mocha joe

para || we come back every time

Rowan tied up her long blonde hair and was in the midst of helping Nico set up her keyboard when Lucas, Audrey, and Mason made their way into Mocha Joe’s. There was a crowd starting to build in the coffee shop in anticipation for the performance of the two aspiring musicians. Plenty of their friends would be there to support them and that meant the world to the two of them. “I’m excited.” She grinned at her friend. Nico chuckled and smiled fondly back at her. “Me too, Ro. It’s going to be blast. We’re fantastic, obviously.” He teased her, plugging up the rest of the chords he needed to for her keyboard to the sound system.

“Hey, I see a table over there.” Audrey prompted the two boys, leading them to a table that had a good view of the two performing, but also happened to be a good spot to see the counter from. Audrey promptly averted her eyes when she saw Wes come out of the back to the counter alongside one of his coworkers, sitting down heavily on one of the chairs at the table. “Y’all, can you two quit fonding and help me.” She whined in a hushed voice, burying her face in her hands. “How the hell do you get over someone who never liked you back? Because it’s proving to be really hard right now and I don’t know how to do it.”

ftf || i won’t say it

Audrey utterly embarrassed at everything that had happened at Joe’s Mocha Mugs between her and Wes. It embarrassed her enough that she refused to even go back there anytime soon. And if she did stop by, she made sure that Wes was either not in at that time or on break so that he wouldn’t see her. The other baristas clearly felt sympathetic for her and one even quietly informed her of the days that he wouldn’t be working in case she still wanted coffee on those days. Maybe it was a bit extreme and all, but she just felt like she could not face the guy. Also, maybe it could help her get over the stupid crush she had on him. It’s not like he’d ever like her back now when she had embarrassed herself to that degree.

Coming into the coffee shop, Audrey let out a small, relieved sigh. She had been dying for some coffee and this had been one of the days the barista told her that Wes wouldn’t be there. Walking up to the counter, her eyes scanned over the menu contemplatively while she tried to decide what she wanted. She wasn’t even paying attention to who came out of the kitchen to wait for her to take her order.