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Star Wars Coffee Orders:
  • Qui-Gonn: very berry hibiscus with ginseng and elderberry.
  • Obi-Wan: skinny white mocha iced.
  • Ani: white hot chocolate with twenty-two pounds of caramel.
  • Padmé: green tea.
  • Darth Maul: pours a Red Bull into an americano with soy.
  • Sheev: triple shot espresso. Steals the milk from the bar to make own latte. Spikes it.
  • Vader: strong, acidic, Brazilian roast. Black.
  • Tarkin: carries around his own cognac, with decanter and glass.
  • Galen Erso: green tea mocha
  • Krennic: vanilla bean frap with a shot of espresso.
  • Bail Organa: cappuccino (the actual Italian one).
  • Cassian Andor: instant.
  • Asian dads: just make tea for each other.
  • Saw Gerrera: spies on Vader to copy his Starbucks order.
  • Leia: Americano, whole milk.
  • Han: Pumpkin spice frap.
  • Luke: double chocolate chip frap.
  • Chewie: the barrista (drinks hot chocolate).
  • Lando: somehow manages to order whisky from a coffee bar.
  • Rey: chai latte (while wearing uggs)
  • Finn: orange juice.
  • Poe: double shot macchiato.
  • Kylo: orders a black coffee, but secretly adds creamer when he thinks no one is looking.
  • Hux: skinny vanilla latte.
  • Phasma: earl grey.

lunaria-tsukano97  asked:

Mrs. Mocha, please understand that Taffy just gave birth a few hours ago. Please, the babies need to stay with the mother. I don't think like it if you just asked them to bring them to you IMMEDIATELY. What about when Cinnaby was born? You wouldn't like anyone take him from you, right?

Mocha suddenly felt a cold chill as the memory flashed back to her. She remembered holding Cinnaby as a tiny baby, how much pain she went through before she could finally see him. 

N-No, no, no. She couldn’t handle these feelings. Not now.

Mocha rapidly gave Vanilla Bean back to Cinnaby in a hasty manner.

* I-I’ve had enough, thank you. The child is beautiful, and I’m sure that the other is, too. B-But we must go now. We will call you sometime later.

I’ve been obsessed with playing Animal Crossing especially for the winter season so why not draw youtubers as animal villagers?
(I went so far as to write down an animal villager description im sorry but not sorry)

Name: Cardy (@cardlinaudio)

Species: Bear

Personality: Uchi (goes to sleep at 3am and sleeps till 11pm)

Extra: Easy to befriend, very caring towards the player and often gives fighting tips. Can be found listing to music, recording his own voice and looking around for his often misplaced glasses. Flirts with the player often regardless of gender. Gives useful life tips and suggests the wooden bench, after getting it he’s the one to sit on it the most. Also suggests a picnic blanket and invites the player to his house to visit and see all the nice things the player sends to him.

Cardy likes the Mocha coffee beans, a little bit of milk, and tons of sugar in his coffee


My first video and first post! Let me know if I should continue this wee lil sketchy sketch or if I should put it out of it’s misery :’)

Modern college verse Hylia would be the girl walking into the campus starbucks at three in the morning, demanding two venti mocha vanilla bean latte and sitting down and pounding away at a final the night before because “oh god I forgot about it kill me.”


Hazelnut and Espresso Cookies

This is my take on the ubiquitous Nutella cookie. I wanted to use the remainder of the hazelnuts which I harvested last autumn, which by now had fully developed their flavour. Instead of filling these American-style cookies with sweet hazelnut spread, I mixed gianduja (more hazelnuts, no palm oil) into the batter. I also added some instant espresso and chocolate mocha beans for an extra coffee kick.