mocha art

Late night doodling again, but this time I just HAD to draw something regarding The Last Jedi. Eventually I’ll add more characters to create a big mashup drawing, but for now I’m happy showing this part of the illustration with Luke and Rey.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what Daisy Ridley said about her relationship with Luke: 

“…and what is very apparent from where we left off in The Force Awakens and begin in The Last Jedi, is that Rey has a certain expectation of Luke. And as a lot of people know, it’s difficult when you meet your heroes because they might not be what you expect.”

…so I tried to draw that scenario. With Luke wanting the Jedi to end, I imagine Rey won’t quietly nod along to everything he says and will be quite defiant towards her “hero”. I also played with the whole ominous red color scheme that this movie has.