My innate dwarf appreciation gravitates to anything and everything nug-related.

Hence, the nuggalope rules them all.

Apologies for the scribbly reply. I want to draw ~all the things~ as replies to many asks I’ve received, but time really doesn’t permit lovingly-rendered ones 😟

Illustration for the cover of my upcoming zine, Specimens, Collections and Curiosities II. It’s like a sequel to my first zine, but it has more witchy things! I’ll have them in my shop at the end of the month, AND I’ll have them at my table at MoCCA in NYC on April 1 and 2nd. It’ll be my first time back in the city so please come say hi!


It’s really excited to go back to New York again ( last time was almost three years ago lol )

I’ll have live drawing presentation, signing events, workshop and something like that at that time. Plz come to say hi or ask questions or anything you want!


MoCCA this weekend, NYC people! See you there!

MoCCA Arts Fest 2017
Saturday + Sunday, April 1-2, 11-6 @ Metropolitan West
639 W. 46th Street (between 11th + 12th Ave)

I will be exhibiting at Table J 278B. I’ll have Octopus Pie Image books, copies of my B9 Kingdom sketchbook, copies of the print/Gumroad-exclusive “On the Straight and Narrows” mini, and some original art as well!

mocca-latte-in-my-veins  asked:

I'm curious about Bree/Sebastian (Sebreestian?) His chastity must be driving her mad.

I’m not sure what people think about Sebastian’s commitment to his vows of chastity post-DA2–whether he stays or strays depending on the road he goes down–but the thought of him sticking with it makes me cackle with glee.

SKAM 4.03 Clip 1 - Inshallah

[ELIAS: What’s that, bro? What are you doing?
YOUSEF: Throw it to me, throw it to me, throw it to me!]
SANA: Hello.
MOM: Hi, honey.
[The guys talking over each other]
SANA: Where’s dad?
MOM: At La Mocca.
MUTASIM: Let’s kick the ball, play with our feet.
MOM: There were a lot of people asking for you at the Friday prayer.
SANA: Oh yeah, uh, I was supposed to go, but I couldn’t make it.
MOM: No. But it’s been a while?
SANA: It’s not been that long. Why don’t you ever say that to Elias? He’s never at Friday prayers.
MOM: No, well… Elias is just as ditzy as your father. While the two of us, we’re more focused. Don’t you agree?
SANA: I’ll be there next Friday.
MOM: We’re going to Mahmoud’s wedding next Friday. Do you wanna come?
SANA: No, thank you. I think I’ll pass.
MOM: So what did you do yesterday?
SANA: Yesterday?
MOM: Mhmm.
SANA: I just hung out with Noora and Eva and them. But do you need any help cooking?
MOM: You want to help me cook?
SANA: No, not really.
MOM: No, not really? Honestly, what are you gonna do when you get married? Are you going to let your children starve?
SANA: No. My husband is gonna cook.
MOM: Your husband is gonna cook. Huh. Insha’allah.
MOM: (answers phone) Hello? Hi.
[Switches the radio from the news to music]
YOUSEF: I’m just getting something to drink.
[Switches the channel on the radio again]
YOUSEF: Do you need any help?
SANA: Huh? No.
YOUSEF: Listen.. I don’t want to be rude, but you’re doing it all wrong. Like.. Totally wrong.
SANA: Alright?
YOUSEF: Should I show you?
SANA: Okay..
YOUSEF: You have to drag it towards yourself, not push it away, okay? Because then you don’t have control over the carrot. Drag it towards yourself. Then you turn it over and do the other side.

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