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Pourquoi malgré les médicaments, la douleur ne part-elle pas...?

Douleur physique ou morale ? Je pense que tu parles plus de la douleur morale donc… Parce que les médocs sont pas faits pour ça de base, la douleur partira quand t’auras eu le déclic, celui qui te donnera envie de te lever le matin parce que la vie n’est pas si moche que ça. 

Moche earflares found on the North Coast of Peru. These date to AD 400-600 (Early Intermediate), and are made of gold alloy, turquoise, and stone inlay.

Fine craftsmanship typifies the precious metal jewelry worn by the Moche elite. From cast decorative edgings, to hammered sheets of gold rolled into shafts, to the intricate inlays of semiprecious stones, these astonishing ornaments embellished members of the elite. Not only did the dazzling artworks glitter in the brilliant desert sun, symbolically bathing the wearer in the power of the golden orb, but their symbolic imagery and exceptional artistry enhanced the status and authority of the bejeweled person.

The earflares were the personal ornaments of a member of the Moche elite. They feature a striding warrior with his club weapon thrust forward at the ready. A round shield typical of Moche combatants protects his midsection from the blows of an opponent. His conical helmet-hat is that of a high-ranking person and recalls the head covering of the Warrior Priest, the key figure in the Sacrifice Ceremony that was the culmination of Moche ritual warfare. (walters)

Courtesy of & currently located at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore: 2009.20.65.


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Face to face with Peru's Lord of Sipan 1,900 years after his death

The face of Peru’s Lord of Sipan has finally been unmasked some 1,900 years after his death, all thanks to technology, which has built a 3D reconstruction of the ancient warrior’s face.

His tomb was discovered untouched in 1987 and has provided archaeologists with new insights into Mochican society.

Walter Alva is a leading archaeologist: “This brings us closer and connects us especially to the current indigenous population. We see that the face of the Lord of Sipan is very similar to the Moches of Lambayeque who still survive to this day. The faces of the fishermen, the farmers of the region are direct descendants of this creative race.”

The team of investigators who worked on the project included odontologists and forensic experts, replicating the ancient face of the warrior down to the smallest details. Read more.


Astronaut Training Facility - The life of a NASA intern

It’s pretty cool to be a NASA intern, especially on days when you get to see some of the astronaut training areas. This particular area has full scale moch-ups of spacecraft as well as International Space Station modules that the astronauts train in. Astronauts were training in the Space Station modules on the day that I went so I wasn’t able to “get inside“ the Space Station, but I did get a look at NASA’s Orion spacecraft. Seen in the 5th image above is the Orion spacecraft - the only spacecraft able to take Humans to the Moon or Mars (SpaceX is currently building one as well, but only Orion has had a test flight into space).

It was very cool to see the Orion Capsule that astronauts train in because I am working on audio controls in the core flight software of the Orion spacecraft. Some of the software that I write will actually be used in space! I was also able to get into the Space Shuttle trainer, seen in the top 3 images (2 are on the top deck and one is in the cargo bay). The second to last image is outside of the Commercial Crew moch-ups and shows SpaceX, Orbital ATK, and Boeing developments.

p.s. thanks to all my followers for the support, I’ll make sure to keep you up to date about NASA stuff as well as space pics and info!