Hey everyone! Next weekend I will be at MOCCA, peddling my wares with @madelinezuluaga, @stephaniehov and @royalstarshine at table J 284! I’m going to have prints, comics, and little mini things! Come see Eshe and Koekoek in their natural printed habitat!

Hiya folks!! I’m so stoked to tell you that in just a little over a month, I’m going to be tabling at MoCCA Fest on April 2+3!! With the lovely ladies @killswitchkatie and @ilanablady !!!

Here’s some tests of some holographic gem stickers that I’m going to be selling, if you’re interested message me for a pack of the tests!! They are $3 for a pack of 8.

See you at MoCCA!! 💖


folks! i’ll be at MoCCA Fest in NYC at the Metropolitan West this weekend! i’ll be at table G242 with Leigh Luna and i’ll have copies of If Only Once, If Only For A Little While, Phylum, and some of the last copies ever of Amarinthine, as well as two new riso prints, two new regular prints, a postcard set, and some copies of the BOOM! Box Anthology and Lumberjanes issues i worked on. come say hi if you’re in the area!!


Hey pals!!!!  First off, you need to check out and support Fight! Zine project, this amazing zine put together by the impeccable Jenn Woodall on kickstarter right now!  I’ve got an exciting drawing in it called “THE OATHBREAKER” 

AND!  I’m going to be at MoCCA fest on Saturday ONLY! Table 413!!!  The awesome Kevin Jay Stanton is splitting a table with me.  Come snag Hana Doki Kira, Ode Ch 1 & 2, a ton of mini prints, and SPECIAL SHIMMERING 6x9 & 8x10″ PRINTs limited for MOCCA ONLY~~~!!!!

Also super stoked to see all y*all #1001Knights people!  If you come find me and mention this post, I have a secret Lady Knight surprise for you~~~!!!