse) ♥ Ocean ♥ Mist ♥ Serene Waters ♥ Sea Spritz ♥ Azalea Blossom (Heiress)

Gen. 4 Theme - Cartoons: Finn ♥ Lou (Spouse) ♥ Mist (Heir) ♥ Wirt ♥ Bee Velvet ♥ Mabel Marmalade

Gen. 5 Theme - ??: Wirt (Heir) ♥ Honey Wisteria (Spouse)


This is my stream only version of the family. Surname: Pinot Noir

Founders: Merlot ♥ Chantilly Lace

Gen. 2 Theme - Music festivals: Wanderlust Pixie ♥ Lilth Fair ♥ Electric Daisy ♥ Latitude ♥ Ministry

Gen. 3 Theme - Gemstones:  Moonstone Melody, Mocha Cherry (Spouse) Lilth Fair (Heiress)

Hope this helps a little :D ♥

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Updated refrence sheets. Heyo.

Name: Mocha Melody

Race:Pegasus (Former earth pony, magically obtained wings)

Height: 4’ 2”(shorter than the average stallion.)

Age: 24

Cutiemark: Coffee Cup With Music Note

Meaning: He’s a coffee connoisseur, as well as having the ability to make MOST coffee drink, he’s also good at singing but this isn’t really the bulk of his talent as he forgets Lyrics easily. 

Personality:He’s Nerdy, quirky, generous, flirty, sassy, kind, and mean…. okay let me just…. he’s a kind heart who won’t leave anypony he feels like he can help, and since he owns a small coffee shop he usually offers food, and a place to crash, he’s quirky because he’s not really into all the hype like “OMG you’re a total hipster” no he just likes coffee a lot, needs glasses, wears a scarf,and thinks most music is to mainstream,(not that he doesn’t listen to it anyway), he can’t stand bullies, totaly flaunts his sexuality, and can yell and fight with the best of them.

Relevant history:
   Born in horseshoe bay to a single mother named sweet cream and had a relatively Normal childhood. 

when he was 13 his mother died of an illness, he was placed into his father’s care.

His father was a cruel man who belittled his son’s every move, mocha got an A he asks why not an A+, he thought Mocha was wasting his time pursuing coffee as a talent and told him every chance he got. 

   He also sexually abused mocha but its a part of mocha’s past he blocks from his memory. It surfaces sometimes in situations of intamacy wich can cause mocha to have panic attacks.

When Mocha turned 17 he tried to kill himself and was found by his neighbors, when he finally got the message his dad never cared for him, he stole money and left.

He arrived in ponyville and worked for the Sofas and Quills for a while before starting his own little coffee cart in the market, one thing lead to another, a very rich pony invested in him and he got his own little coffee shop. which he still works, and lives at today.

Minding the fact he was homless with his job at sofas and quills,and his coffee cart. He now lives in an apartment above his shop.