mocca fest nyc


folks! i’ll be at MoCCA Fest in NYC at the Metropolitan West this weekend! i’ll be at table G242 with Leigh Luna and i’ll have copies of If Only Once, If Only For A Little While, Phylum, and some of the last copies ever of Amarinthine, as well as two new riso prints, two new regular prints, a postcard set, and some copies of the BOOM! Box Anthology and Lumberjanes issues i worked on. come say hi if you’re in the area!!

Hey! I am going to be tabling at MoCCA Fest this year here in New York. WHO WILL BE THERE?

I am also trying to figure out what I should have available as far as prints/etc. go, so if there’s a piece of mine that you remember/like and think you could conceivably like to see as a print, please do let me know! Would super appreciate the feedback.

Hope to see some of you there! MoCCA is a really, really cool event and I’m excited to participate this year (also my first time tabling anywhere, so should be … interesting).