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Quand j’ai un rhume en plein printemps, à la fin du mois de mai, et qu’alors que je me mouche comme si c’était les chutes du Niagara qui s’étaient invité chez moi (jolie métaphore pour dire que c’est moche à voir), je réussis à faire mes deux contrôles de fin de trimestre qui comptent de ouf.

Señora de Cao to be investigated by Harvard experts

A group of experts from Harvard University will arrive in Trujillo this week and take samples of the archaeological find known as Señora de Cao, Señora de Cao is a mummy that was found in 2006 and is suspected that she was once a powerful ruler of the Moche people.

The aim of the sample taking is to determine whether there is a level of kinship and of what type with the other mummies buried with Señora de Cao.

The research will be led by American archaeologist Jeffrey Quilter, who is in charge of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University. Quilter announced that DNA studies of Señora de Cao and her funeral cortege which consists of 5 others should be ready by the end of this year or early 2017. Read more.

Early human sacrifices at Huacas de Moche, among the largest Moche sites in Peru, were selected from local elites. Later human sacrifices were prisoners of war. This is suggested by the isotope analysis of teeth and bones from the site: initially, the bones were native to the site, later, the bones originally came from farther away and had typically come during early adulthood.