mocca fest nyc


Here’s some of the stuff I’ll have with me at MoCCA fest in NYC April 2-3!

1-”Ashes to Ashes” will be debuting, 24 page 3 color risograph printed adventure story about halloween and aliens and disasters. Limited # of copies!

2- “Aliens Exist” illustration zine

3-10- Some of the prints I’ll have for sale. 

Find me at table F 204!

Hey! I am going to be tabling at MoCCA Fest this year here in New York. WHO WILL BE THERE?

I am also trying to figure out what I should have available as far as prints/etc. go, so if there’s a piece of mine that you remember/like and think you could conceivably like to see as a print, please do let me know! Would super appreciate the feedback.

Hope to see some of you there! MoCCA is a really, really cool event and I’m excited to participate this year (also my first time tabling anywhere, so should be … interesting).