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some recent instagram doodles: sweet baby child Natalia, Parasite Eve, Gravity Falls doodles, misc pen doodle feat. trashlord husband Ruvik

sorry for the general lack of activity, I haven’t really been doing finished pieces outside of commission work lately. gonna try and fix that soon

edit: DOH! uploaded this to the wrong blog. main art blog is, sorry folks

CONGRATULATIONS TO @will-stab-for-chocolate FOR HITTING 1000+ FOLLOWERS! I adore their Chara, so I’d definitely recommend checking them out <3

And considering that Mocha has Fallen from Redemption now, welllll – I reckon Reaper!Chara wouldn’t mind paying them a visit to congratulate them either~ 8D


I know it’s still a WIP, but I feel like the Reylo shippers need something to lighten up their day. They are a wonderful community full of talented and creative writers, artists, and just all-around awesome people, and I’m glad to spectate everything you do for the fandom. So even if this contribution of mine is small, I hope it’s worth something, even if it only brings out a smile. Again, y’all are amazing, and no hate of any kind could ruin my love for you and this ship. <3

Reylo forever and ever and canon. Amen. 

(spread the love for ysbaddadenthebrave)

“Mio bambino, Si deve lasciare tuo padre! Per favore! devi! Alfred!“ ( My boy/son, you must leave your father! Please! You must, Alfred!)

“–!! “ 

The whole idea of Alfred deciding to go back to the his/giovanni’s home country for a bit to do business and other things that he must do while there and at some point running to into a woman who’s just yelling at him to leave, to go and hide away from his father and he just too surprised to even say a thing before she takes off because Alfred’s body guard are coming their way. 

little sidenote, i dont know why i made Alfred so short in this? hes pretty tall >>;; Whoopies oh well!


style and scene practice with Gravity Falls! I haven’t done any finished illustrations in one million years and I had cannonballed the entire series when I was sick recently, so I figured, why not. now with added process gif if anyone wanted to see my clunky methods! or something. I’m tired and don’t really remember why I made a process gif, but. there it is

yeah anyways I’m gonna go sleep