Just finished printing my comic for MoCCA!!!

SNACKIES //  24 pages // single color Risograph printed // 5$

This is collecting some of the gag comics I’ve posted on tumblr, along with a couple new ones I haven’t posted yet.  Lot’s of bad advice, stupidity, narcissism and absurdity. 

Pick one up at the the Slow Youth table, B40.  Thanksssssssss :))))))

Thanks Kris Mukai for helping me print on the Risooooooooooo <3


For those of you who didn’t get a copy of my book “2 Dirty Hippies” (either by being my bud, or by being at MOCCA Fest this year, here’s a SNEAKY PEEK of some of my favorite spreads that don’t spoil the story really. 

Let me know if you’re interested in buying and reading the whole book! I’m trying to get this picked up by a publisher, but if there’s enough interest I could try self-publishing and selling them myself. 

MoCCA goodies! I’ve got chapter one and two of Strong Female Protagonist (printed larger than the last run of minis I did for chapter one for optimal reading experience), I’ve got SFP shirts (Americal Apparel and super comfy) being dorkily modeled by me and my boyfriend, and I’ve got a full color comic of Khutulun: the Wrestler Princess.

MoCCA is April 6 and 7 from 11 - 6 at the Armory, 68 Lexington Avenue. I’ll be there all day every day at table D108 with some friends, please stop by! Super excited.

Hey MoCCA was so cool! I really enjoyed meeting everyone who had already read SFP and stopped by my table to chat, and hopefully got many more people to read it the comic. I also met some lovely lady cartoonists, most notably Lucy Knisley, Noelle Stevenson, Julia Scott, and Heather Danforth. I have a strong feeling that it’s a good time to be a girl in the cartooning world.

I sold out of everything I brought (SFP chapter 1 & 2 and my Khutulun comic) except for a few odd sizes of t shirt. I will be doing another small run of the Khutulun comic for online sale, and I’ll definitely be printing more SFP shirts. Watch this space for updates, and a thousand thanks if you showed up this weekend to support the arts!