mocca fest nyc


folks! i’ll be at MoCCA Fest in NYC at the Metropolitan West this weekend! i’ll be at table G242 with Leigh Luna and i’ll have copies of If Only Once, If Only For A Little While, Phylum, and some of the last copies ever of Amarinthine, as well as two new riso prints, two new regular prints, a postcard set, and some copies of the BOOM! Box Anthology and Lumberjanes issues i worked on. come say hi if you’re in the area!!


Hey guys! I thought I’d announce via a pair of teaser images the zine I’m going to be selling at MOCCA fest in NYC this April and at Spectrum Live! in May: Battle Vixens and Warlords! It’s a parody on inventory screens and character sheets from RPGs and table top games, filled with characters I’ve always wanted to put to paper.


They can’t be true - but are they? 

Balanced beautifully on the edge of the fantastic and the feasible, urban legends and myths capture our imagination and linger with us in a way more outrageous tales cannot. One chooses what to believe, what conclusions to draw, what to fear - or to revere.

Rookery is a collective of young cartoonists and illustrators formed at the School of Visual Arts. This volume contains myths and legends both invented and interpreted. 

Featuring the work of 16 individual artists, this 40+ page full color comic & illustration anthology will be available at MoCCA fest in NYC, April 5-6! 


Here’s some of the stuff I’ll have with me at MoCCA fest in NYC April 2-3!

1-”Ashes to Ashes” will be debuting, 24 page 3 color risograph printed adventure story about halloween and aliens and disasters. Limited # of copies!

2- “Aliens Exist” illustration zine

3-10- Some of the prints I’ll have for sale. 

Find me at table F 204!