mocha cups


Ultra creamy popsicles using International Delight Iced Coffee for a refreshing treat!

At any given time of the day, you’ll find me with an iced coffee in my hand. Especially during the Summer. It’s so refreshing on a hot day! My favorite way to get a quick iced coffee fix is to just pour some International Delight Iced Coffee into my favorite mason jar. {A pretty paper straw is mandatory!} My favorite is the mocha flavor – sooo creamy and full of flavor.

You’ll need a popsicle mold. And just a few ingredients. International Delight Iced Coffee in mocha and some heavy cream to add some creaminess to the pops. To add some extra deliciousness, I made some homemade dark chocolate magic shell to go on top!

Try these popsicles for a refreshing treat this Summer. ☀

Prep Time: 10 minutes

4 hours, 10 minutes

Yield: 10 popsicles, depending on mold



2 ½ cups Internal Delight Iced Coffee Mocha

½ cup + 2 tbs heavy cream

Magic Shell

1 cup dark chocolate chips

2 tbs coconut oil


Stir iced coffee and heavy cream in a large measuring cup or bowl. Pour into popsicle molds. Add sticks and freeze for 4-5 hours or overnight. When you take the popsicles out, you’ll dip them in the magic shell.

To make magic shell: Stir chocolate chips and coconut oil together. Microwave at 30 second intervals until melted. Dip popsicles half way.

Dear Cup Of Coffee

                                                       -Shikha Singh

Locking the hustle and bustle

of the busy city street behind me,

as I entered the coffee house

and sat at the corner table

next to the glass wall

waiting for you,

my mind was flooded

with flashbacks.

I still remember,

it was this particular corner where

you slowly touched my lips

and landed soft and steamy kisses

on them for the very first time.

That was the most delightful taste

I’d ever had,

the taste of true love

and it lingered on forever.

I remember how

I had my fingers wrapped around you

as your warmth was all that I needed

on that chilly winter day.

The warm blanket of air enveloping me

is still rich with your aroma,

as if

you were here just minutes ago.

While I was reliving

my memories of you,

my serenity was interrupted

by a modulated voice

which said

“Here’s your Caffè mocha ma'am,

can I get you anything else?”

No longer did I need to

indulge in my thoughts of you

as there you were

sitting right in front of me

my heavenly cup of coffee.

The voice came again

“Ma’am, can I get you anything else? “

Withdrawing my attention from you

with a lot of struggle

I replied,

“No, thank you,

it would be all for now

this is more than enough”

‘Cause you, darling,

were more than enough.


how I love you

my dear cup of coffee!

falling in love (at a coffee shop?)

pairing: lin x reader (shocker)

prompt: honestly reader and lin get together and then like cute happiness

warnings: language and a LOT of fluff sorz

words: 4,218 hahahhaha whoops

a/n: pls lemme know what you think !!!

Masterlist / Prompt List

It was obnoxiously stereotypical. Falling in love at a coffee shop. Honest to God, you were annoyed with yourself the first day it happened.

Coffee shop boy. Ridiculously beautiful coffee shop boy. Always-smiling-too-big coffee shop boy. Remembered-your-order coffee shop boy. Make-your-heart-beat-too-quickly coffee shop boy.

Walking into the lecture hall, you were still blushing. He had complimented your earrings.

“Hey! No drive through today?”

“You shrugged, “It was nice out. I figured I’d walk to class.”

“Same as usual?” He asked, already moving to get a cup. Heat surfacing at your cheeks, you nodded.

Please,” you added as he swept around the counter.

“You said class. Are you at Wesleyan?”

“Yeah,” you said quietly, your morning voice already failing you. Clearing your throat, you continued, “I’m getting my masters right now.”

“Sweet!” He said, looking up at you. “I’m studying theater there.”

“You’re an actor?” You asked.

He nodded, still facing you. He was leaning on the counter, “Sort of. Writing too.”

Turning around for a moment, he cursed lightly. “We don’t have any caramel left,” he said, biting his lip slightly.

You coughed awkwardly, “Uh, just don’t add it, I guess.” You said as more of a question.

He shrugged before grinning again. The smile took up his whole face. He shook his head, “Can I make you something different?”

You furrowed your eyebrows before he continued, “Trust me. It’ll be good.” You nodded, giving him all the confirmation he needed before he scrapped the cup of coffee he originally had. He worked briskly, pumping in shots of who knows what but it smelt good before it was even in your hands.

“What is it?” You asked, gratefully accepting the cup.

“Mocha toffee latte with almond milk.” You sighed as you took a first sip, making him grin that same stupid grin.

“This is delicious,” you added.

He laughed, “Don’t ask anyone else for it - they won’t make it as good.”

You nodded, “I won’t.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” He asked, making you nod again. (You had to stop nodding.)

Then you laughed, reaching into your backpack, “I haven’t even paid yet.”

He scoffed, “Please. You insult me.”

This made you smile, “You don’t have to do that.”

Did he ever stop smiling? “I’m happy to.”

You nodded. Again. Taking a step towards the door you thanked him again. It wasn’t until you had turned the corner that you realized you hadn’t even looked at his name tag. His lazy grin too preoccupying.

You took your seat and you shook your head. This was ridiculous; focusing on a boy you didn’t even know. Still, each time you sipped the coffee, your heart was back in your stomach.

You continued to go to that same coffee shop for a week before he finally did it. It had taken a lot of convincing from his good friend, Chris, but he finally did it.

You had learned that his name was Lin and he had figured yours after making you a new latte each morning. You had started to feel guilty - him giving you so many free drinks. So you continued to stuff five dollar bills into the tip jar. He would grin and thank you.

But it was Monday and so when you came strolling through the cafe. You had stopped driving. He was too captivating and you couldn’t watch him work from the car.

“Morning, Y/N!” He chirped, despite the knot in his stomach.

You offered a small smile, leaning over the counter on your forearms.

“What’s on the menu today?” You asked, craning your neck to see what he was up to.

He shrugged, “You’ll see.” He was making his favorite drink for you. And today, Chris had made him promise to get your number. Or give you his. He figured the latter would be easier, and at least that way he wouldn’t have to deal with rejection. Maybe it would sting less if you never called or…

Grabbing a sharpie from his apron, he scribbled his number onto the side of the cup before handing it to you.

Instantly, you asked, “What’s this?”

“Dark roast with -“

“No, this.” You smiled, pointing to the numbers on the side of the cup.

He could feel his heart drop, “It’s um… M-my number. I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. I just thought you - no I have no idea what I was doing. Why did I do that? I’m so sorry -“ he reached for the cup, but you took a step away.

“You could’ve just asked for my number,” you giggled, sipping the coffee. Shit, this was good. Maybe your favorite.

He looked deadpan, “Wait, what?”

“Your coffee is good, but it’s not the reason I come here every morning,” you giggled. This wasn’t like you. You never flirted quite so liberally, let alone with someone you barely knew.

Still, the instant that stupid grin broke out on his face, you couldn’t help but feel warm all over. Maybe it was the coffee. (It wasn’t the coffee.)

“I’ll call you, yeah?” You said, stepping towards the door. He looked overwhelmed, but joyful.

Nodding quickly, he waved. “Yeah, I’ll um, see you. Have a good one, Y/N.” He grinned.

You walked outside, holding the coffee tight to your chest. You were burning. Everything about you felt fluttery.

And you did. Call him, that is. First it was texting; simple, trivial, mindless. But then you saw him the next morning at he wasn’t wearing his apron or behind the counters, he was rushing in behind you.

“Y/N,” he beamed. Then his face dropped, “I’m very late.”

You laughed, “I noticed.”

“Can I make it up to you?”

“More free coffee?”

He scoffed, the grin still on his face, “Maybe something other than coffee to drink?” At this point, Lin was running down a hill - his words moving faster than his brain could tell them to stop.

You nodded. You were always nodding around him.

“Friday?” He asked.

You nodded.

He called you that night. It started out as plans, but it quickly became something different.

“Where are you taking me, Mr. Miranda?”

You could hear him smiling, “There is a band performing at Joe’s. I figured we could dance and then get ice cream?”

You nodded before realizing he couldn’t see you, “I like that.”

“Then it’s settled. Now tell me: how’d the chem test go?”

The two of you talked for too long. Well, with him it really wasn’t too long. You could talk for hours with him, and he could too. Lin talked circles around you. Lazy, comforting circles. And God, did you listen. Everything about him was so captivating that you couldn’t help but just listen

“Am I boring you?” He asked softly at midnight.

You smiled into the phone, “I love listening to you.”

He laughed, “Go to sleep.”

You sighed this time, “Call me tomorrow?”

“It’ll be like I never hung up.”

Friday took too long to get there. But when it did, you were thrilled. Everything about you burned as you walked down the stairs of the apartment complex to get to him.

Lin was striking. At first, he looked harder outside of the cafe. Maybe it was the lack of warm black sweaters and green apron. Regardless, the second he saw you, the smile on his face broke free, and Lin looked like himself again.

Clad in a low cut blue dress, you felt slightly self conscience. He was animated and stunning. The dress was elaborate, and to be completely honest you weren’t sure you could pull it off. His grin erased any doubt you had.

Taking in a sharp breath, he shook his head, “I swear, you get more beautiful every time I see you.” He was fidgeting, like he was looking for an excuse to touch you. Blushing, you rolled your eyes, brushing your hand against his as you walked along side of him. He took your hand before you even made it through the door.

“Who’s playing at Joe’s?” You asked.

Lin shrugged, turning to face you. God, he was handsome. You had to remind your roommate how handsome he was later.

“A buddy of mine’s band is playing. It might be awful,” he added.

You squeezed his hand as you laughed, “The Wiggles could be playing. I’m just happy to spend time with you outside of Starbucks.”

Lin turned away as red painted his cheeks. He pulled you closer so that your arms brushed as you walked side by side. He kept stealing glances at you. You pretended not to notice. Maybe for his sake, but probably because if you looked at him, that same dumb grin would make you drop.

The band was good. Not great, but you didn’t mind. Honestly, you were happy to be sitting along side Lin. After the show, he had taken you to a frozen yogurt shop, arguing with you as to whether or not it was actually ice cream.

Sitting down, he explained that Starbucks wasn’t his only job. You knew he was a writer, but he also substituted for and English class in Washington Heights.

“Is that what you want to do?” You asked. “Teach?”

He shook his head, “I thought for a while that maybe I did, but then writing kind of became my think. And music just made it so much better.”

“What do you mean?”

“Musicals,” he responded sheepishly.

Begging him to explain, Lin finally told you about the musical he was writing.

“You’re going to think it’s stupid.”

You scoffed, “Everything that has come out of your mouth has been brilliant. I highly doubt this will be anything less.”

“I’m writing a rap/hip hop musical about the first Secretary of Treasure, Alexander Hamilton.”

It had started out as just the plot of it, but had turned into a full blown synopsis as he continued. You sat on every last word, assuring him that you were anything but bored. As he explained the final part, you couldn’t help yourself.

“You’re a fucking genius,” you blurted out. You screwed your eyes shut, embarrassed.

Lin scratched the back of his neck, “Says the girl getting who her masters in every science known to man.”

You laughed, placing your hand on his knee. “Fine, we’re both brilliant.” His smile broke out, always too big for his face. You almost wanted to make it stop, because if anyone else saw that smile, they could take him from you. Almost. Because then there was his eyes, so full yet unbelievably warm.

Checking your phone, you sighed. “I should probably head home.”

He scrapped the last of his ice cream up before nodding. “Let me call you a cab.”

You laughed, “I can walk.” He shook his head, making you roll your eyes.

“Nah.” He smiled. A stupid, lopsided, too big smile, and your insides fluttered.

You sighed, but nodded. He whistled for a cab, standing so close you could almost feel his breath. His air was hot - but then again, so was everything about him.

He took your hand before you got in the cab, “Can we do this again?”

You giggled, “Every day coffee isn’t enough?”

Lin threw his head back, but the smile on his face was contempt. “24 hours with you isn’t enough.”

You could quite literally feel your stomach disintegrate. Everything about him happened in your stomach. Or maybe your heart. But then again, that was in your stomach too after the first time you had met him.

“When can I see you again?” Lin was bouncing on the balls of his feet, like he couldn’t stay still.

“How about Monday?”

“Lunch?” He grinned. You nodded. (Of course.)

As you turned towards the cab, he reached for your hand. Pressing his lips to your knuckles, he grinned. You couldn’t tell if it was the smile or the kiss that made you feel so warm. Maybe both. Probably both. Definitely both.

“Until next time,” he said, your hand falling to your side.

“Until next time,” you agreed. You hadn’t moved into the cab, still. Your entire body was in motion, yet you couldn’t bring yourself to move.

Lin was bouncing still, biting his bottom lip. His eyes flicked from your eyes to your lips. He opened his mouth to say something, but the cab honked before he had a chance, breaking both of your stillness.

Blushing, you cupped his face, kissing the side of his cheek.

“Until next time,” you said again, climbing into the cab. Lin waved, the same stupid smile on his face. God, that smile could stop wars.

Lin took you to an aquarium a week later. He took an excessive amount of photos, each one making you giggle.

“Lin!” You laughed, “Stop taking photos!”

He shrugged, snapping another photo of you in front of the beluga whales. His silly grin was light on his lips. “I can’t help it. You’re so beautiful.”

You felt a blush cover the bridge of your nose. He couldn’t just say things like this. It wasn’t fair.

“Hey,” Lin hummed, tugging your hand lightly. Your head went up to him. His eyes were soft. You took a breath, the left of your lip curling into a smile.

His eyes flickered down to your lips and you felt yours flutter. You let out a shaky breath as he pulled you a little closer.

A little boy ran between your legs, breaking the two of you apart. He was giggling and pointing to a whale as it swam past. His mother came quickly, lightly scolding him for running so quickly.

Lin looked down at his feet, screwing his eyes shut. You could just about feel the embarrassed. Regardless, he pulled you close, wrapping an arm around your shoulder, still holding your hand.

Dios mio,” he sighed, pressing his lips to your hair as he steered you towards the penguins.

Three days later, you met for lunch. He took you for soup and sandwiches, but both of you ended up getting cheeseburgers. He stole your fries while you told him everything he wanted to hear.

Lin asked about your parents, your school, your friends, hell - he asked about your shitty job.

Everything was easy with him. Not that it wasn’t a complex relationship - God, everything he said was brilliant. Just… It was so comfortable. He was comfortable. And you would bathe in that comfort.

You ate some of your burger as he told you about something his sister used to say. You had to bite back a laugh as your mouth was full. You reached for your napkin, to wipe your mouth. Before you could, however, Lin already had his thumb on the corner of your lips, brushing away a stray crumb.

You swore your heart stopped. You turned away to hide the blush that spread across your cheeks. Lin chuckled at this, taking another bite of his burger.

“What?” He laughed, awe coloring his tone. He nudged your knee against his own.

“You make me nervous,” you giggled.

“If I make you nervous, you make me catatonic,” he shot back quickly.

You laughed, “It’s not my fault you’re so hot.”

Lin threw his head back. You shrugged, taking another bite of your burger. He was.

He walked you back to your office. He held you for a moment longer before pulling away slightly.

Smiling at you, his stupid smile, his eyes flickered down to your lips for a moment. Hesitating before looking back, he faltered for a moment.

“Thank you for lunch,” you said, eyes locked with his. This was your third date.

Lin smiled, ducking his head to connect his lips with your cheek.

“Can I see you tomorrow?” He asked, taking a step back. He looked unsure, but you nodded anyways.

“Bye, Lin.”

“I’ll see you soon, Y/N,” he said, starting to walk away backwards. He almost walked into a lamppost, making you giggle. You waved a little before turning towards your building, a little pep in your step.

Two days later he took you out to dinner. It was one of those dinners that made you nervous because you just knew it was going to be ridiculously expensive.

You tried to talk him out of it over the phone as you walked down to see him in the lobby.

“I would be okay with cuddling upstairs on my couch and ordering a pizza,” you said.

You could practically hear his smile in response, “Just trust me. You’re going to love this place.”

Which of course you did. The food was amazing, but it didn’t even compare to the look on his face when he saw you in that dress.

“My eyes are up here,” you quipped at one point with a wink. Lin flushed a cherry shade, sputtering out apologies.

You squeezed his hand, far too proud that you had such an effect on him.

The conversation, per usual, flowed without interruption. Everything he said brought a smile to your face. Plus, the fact that he look so fine in a suit definitely helped.

You almost forgot where you were as you laughed so hard, he had to shush you, despite his own giggles.

You grinned at him, undeniably joyful. This was your former Starbucks barista. And here he was, treating you to a dinner that costed much more than a Starbucks salary could afford. So when the check finally came, you were in the middle of explaining why you were elected class president in fifth grade.

You and Lin reached for it at the same time.

“I’m paying,” you said immediately in unison. Lin laughed and took the check, instantly sliding his card into it before handed it back to the waiter.

“Lin,” you sighed.

He laughed, “Nah.”

You rolled your eyes, “I get the next one.”

He shrugged before repeating, “Nah.”

“No next one?” You teased.

Lin’s eyes went wide and he reached across the table, “Yes next one, nah you’re not paying.”

You scoffed, but still took hold of his hand.

He walked you to your door this time instead of just dropping you off in the lobby. It was the first time he had come up. You were about to invite him in when he abruptly said, “I have to ask you something.”

You took a deep breath. Had you done something? Was he about to cut this off? No - he said he wanted a next time. Maybe he changed his mind?”

“So, uh… We’ve been hanging out a lot and I just I really like you a lot and I think that we should keep hanging out because you mean a lot to me and now I’m rambling but -“

“Lin,” you giggled, making him take a breath.

He sighed, taking a step closer to you. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

You felt like you were back in seventh grade with your heart doing cartwheels. You nodded, “Yes yes yes.“

Lin smiled is stupid, too-big smile and took a step closer, this time only a breath away.

His eyes flashed to your lips. Then, slowing leaning down, he pressed his mouth ever so gently to yours. After a beat, he pulled away, searching your face for who knows what. The air was thick with desperation for another kiss as he grinned, leaning down again to press his lips to yours. He backed you up a step against your front door, hands cupping your face. His tongue tasting yours as he weaved his fingers through your hair. Were lips usually this soft? You could feel his dopey smile against your mouth as he molded his lips to yours. Gripping the lapels of his jacket, you pulled him closer, losing any and all space between you too.

After that night, Lin stopped asking if he would see you tomorrow. It was never, Can I see you tomorrow? Or, What are you doing tomorrow? It was When? and Where?

All your old boyfriends spoke to you in their free time. Lin freed his time to speak to you. And you had never felt so warm.

Months past and Lin had gotten his Hamilton grant. He was in the workshop stages of it but nothing made you smile quite as much as seeing him walking into your apartment humming his favorite song of the day. These days, he spent more time at your place than he did his own.

It was a normal day and you were bringing him coffee. It was humorous, really. He used to be the one making your coffee. Walking into the theater, you found him sitting next to a very pretty girl. An intimidatingly pretty girl.

Karen Olivo, Lin introduced her as.

“His ex,” she said, sticking her hand out.

She clung to him the rest of the day, making you feel like you were third wheeling with your own boyfriend. When he walked through the door, you were pacing the floor.

“You’re making a tread,” he said calmly, hanging his jacket over a chair.

“Were you in love?” You asked, stopping suddenly.

“What?” He asked, cautiously taking a step towards you.

“You and Karen. Were you in love?”

He paused before nodding. “Desperately,” he said, abashed but not ashamed. He ran a had through his hair.

“Oh.” You said.

“But she was another time, another world,” he said, taking your hands. You nodded, looking away. “Y/N,” he sighed. You nodded. You still wouldn’t face him; if you did you were sure you’d start to cry. You couldn’t compete with Karen - God, she was stunning. She was talented. She was his first. What is she was his first too? Even more nauseous at the thought of this, you took your hand back.

“Y/N,” he said again, this time sharper.

Your eyebrows raised. Was he honestly freaking out over this? You had every reason to be upset. She was his past.

He rolled his eyes. Were you honestly freaking out over this? He had every reason to be upset. She is in the past.

“Whatever,” you snapped, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Don’t get so defensive!” He quipped.

Your jaw dropped, “I’m not defensive!”

“You’re screaming at me over nothing!”

“Are you kidding me? I’m freaking out over your ex who clearly wants to be more than that!”

He rolled his eye, standing up, “Call me when you’re done acting like this.” Instantly, he regretted it, his eyes soft the second he opened them. You had already turned away.

“Y/N…” he sighed, closing his eyes and willing the tears to go away.

You scoffed despite the burning you felt, “I’ll call you when I’m done acting like this,” you mocked.

Lin tried to reach for your hand but you snatched it away before he could.

“Don’t,” you said, turning to face him. Bitterness soaks your tone as you continued, “Just leave me alone for a while.” You tried to sound strong, but your voice cracked before you even finished your sentence.

Lin’s nose was red but he nodded and walked towards the door.

“I’ll talk to you soon…” He mumbled, softly shutting the door behind him. The tears streamed down his eyes as he did so. “What did I do?” He groaned, sliding down the wall opposite your door. For the first time in the six months since Lin met you, his stupid smile was wiped from his face. His heart broke a little more with each soft sob he heard from across the hallway.

You stayed on the couch, letting each sob rack your body. You shouldn’t be this involved, it wasn’t like you were engaged. Hell, you two had only been dating for four months or so. Then why did your heart hurt so terribly?

After nearly an hour of wallowing in self pity, you stood up. You were overreacting. He told you they were just friends, so God, just believe him and move on.

You wiped a few stray tears away, sniffling before throwing your hair into a pony tail. You were going to - buzz, buzz. moving towards your pager, you held down the button.

“UPS package for a Ms. Y/N L/N?” You heard through the speaker.

You sighed, “I’ll be down. Thank you.”

You screwed your eyes shut. They were swollen from crying. God, you had to call Lin. You had to apologize and tell them you loved him and -

Opening the door, you saw him. Curled onto the floor with his knees up and his head between them. Your heart fell.

“I’m an idiot,” Lin said as he lifted his head to you. His hair was flopping over he face.

You shook your head, falling into his arms. “I am so ALSDKFJALSDJ sorry,” you breathed into his neck. He held you tight, pressing hot kisses to your hair.

You pulled way to look at him, cupping his face in your hands.

“I am so beyond myself when I am with you,” you said, pulling him closer. He shut in eyes, a smile on his lips. “And I am so in love with you.“

He shook his head slightly, his damn grin making your stomach flip.

“You are everything, and God, I am in love with you.” He said before pressing his lips to yours.

No great love story lasts forever ~ Jeon Jungkook {Angst}

Group: Bangtan Sonyeondan
Member: Jeon Jungkook
Type: Angst
Warnings: Hella trigger
Word Count: 2063

Love is an unfair game, only won by those who play unfair.

            Each time you cross my sight, I die a little inside even when I pretend to be fine. In fact, it hurts a little more each time I think about how well you tricked me into thinking that I potentially meant something to you. The way you toyed with my feelings for such a long time and just left so easily after you were done playing with it and it shattered.
I guess you knew how fragile my heart truly was and how easily you could break it, yet you stepped on it like I never meant anything to you. And I guess that was always the truth, I was your toy, just too blinded by my love for you to notice. And it hurts so much more with every day that passes, every day you pretend not to know me, like I was never part of your world, like our love wasn’t real. Tell me, did you enjoy destroying my barriers and once you got to me like no one else before you did, enjoy seeing me fall? Because if so, I’ll greatly be nothing else but your entertainment because in the end, our love was only a terrible love story on screen, only playing for me.

           The welcoming scent of coffee wafted through the air, calling to my weary legs to come take a rest. A metallic table reflected the sun, almost blinding me for a second. The sun has heated the chair and it felt comforting and warm. My cup of Mocha warmed my freezing hands as I stared out into the white scenery of Seoul, letting out a deep breath. The park across from my favorite coffee shop is covered in a thick blanket of white, statues peeked out under their new white caps, footsteps and paw prints crisscrossed each other around the labyrinth of paths. Aside from the brown of the denuded trees, the only other color is the vivid saffron staining around the base of each lamppost, tree and shrub. I gently blew on my Mocha and took a sip, gazing out as I watched people walking past the shop.
The sound of traffic invaded my thoughts. The street seemed to be getting busier. More people, carrying more bags, spending more money. Arguing with their partners loudly as the stress gets to the most patient of people.
           I felt a tight pain deep inside my past as I could’ve sworn I saw us just walking past the window, smiling as we talked about our day, my hand fitting perfectly into yours like it was meant to be. But as they moved on in their busy lives, they turned into the couple we truly were. They were practically in each other’s faces, yelling at each other for the most unnecessary reasons, not noticing that it was killing what they once thought love was. Their love wilted into nothing, a red rose faced with the bitter cold of winter. Like a thorn on a flower, I knew I’ll get pricked but I wanted him. Oh I wanted him so.
I wrapped my hands tighter around the mug in my cold hands and squeezed my eyes shut, trying not to invite him into my mind once again. I knew he’ll soon forget the sound of my voice and what color my eyes were. He’ll forget how much I loved music and how I adored your smile. Soon he’ll see me as a stranger; walking by without recognizing me; he won’t even know me while I’ll be getting drunk, trying to forget his name. Love is an unfair game, only won by those who play unfair. Sadly, when you never learned how to play so; you’ll never know how to trick your opponent into thinking that you played unfair when in reality all you did was use your mind.
I took the last sip of my cold and bittersweet Mocha before getting up and walking out into the snow. I pulled my coat in tighter around me, tugged my scarf up higher as the cold winter breeze entwined my body, sending shivers down my spine.
I quickly made my way over the busy street, focusing ahead of me on the park, the snow crunching beneath my boots. The street looked like an unfinished painting. So much of the canvas was still perfectly white, as if waiting for the artists’ hands to return. The morning light struggled through the murky cloud, but even in its weakness it was enough to blind. The air was of course cold, but I hadn’t expected the same dampness that comes before rain. Moving from the overbearing heat of the cozy coffee shop to the streets was like sipping on ice-water in the height of summer, until my lips went blue.

“You break me into pieces, yet you’re still doing fine while I’m over here hurting.” I yelled out in frustration, my words coming out louder than intended. He looked at me with concern, as if he never meant to hurt me the way he did. I bit down on my lower lip to conceal the emotion I claimed I don’t have.
           “I knew I couldn’t be comparted to her, she was everything and me? I was nothing.” I chuckled and my voice cracked. “Her beautiful image and perfect character was everything compared to mine. I thought you actually started to feel something for me over the months we have started talking but then you mentioned her.
How much you missed her. That was my occasional alarm bell, to not give you my broken heart. Besides, I guess it’s already too late, I’m going to be another lost girl with a broken heart.”
I looked up at him through tears, my gaze meeting his as I tried to find the slightest hint of sorrow in his face. I tried to feel sympathy for him, stayed awake every night to understand the situation he must have been him to create such a big lie. Deep inside I always thought he created it to protect me from the hurtful thought but in reality, he only created it to protect himself from being the reason another girl cries herself into sleep by the thought of him. Everything he did was for his sake, he didn’t care for me. My feelings seemed like a toy to him and once he got done playing with it, he threw it away. His hand slammed down on my shoulder and he looks at me pleadingly, as if he wanted me to understand him.
“I realized that it was never you I truly loved,” he whispered to me and I broke a little more inside- the pieces becoming shards. “We went into this relationship head over heels, without even being sure of our feelings for each other.”
I stopped him by pushing his hand off my shoulder, trying to smile at him with the tears streaming down my reddened cheeks. “I was clear about my feelings for you.” I whispered, my voice almost too quiet to be heard.

I wiped a stray tear off my cold cheek, wondering how it managed to escape in the first place and scoffed at the cold. I tilted my head upwards to stop the tears from flowing and continued walking along the powdered grass. Tiny snowflakes fell miraculously from the sky as I sat down on a park bench. I had a good view of Hangang River and stared out at the calm sea, listening to the birds chirping high above my head. I couldn’t help but wonder if he missed me as much as I did. If he still thought about me the same way I did about him. If he treasured our memories well, looking at them every once in a while to stay in the memory of what we once used to be.

               “How are you doing?” A voice associated with pain ripped me out of my thoughts about him and I felt my heart skip a beat when I noticed who was standing above me, smiling down at me so brightly. He knew he shouldn’t have asked that question and yet, this question kept him up at night for a certain girl. His chocolate brown hair dripping as the tiny snowflakes melted on his heated face. His eyes were the type of brown that was like a sweet chocolate. The chocolate that melts at the slightest bit of the heat from love, or happiness. But that chocolate can also grow hard from the cold harsh reality that is apparent in this world. Heartbreak, or the depression that he hid from all those around him so well. My breath caught in my throat as I tried to find the proper words while trying to contain my feelings from spilling out all at once.

           “Do not ask me that question.” I replied, tears seemingly falling down my now pale cheeks that had once been pink due to my constant happy state. And just as he began to ask me why, I replied with a sudden fire in my eyes, “You can’t ask how a person is doing after tearing them apart Jungkook. You have no right.”

He looked at me like a stranger, yet worse. Instead of the fragile soul I loved for so long, I saw an enemy. It’s as if all that love became pain, pain became fear and the fear sowed hatred strong enough to break us.

I felt my heart shatter as Jungkook looked at me with the hazelnut eyes I adored so much and I noticed that the love for me I once saw in them has died. That he has moved on while I was still trying to learn to live without him.

               “It’s been a while.” he answered, suddenly taking his eyes off me as if he saw the pain he has caused. As if he experienced all those nights I thought about what has caused this love to fail in the minute of our meeting.

I couldn’t avoid the sarcastic chuckle to escape from my lips as I listened to his terrible attempt of pretending that nothing changed. “It might have been easy for you,” I snorted, lifting up my head and squinting at the sun as more tears flowed down my cheeks. “But I couldn’t ignore the feeling I got deep inside my stomach when you broke my heart. It’s like all the butterflies just died.”

I noticed Jungkook catching his lower lip between his teeth, desperately trying to find a respond to my words but I quickly realized there was no use. When you’re struggling to find the right words, it’s clear that there are no more words left to be said. I wiped the remaining wetness away with the sleeve of my sweater and got up, walking away from him slowly, a smile tugging on the edge of my lips as I looked back at him one last time. Once I turned my head away from him, I couldn’t hold the emotions back any longer. All I was, was sadness, every other emotion pushed from my being. Where there was the love, the light, the laughter is an aching hollowness. I was honest, truthful and full of more love for you than you can ever understand. I have been soft, kind and gentle - yet apparently all that is negated by being too intelligent.

          “Don’t live in the memory of us for too long.” he yelled after me and I stopped in my step, turning my body around to him again. I felt sudden anger raising inside of me by his words and wanted to scream at him, wanted to make him feel all the emotions he just pushed aside but instead, I just nodded at his words.

          “I should be saying it’s okay but I would be the biggest liar in the world if I said that.” I replied, smiling at the ground. “So it’s not okay and it will never be. I bet you had no idea what impact your words would have, no idea it could ruin my life but it did. In fact, you probably hadn’t even realized that I was right there, listening to everything but I did. I hated the fact that you never knew what your words did to me. But now you know and I’m not even sorry~”


Wings [Part 7] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - The number two, slowly turns to three, as you find specific men around you impeccable. And they see this as a particularly fascinating way to compete rather roguishly.

Prologue ; Pt 6

‘How does that go again?’ Jungkook asked Namjoon as he cleaned the table next to his, Jimin giggling across him.

'Pardon. Say Par-don.’ Namjoon said, holding two fingers in front of Jungkook.

'Par-don. Pardon. Pardon!’ Jungkook exclaimed as he ran up to you.

'Noona! Look, Namjoon Hyung taught me a new English word!’ He caught your hand, making you look up at his face. You laughed at his childishness and nodded your head to let him continue.

'Okay, let me hear it,’ You said as you stood up, crossing your arms in front of your chest.

'Pardon!’ He said, before laughing and scrunching his nose in the process.

'Wow, Kookie, that’s awesome,’ You giggled and looked at Namjoon who was already looking at you and Jungkook, smiling.

'Nice job,’ You mouthed to him, showing him a thumbs up. Namjoon laughed silently as he let you know it wasn’t a big deal. When Jungkook reached his table, Namjoon reached out and ruffled his hair, showing him a smile. Your attention was pulled away from the brotherly affection that was being displayed when you heard a familiar jingling of the bell at the door.

You turned towards the door, seeing the familiar Chanel coat, the gorgeous golden locks and the crescent eyes that were beginning to form as he saw you as well.

'Hello, Y/N,’ He said as he approached you.

'Hello,’ You replied with a shy smile. How you were not used to the furry feeling in your heart already, you didn’t know. You stared at him like he was some angel who lost his way to heaven.

'How have you been keeping?’ He asked you, as he took your hand and placed a very delicate kiss on the back of it, making you turn red as a tomato.

'I’ve been well, Taehyung. What about you?’ You questioned, your hand still in his, his gaze sweeping you off your feet.

'Thought the day would never get better, until now.’ He said, flashing you a wink before letting your hand go, a strange coldness wrapping it as it left his embrace.

'Would you like something before we leave?’ You asked, your voice very squeaky, like the day before.

'I see you’re looking forward to our date just as much as I am. Although, I believe, I’m more excited about it,’ He mused as he sat down at a table across Jimin and Jungkook’s. You noticed Jimin’s mouth agape as he stared, exchanging glances between you and Taehyung. You sent a sly smirk towards his direction before smiling at Taehyung.

I doubt that, Taehyung. You thought, before going behind the counter.

Taehyung couldn’t help but smile at your voice that sounded in his head.

'Hello, sir, may I- Oh.’ Namjoon stopped as Taehyung looked up at him.

“Kim Taehyung, we meet again.” Namjoon spoke telepathically, as he eyed Taehyung in distaste.

Taehyung stole a glance of you, who was busy taking other’s orders. He discreetly looked at the young boys beside him and once he found the coast clear he looked back at Namjoon.

“Why, hello, brother. Been following Min Yoongi, I suppose?” He smiled at Namjoon, which didn’t reach his eyes.

“Don’t call me 'brother’, Taehyung. You’re a disgrace to all of the Sinners and Red Bloods. What were you thinking, running away from Kronell like that? Kimroe’s furious with you. And it’s you, who’s being followed by me and Min Yoongi Hyung.” Namjoon said, his upper lip lifting a little in disgust.

“So it’s Min Yoongi hyung now, huh? Not bleach-face anymore?” Taehyung jested, signalling Namjoon to sit on the empty chair across him. Namjoon rolled his eyes as he took the seat, scooting away a little with a slight push of his legs against the tiled floor.

“I can hear you both, you know. And Namjoon, you have explaining to do,” Both the men heard Yoongi’s voice, who was sitting at one isolated corner of the café eyeing them murderously.

“Hyung, don’t listen to him. I-”

'Hello, sir. Would you like to place an order?’ You asked the black haired man, who was coincidentally Min Yoongi. Not knowing you had interrupted a very 'serious’ conversation, you smiled at him, as he looked up at you. He took a second glance as he saw your face. He squinted his eyes, a familiar face flashing across his eyes - like he had seen you elsewhere.

“Woah~” Yoongi said, as he eyed your features. He was finding himself more attracted to your looks than to the delicious coffee you make all the time. He knew he had seen you somewhere other than at the cafe, you had been in Kronell. Or maybe, it was just the trick of his eyes.

“Yah! Min Yoongi! Don’t 'woah’ her. She’s mine.” Taehyung almost shouted across the café at him as his eyes kept a keen watch on both of you.

'Sir?’ You asked again, snapping Yoongi out of his thoughts.

'Y-yes. Uhm.. One large Mocha please.’ He stuttered, as he desperately looked somewhere else to concentrate on. How had he not noticed you completely before? Was it because you had never approached him?

'Anything to eat, sir?’ You asked, intervening in his thoughts yet again.

'Anything special today?’ He asked, suddenly feeling every cell in brain waking up, the confidence slowly building in him.

'Well, our baker’s been kind enough to cook his famous Lava cake today. Would you like some?’ You asked, smiling, still oblivious to Yoongi’s approach.

Behind you, Taehyung was fuming and Namjoon was quite enjoying the show. Jimin and Jungkook had already left by then, having bade goodbyes to Namjoon.

'If you’re being such a sweetheart, why not then?’ Yoongi replied, and although it sounded extremely cheesy, you couldn’t help but blush at his words.

What’s with cute guys in our café these days? Even our new staff is cute. You thought, not knowing the fact that all of the three men in the cafe had clearly heard it. While Taehyung looked like he was ready to throw a chair at Namjoon for the cocky smile that appeared on his face, Yoongi stayed calm as you were still standing in front of him.

“DID YOU HEAR THAT? SHE SAID I’M CUTE!” Namjoon yelled, his hand raising into the air with a fist, catching the attention of the customers around him. Taehyung immediately shutting him off, began his leg kicking in the air under the table in an attempt to strike at his shin.

“You’re embarrassing me. Stop that.” Taehyung said, clearly annoyed, waving his hand at Namjoon.

'Will be back in a moment,’ You told Yoongi before scurrying off to behind the counter.

“I can see why you’ve fallen for her, Taehyung. But I’m sticking to what I said before. I take no interest in finding mates, especially humans.” Yoongi smirked at Taheyung, who held the most frightening frown on his face, but clearly it didn’t make Yoongi sweat under his collar.

“You better not even think of it!” Taehyung huffed, before crossing his arms and leaning back into his seat.

'Here you go, sir,’ You said as you approached Yoongi with a slice of delicious Lava cake and a cup of Mocha.

'Thank you so much, Y/N.’ Yoongi said, but instantly bit his tongue as he noticed he had called you by your name.

'Oh, how did you know my name?’ You asked, astonished.

'Um- well, your name tag!’ He said, silently thankful that you had one, pointing to it shyly.

'Ah..’ You replied, looking down at it sheepishly as you forgot about it yourself.

'Why? Can’t I call you by your name, Y/N?’ Yoongi said, a small smirk on his lips as he sipped on his Mocha. You felt your heart beat faster as he stared at you.

You and Taehyung, sir, are definitely different. You thought, dramatically imagining yourself swoon over both of the beautiful specimen.

'Of- of course you can, sir.’ You laughed awkwardly before he brought up a hand, stopping you.

'Call me Yoongi, it’ll be better for both us that way.’ He said, giving you a proper smile this time.

This is the most adorable smile I’ve seen. Help me. You thought as you counted on your heart and brain not to cease functioning. His gummy smile brought the wake of fluttering feelings inside your stomach while you smiled back at him.

“She’s not even your soul mate!” Taehyung argued, pouting this time, very annoyed. It took every ounce of will power to not walk over to you and pull you out of the building.

“Like I said. It’s fun teasing you, Kim Taehyung.” He said, taking a bite of the Lava cake.

“Yeah, well, it’s fun calling you bleach face, bleach face.” He retorted, sticking a tongue out towards his direction. Namjoon was long gone, helping out with the orders while you collected your coat and bag.

'Taehyung?’ You asked as you noticed him sitting in a very un-manly poise, his legs spread out under the table, looking like he was about to fall off the chair if he didn’t bring himself back up on the seat.

'Oh, Y/N,’ He smiled, straightening up, his legs pushing against the floor as he turned to you.

'My shift’s over. So, shall we?’ You fiddled with your thumbs, as you looked at him.

His heart swelled in happiness and content, completely forgetting about all activities that took place before your approach. He stood up, and held a bent hand towards you, silently asking you to wrap yours around it.

'We shall,’ He said, as you wrapped your hand, him smirking at Yoongi before leaving out the door.

“She still thinks I’m cute though.”

“Shut up, Namjoon!” Taehyung and Yoongi exclaimed in chorus.

[Part 8 on Sunday]

Journal / 2nd Week of May

I am glad because I have been so faithful in making daily entries in my little journal. This time, I wanted to share a page where I scribbled the second week of my May and maybe I will start to share the lovely pages of my life more often. My daily stories are always written on the left side of the spread and the right side is for my reminders, weekly notes, happy list, and the sweet little things I want remember.

Monday – It was my rest day and I listed how I spent my day. In the morning I have finished reading a book titled Act Like a Man by Dennis Sy. I listened to the album of Rise Heart from Victory Worship while drinking a cup of milk! By afternoon, I went to my previous office at Imagine Nation Photo and Video to finish some requirements before completely resigning. I went home early and spent my night writing and painting.

Tuesday – I went to the bank really early for some appointments and headed to my office. After office, Kristine and I met and we had dinner date at the Manzano’s Creative Kitchen. We talked about love, life, and faith. It was a good time to have this kind of conversation with a good friend after the tiring day!

Wednesday – At the office, I made sample artworks for my new lesson plan and prepared things for my upcoming events. After office, I went to Malabon to meet Patrick at the Coffee, Tea, Library Café. It was so good because we talked about life over a cup of mocha frappe while making calligraphy artworks. I realized that my life is full of art!

Thursday – I had an early art workshop with the grade school students of Cavite State University. It was fun because most of the kids were participative. Our venue was near the mango trees and the school let us pick mangoes after the workshop. I also made a short Vlog about it.

Friday – We had our monthly general meeting at the office and we reported our April events. It was finished early but me and the other team leaders still have a product demo in the afternoon. It was a tiring day so I went home directly and watched a rom-com Thai film titled “I Fine… Thank You, Love You!” It was so funny and super kilig it took away my exhaustion.

Saturday – After my day in the office, I went to a mall to buy simple gifts for my Mother and Sister because it was Mother’s day the next day. I went to Miniso and I found so many lovely stuff! I knew it will by one of my favorite store! Then, I went to a donut shop to have a dinner before going to Café Poblacion to meet my high school best friends. I missed them so much! {Blog}

Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day! I went to church early to do ministry and had a short Milk Tea date with Ate Crissy at Amor’s Bakery. I went back home in the afternoon to accompany my Mother and Sister because it was their first time to go to the church I’m attending. We had a photo booth at the lobby with so many flowers and I am so happy because they enjoyed and loved the church service. I treated them a simple dinner after. It was a great day and I ended it with a big smile!

My motto for this week is BE GRATEFUL! ALWAYS. :) And the most important and the happiest part of my days were the time I am spending with God. I am getting back to my prayer habit and daily Bible reading and journaling. One thing I am holding on to face the challenges of my everyday life is the Word of God. This week was good and I can’t wait for more busy, creative, fun, and lovely days.

I’m Trying (Zack Taylor x Reader)

Request:  Could you write something where zack who isnt having the best day is talking to his girlfriend who is not a power ranger just about how hard it is being a ranger is and taking care of his mom and stuff I know the rangers are always there for zack but I do like the idea of him having someone outside of the rangers to talk to

Zack sat in class staring at the clock. There were only a few more minutes left of his final class, but he wasn’t sure he wanted it to be over just yet. After class, he’d have to head home to get his mom her medication, run to the mines for training, and then go to work the night shift at the cafe. There was just too much to do at once, and he didn’t really want to do any of it.

The bell rang before he knew it, so he rushed out of class and used his superhuman speed to get home. He ran inside, and looked through some cabinets for medicine. He took out what he needed for his mom and grabbed a bottle of water to bring in to his mom. After he got that done, he stumbled out of the house and ran towards the mines. 

The other rangers were probably waiting for him in the Pit already so he jumped straight into the ravine without a second thought. He swam through the entrance and ran through the ship to get to the Pit. When he got there, he stripped off his soaked shirt and threw it to the side. Everyone was already training. 

Here we go…

He went through all the movements again. At the end, he waved goodbye to all his friends and rushed out. He jumped out of the water and ran to his hideout to change into his work clothes. After that, he jumped off the cliff his abandoned train car rested on. He landed in the sea of trees and caught a branch. He swung across using the branches to get to work.

He rushed inside and clocked in, nearly late, and he went through the basic procedures of setting up for the night while his other coworkers were waving him goodbye, leaving for the end of their shift. Zack cleaned up tables, cleaned the coffee machines, grabbed a new drawer and started his shift. 

The night shift was nice because there weren’t many people around at the time. He glanced at the room and found that everything was ready. He leaned over and put his head in his hands. Zack rubbed his face. He went around to the espresso machine and made himself a cup of mocha to keep himself awake for the shift.

Just 4 more hours till close. As he was sipping away at the mocha, the bell rang, indicating a new customer. He walked towards the register to greet the customer with a smile, but when he saw who it was, he immediately beamed. 

“Hey, (Y/N)! Shouldn’t you be in bed?” he leaned over the counter and placed a small kiss on (his/her) cheek.

“Oh please. What kind of (boyfriend/girlfriend) would I be if I didn’t visit my boyfriend at work?”

“Either way, you’d be perfect,” Zack smirked.

“Oh, shut up! You’re making me blush!” (he/she) said. 

Zack sighed. “So, you want anything to drink? I could get you that latte you love. On me.”

“No, that’s okay. Zordon just wanted me to check on you since you weren’t doing too great during training I guess.”

Zack raised an eyebrow at that. “So he sent my (boyfriend/girlfriend) who I specifically didn’t want involved in that life. You’re not even supposed to know that I’m a ranger, but the coin made an exception because you found out on your own.”

“I’m more than capable of handling myself, Zack. Now, tell me what’s bothering you,” (he/she) plopped down on one of the stools by the counter away from the register.

Zack tilted his head sideways and huffed. “Just the usual.”

“Ah. Still trying to keep up with everything? You know you can always work a little less. You have a a bit of leftover money from the life insurance, so you should take a break now and again.”

Zack nodded but said nothing.

“You know, I’m always here. Even if you’re off being a Power Ranger, I’ll always wait for you. So stop rushing through everything. When the time comes for you to fall, I can catch you. Of course, the others can too,” (he/she) smiled comfortingly.

Zack smiled up at his (boyfriend/girlfriend). “You worry too much. There’s no way I’ll fall. I’m Zack! I’m invincible!”

(Y/N) laughed. “Sure, big guy. Now make me that latte.”

Zack ran his hand through (Y/N)’s hair. “Sure thing, babe.”

I like you a latte

A SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Countdown

Simon hadn’t seen Penelope all summer and he missed her like crazy.  She was like his other half – in the most platonic way possible, of course.  Meeting at their favourite coffee shop had been her idea, and as far as Simon was concerned, the idea was a good one.  He pushed through the door and a wave of cinnamon warmth washed over him, almost like the world was breathing a sigh of relief.

           Penny hadn’t arrived yet, so Simon joined the queue and stared up at the menu.  He wasn’t big on the hot drinks this time of year, and besides they always burned his mouth to the point where he couldn’t taste for days.  He scanned the cold drinks and settled on the most chocolatey one he could find.  He stepped forward to order, fumbling with his wallet.

           “How are you today,” said a soft voice.  Simon looked up.  And up.

           The barista was tall, or at least that was the first thing Simon noticed.  Tall and sharp.  He had warm brown skin and black hair long enough that it reached his shoulders, even pushed back like it was now.  Simon was so busy noticing how silky that hair looked that he almost forgot to respond.

           “Um – good.  I’m good.”

           The barista wore an expression that wasn’t quite a frown, and his eyebrows were arched in expectation.  A sort of curious indifference.

           “Oh, right,” Simon stammered, “an iced double chocolate mocha, please.”

           The corner of the barista’s mouth twitched upward as he tapped Simon’s order into the till.  “Was that everything?”

           Don’t panic. He’s just weirdly hot, no reason to panic.  Not even when he smiles like that and it makes you want to melt.

           “Yep, that’s everything.”

           “What was the name?”

           “S-Simon.”  Stop stuttering you idiot!

           The barista scribbled on a cup and passed it to a shorter girl (well of course, everyone was shorter than him) beside him. Simon dragged his eyes away from that mouth and that hair and down to his nametag.  Baz.  What kind of a name was that?  A hot one, Simon reasoned.

           Once his drink was ready Simon sat down at a table not far from the counter, taking a sip from the straw.  Perfect.  He tried to calm down and not stare at the gorgeous boy at the till.  The line was thinning, the other tables filled up. Simon kept an eye on the street, watching for a trace of Penny’s purple hair in the crowd.  He took another sip, glancing down at his cup, and nearly choked.

           There was his name written in beautiful looping handwriting.  Beside it was a heart.

           The blood rushed to Simon’s cheeks.  Could it be a mistake?  A slip of the hand?  He snuck a peek at the counter.

           Baz’s gaze dropped immediately, and his blush matched Simon’s.

           Nope, not a mistake then.  Definitely a heart.

           “Sorry I’m late.”  Penny slid into the seat across from Simon, who shook his head to clear it.  

           “S’okay,” he assured her, “I’ve only been here a few minutes.”

           “I’m gonna get a drink, be right back.”  She bounced over to the counter.  A new barista had taken Baz’s place at the till. Baz was now over by the lids and straws, wiping down the countertop.  As Simon watched, Baz’s eyes rose tentatively to meet his own.  Simon smiled shyly.  Baz did the same, then went back to his wiping.  Simon looked down again, barely able to contain his grin.

           Another careful glance and he found Baz was grinning, too.


Baz didn’t normally make moves like that, drawing hearts on the cups of cute boys.  He usually just blushed his way through their orders and forgot about them later.  But then again, they weren’t Simon.  Baz hadn’t been able to stop thinking about yesterday’s shared glances since the beautiful Simon had left with a tiny wave.

           So when those same bronze curls bobbed into the coffee shop just before noon, Baz could practically taste his heart jump into his mouth.

           He was almost relieved when the new girl, Trixie, got to the till first.  Baz did his best to hide behind the coffee machines, as if that were possible considering his height.  Why was Simon back?  Was that girl Penny coming again?  Was she Simon’s girlfriend?  

           “Everything alright?”  Agatha appeared beside him, mixing a latte.  “You look like you’re… failing to hide.”

           “Look who’s here.”

           She peered over the machines, standing on tiptoe to see.  “Is that the bloke you wrote a heart on yesterday?”

           “Not on him, on his cup.”

           “Damn.  You really know how to pick ‘em, don’t you?”

           “What is he doing here?”

           “What’s he doing in a coffee shop?  I dunno, Baz, if I had to guess I’d say he was getting coffee.”

           “Two days in a row?  And dressed like that?”  Baz snuck a peek at Simon, who was wearing a white collared shirt and ironed black pants, a very different look from yesterday’s jumper and beanie.  It wasn’t even cold enough for a beanie.  The adorable bastard.

           “Maybe he’s on a break or something,” Agatha shrugged daintily.  Everything she did turned out dainty.  That was just Agatha.

           “Where do you think he works?”

           “You should ask him.”

           Baz glared at her.  “I can’t ask him where he works, that’s like a date question, not an I’m-serving-you-coffee question.”

           “Well, then I guess you’ll have to get him to go on a date with you.”

           “Have you lost your mind?”

           Agatha tossed her platinum hair over her shoulder. “No, but I’m worried you might.” With that she stalked away.

           “Hey Baz,” came Trixie’s high-pitched voice from behind him, “can you hand out the order please?”

           Baz groaned when he saw the name on the cup. “White mocha for Simon,” he called, hoping his voice hadn’t cracked or wavered, or sound too bored.  Or too excited.  Or too anything.

           Simon appeared from around the tower of to-go cups. He grinned at Baz, and Baz did his best not to pass out on the spot.

           “Hi again,” Simon murmured.

           “Hi,” was Baz’s lame reply.


           “No one with you today?” Baz ventured.

           “No, actually I came to speak with a manager. I was hoping to see about a job.”

           Baz froze.  “H-here?”


           Baz felt as though his blood had frozen and melted at once.  “Oh,” he managed, “that would be… cool.”  Cool?  Really? That’s all you’ve got?

           “Yeah,” Simon repeated, not dropping his gaze from Baz’s.  After a moment he took his drink and sat down, his gaze out the window.  Baz tried not to stare.  His stomach was doing flip-flops, and he tried to make sense of his brain.  He should be happy, shouldn’t he?  The boy of his dreams might end up working with him, that would be… good?  Or maybe Simon would decide that Baz wasn’t so great in person, and then Baz would be stuck falling more and more in love while Simon fell more and more out of it.

           He thought about what Agatha had said, about asking Simon out.  Would it be too soon?  Maybe not, it happens in the movies all the time. But this wasn’t the movies.  This was real, and the real world had a tendency to go very, very wrong.

           But maybe it would be better to bite the proverbial bullet and skip the hypothetical “work relationship”.  Then again, Simon wasn’t guaranteed to get the job.

           Baz stood there wiping the counter in repetitive circles as his mind went in the same shapes as his cloth.  To ask him out, or not to ask him out.  That is the question…

           A napkin slid into his line of vision.  Baz stopped wiping.  It took him a moment to register that there were words on the napkin. No, not words, numbers.  Numbers in that perfect, heart-fluttering sequence that could only mean…

           As Baz looked up, he caught one last glimpse of Simon, grinning and blushing as he pushed out the door.

bucky hates yogurt

It all starts with an innocent enough question. “Need anything from the store?”

“Yeah! Can you get me some yogurt?”


Then a door opens to an endless array of options that Bucky Barnes was not prepared for. Standing in front of the dairy case that had a literal library of yogurt options made the simple favor of buying Sam yogurt into an unsolvable puzzle.

Bucky squared his shoulders and examined the clusters of yogurt cups. There was brand name, generic, Greek, light, Greek light, low carb, whipped (?!), fruit on the bottom, 100 calories only… and flavors. So many flavors.

He reached out for a strawberry banana cup, then paused. Did Sam hate strawberry flavored things or banana flavored things? It was one of the two. Okay, blueberry then. Wait. Was Sam allergic to blueberries?

Bucky took out his phone and called Steve.

“Yeah, Buck?” Steve was out of breath. “I’m a little busy.”

“What kind of yogurt does Sam like?”


“Is Sam allergic to blueberries?”

“Uhh, I dunno.”

“You don’t know?” Bucky really counted on Steve to pull him out of this one, but he was failing miserably.

“Bucky, I gotta go, there’s–”

“Whatever, bye.” Bucky stuffed his phone back in his pocket and grabbed ten cups of yogurt at random. Cultured milk should not be this difficult. Sometimes Bucky hated the twenty-first century.

“This is an… eclectic mix.” Sam grinned as he peeled the lid off of a caramel mocha yogurt cup, chuckling. “Blueberry or vanilla would’ve worked.” 

There’s his answer. Bucky raised his cup of “key lime pie” to Sam. 

“Thanks, Barnes.”

blueandnoah  asked:

hey hey! so as always I am super late to the party (sans Starbucks) but I just watched the force awakens for the first time and then read your bb8 fic like 👌 and I'm so sorry about your account!! if you feel like a prompt perhaps consider finnpoe meetcute at a pet shop or dog park where bb8 is a corgi or smth?? thx either way & I hope you have a lovely day! 💛

Poe doesn’t even like coffee, but BB8 really, really loves donuts, and he can’t quite bring himself to go into a store solely to buy his dog something Poe should be eating, so coffee it is.

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5 things that make me happy

I was tagged by @paceywittersherocomplex. Thank you!!! :)

  1. I’m graduating from college and moving into an apartment in a week, thank GOD
  2. Taking that first sip of coffee– it doesn’t matter whether it’s a white chocolate mocha or a normal cup with some creamer– I looooove it
  3. When I actually like the pilot of a new show I’m trying… like I know that pilots aren’t always great but given my massive list of shows to watch if I don’t like the pilot I tend to not keep watching, so it’s awesome when I actually do
  5. A nice hot shower after a long day and knowing I get to sleep in the next day is heaven on earth tbh

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