Just finished printing my comic for MoCCA!!!

SNACKIES //  24 pages // single color Risograph printed // 5$

This is collecting some of the gag comics I’ve posted on tumblr, along with a couple new ones I haven’t posted yet.  Lot’s of bad advice, stupidity, narcissism and absurdity. 

Pick one up at the the Slow Youth table, B40.  Thanksssssssss :))))))

Thanks Kris Mukai for helping me print on the Risooooooooooo <3


For those of you who didn’t get a copy of my book “2 Dirty Hippies” (either by being my bud, or by being at MOCCA Fest this year, here’s a SNEAKY PEEK of some of my favorite spreads that don’t spoil the story really. 

Let me know if you’re interested in buying and reading the whole book! I’m trying to get this picked up by a publisher, but if there’s enough interest I could try self-publishing and selling them myself. 


Hey all! I wanted to take a minute to talk up all the comics, cards, prints, and zines I got at DDLL and MOCCA this year.  DDLL remains one of my favorite things across all possible categories of things. The new location was wonderful - and actually allowed some drawing to happen!- and big thanks to Lucy Knisley for organizing it in the middle of her new book tour.

First pic is goodies from DDLL. L->R and top-> bottom, these are:

  • Kaitlin Sullivan- love the tetris motif!
  • Alisa Harris made a cute and informative mini! Cooking up Comics is excellent & highly recommended.
  • Ashley Austin drew this card on the spot based on a two-word prompt!
  • Katie McDermott has an awesome website URL and makes even more awesome illustrations.
  • Dre Grigoropol is sorely missed in Philly. 
  • Rel made a clever little mini with a neat twist!
  • Rebekka Dunlap’s zine Waterslide is lovely and deserves a few readings.
  • Rebecca Mock is killing it with her illustrations (and mentoring a whole host of brilliant MICA students while at it)! Her tiny chewable zine was excellent for getting folks to make fun faces. Check her work out!
  • Kelsey Sunday’s work is full of lovely palettes and neat game assets!
  • Michelle’s card doubles as a cool sticker!
  • Luca is a rockin animator and possessor of a host of hamster cards.
  • Elise Dinkelaker does wonderful things with ink.
  • Bridget Gibson is making some amazing creature (and everything else!) illustrations.
  • Maugerite Dabaie has a really gorgeous comic going on that you should all check out.
  • Dirty Diamonds- I’ll be sharing a table at SPX with DD editors Kelly and Claire! Now open for submissions for Issue # 4 : )
  • Aimee Fleck makes awesome fresh illustrations and comics!
  • Meg Brennan is currently making Pencil Pup, among many other wonderful things. It’s delightful and terrifying and worth your time. Pencil Pup loves you! ◑‿◐
  • And a bonus donation sketchbook because DDLL is a worthy cause. I met a bunch of other wonderful people who had run out of trading things –a whole crew of kick-ass illustrators from MICA included– and I can’t wait for next year!

I also bought a couple prints, continuing on my ridiculous goal to fill a whole wall up with artwork bought from illustrators I dig:

  • Othello by Steen- gorgeous screenprint with brilliant colors!
  • Smallest Feline by Hillary Blair - Hillary let me yoink the one blue variant of this super-sweet print, but I love the orange as well!
  • Sleep Sleep by Nora - I love the paisley & the pale pink goat together! Thanks to the artist for solving the mystery of who made it : )

And finally, an absurd hoard of comics- I went way overboard and over budget, but I’m really happy with everything I bought.

  • Women Warriors Zine, edited by Abby Boeh and Roxie Vizcarra- 100% full of amazing work by a ton of my favorite illustrators and comics folks. Should be available for purchase online soon!
  • Lead Paint Comics- a webcomic that makes me laugh; minicomic did the same!
  • Harbinger - stay tuned for a possible new URL for this comic, by Hillary Blair!
  • The Blacklight by Kelsey Sunday - intriguing and well-executed preview; looking forward to the rest of the comic!
  • Three Tales by Connie Li Chan- weird and wonderful retellings! Love the expressiveness of her drawing style.
  • Tomorrow and Boys with Flowers by Aimee Fleck-Aimee’s comics are a treat and her zine full of drawings is wonderful, too!
  • Sup Kids by Noelle Stevenson - fresh & fun & friendly & generally delightful drawings! I got to meet Noelle at DDLL, too, and was very glad to do so.
  • Moonlight by Katie McDermott- a one-pager with a delightful surprise of a gorgeous full-page illo on the back. 
  • Pocket Book by Gregory Benton- a gorgeous collection of drawings from life. Love the tiny format. 
  • Let’s Make Out by Annelise Capossela- fun accordian format and cute drawings. Check out her larger-scale color works!
  • Opposites Attract- a gorgeous zine collecting work from MICA’s new MFA in illustration. I got to chat with Kevin and Alex about the program- thanks again!
  • House of Women by Sophie Goldstein- Sophie’s work rules! Can’t wait to read more of this one, and be sure to read Betsy and Mothership Blues as well.
  • Life of Luna by Meg Brennan- if you don’t read Meg’s comics (see: Pencil Pup, above) then you’re missing out on a lot of clever, funny strange & wonderfulness!
  • Rockall, Part III by Amelia Onorato- no joke, this comic made me cry on the train. I think Amelia’s putting together a collection of all three issues soon- buy them!
  • 45* Dogs by Nora- super-cute little zine!
  • Animals with Jobs by Laura Kovalcin- funny & unexpected!
  • How to make strawberry milk by Milkyaway- I will never look at strawberry milk the same way.
  • Bug Boys 1 & 2 by Laura Knetzger- earnest, delightful, sweet, and fun. Read these!
  • Art Block by Chandler Moses- I laughed, I sobbed, I found my new life goal.
  • Freeze by Kelsey Sunday-really neat & well-drawn designs!
  • Between Blood & Water by Katie McDermott- another comic I very much want to read more of.
  • My First Time Buying Condoms, edited by Maritsa PatrinosRebecca Mock ’s and Kris Mukai’s might be my favorites for the moment, but they’re all brilliant and make a wonderful collection! 

In closing: it was amazing and I want to go again right now. Can’t wait for SPX this fall! : )

MoCCA goodies! I’ve got chapter one and two of Strong Female Protagonist (printed larger than the last run of minis I did for chapter one for optimal reading experience), I’ve got SFP shirts (Americal Apparel and super comfy) being dorkily modeled by me and my boyfriend, and I’ve got a full color comic of Khutulun: the Wrestler Princess.

MoCCA is April 6 and 7 from 11 - 6 at the Armory, 68 Lexington Avenue. I’ll be there all day every day at table D108 with some friends, please stop by! Super excited.

Hey MoCCA was so cool! I really enjoyed meeting everyone who had already read SFP and stopped by my table to chat, and hopefully got many more people to read it the comic. I also met some lovely lady cartoonists, most notably Lucy Knisley, Noelle Stevenson, Julia Scott, and Heather Danforth. I have a strong feeling that it’s a good time to be a girl in the cartooning world.

I sold out of everything I brought (SFP chapter 1 & 2 and my Khutulun comic) except for a few odd sizes of t shirt. I will be doing another small run of the Khutulun comic for online sale, and I’ll definitely be printing more SFP shirts. Watch this space for updates, and a thousand thanks if you showed up this weekend to support the arts!

MoCCA Report

by Simon Reinhardt

I went to MoCCA last week and tabled with the Center for Cartoon Studies. This was my third MoCCA–last year I (disastrously) had my own table, the year before I did not table. I brought some old zines and my new DJ Screw zine. My main question going into the show this year was pretty much the same as everybody else’s: is it going to be any good? I’m happy to report that it was.

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Swingin Friday feat Vol-d

selamat malam!

Baru saja pulang dari gladi resik Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Keperawatan Unpad untuk kegiatan Angkat Sumpah Ners hari jumat. Iya karena ka Afri pulang ke Purwakarta, jadi saya ditunjuk sebagai jerigen eh dirijen maksudnya. 

Hap hap hap mau cerita soal busy week kemarin. Minggu lalu skip 2 kelas  gegara pusing mikirin kamu, eits engga atuh masa sampe skip kelas lah parah. kamis lalu skip b.inggris, cuma buat apa coba? mau liat Mocca latihan bareng orkestra di studio band daerah Antapani. huahahaha parah ya, gpp deh sekali-kali. kebetulan saya jadi volunteer di suatu konser Mocca yang bertajuk “Swingin Friday”. Saya menyiapkan kebutuhan dasar manusia (baca: makan) para personil Mocca.

Mocca featuring Orkestra Bumi Siliwangi

Kemudian hari Jumat yaitu hari konsernya berlangsung pagi-pagi langsung menuju Bikasoga untuk melaksanakan beberapa tugas volunteer. Oia kalo memperhatikan makanan personil Mocca yang paling beda itu ya Teh Arina, kebetulan emang vegetarian jadi semua makanan jangan berbau daging-dagingan. Harus ada dua apel di pagi hari, siang hari, dan malam hari  (apel mahal yang harga 3 biji = Rp 75.000 belinya di Riau junction) jadi total sehari 6 apel, lalu pesen pizza yang bertopping jamur, makanan berat ga boleh ada daging, lalu tiba-tiba ingin bubur kacang hijau lah alhasil cari-cari di sekitar buah batu. aku juga beliin kue ultah buat Teh Arina karena nanti malem bakal ada kejutaaaaaaan!

ini satu-satunya kue terakhir di toko tersebut spesial untuk Teh Arina

Sedih jadi panitia emang ga bisa nonton full Mocca dari awal sampai akhir, tapi seengganya bisa liat di pas kejutan ultah buat Teh Arina sama pas lagu-lagu terakhir.

Jadi pas habis nyanyi lagu Friends tiba-tiba ada video documenter di layar, lalu dari belakang ada swinging friends bawain kue, balon-balon dari atas jatuh ke bawah, lalu ada spanduk bertuliskan ‘Happy Birthday Arina’ di buka di tribun atas.

spanduk kejutan Teh Arina

Selalu suka Mocca dimanapun dan kapanpun, aaaaaaah pas nonton jadi kangen orang yang suka ada disebelah kalo nonton Mocca bareng, dulu suka ngejar-ngejar nonton Mocca bareng, awal kenal juga gara-gara Mocca, lalu mecahin kode secret show bareng, hujan-hujanan nonton konser (mirip sinetron yak), marahan gara-gara Mocca juga pernah wuahahaha. oke sip cukup yak.

ketemu Gina sesama swinging friends juga

beres acara emang lebih cepet dari perkiraan, lalu aku pulang ke rumah Gina untuk menebeng tidur. Keesokan harinya (4/5) tepat pukul 07.00 WIB ada Suni dateng ke rumah Gina yang menyusul aku yang rencananya mau pergi ke diklat vol-d bareng. yap sabtu-minggu ada Diklat Vol-d + Ujian Tulis Vol-d di Sekolah Alam Bandung, belum cukup tidurnya tapi harus segera ke dago saat itu juga. Semangaaat!

Pukul 07.30 WIB Suni dan aku pergi ke Dago menyusuri jalanan mencari dimana letak lokasi, setelah nyasar, muter-muter, mudun, dan nanjak sampe Suni harus dorong motor akhirnya kita sampai juga di lokasi. Selama dua hari disana itu jadi ajang refreshing pokoknya, dapet materi mengenai Community Development, Profesionalisme, dan Transportasi Evakuasi. Banyak juga games yang dimainin, lalu ada penampilan persembahan tiap kelompok, dan akhirnya ada ujian tulis yang mengerjakan 40 soal + 10 isian (kalo ga lulus harus remed, kalo udah remed ga lulus juga gagal jadi anggota).

Aku kira setelah ujian tulis lalu dinyatakan lulus itu artinya udah resmi bakal jadi anggota Vol-d, tapi ternyata ada dua syarat kelulusan lagi yaitu: 

- Harus mengikuti minimal 3 kegiatan Vol-d seperti balai pengobatan/ penyuluhan/ medical check up.

-Satu angkatan harus membuat kegiatan balai pengobatan/ penyuluhan etc.

Lalu jika dinyatakan lulus maka akan ada pelantikan di bulan September atau Oktober. itu artinya ada 5 bulan lagi ul! semangaaaaaaat! Oia jadi kami semua gelombang 6 dibagi kedalam 6 Kelompok kerja (jadi panitia inti) yaitu:

1. Rumah Cemara (komunitas ODHA)

2. Kampus Peduli

3. KORSA (biasanya mengadakan Medcek rutin anggota KORSA)

4. PAS SALMAN (kegiatan pesantren anak-anak kecil)

5. Rumbel Ciroyom

6. Mega baksos Anyer (Balai pengobatan, Penyuluhan, Baksos, dsb)

alhamdulillah aku kebagian jadi panitia inti di Projek Rumah Cemara, kayanya bakal jadi pengalaman seru nih bisa berkegiatan bersama temen-temen ODHA secara langsung. Semoga 5 bulan kedepan bisa semangat terus!!!