One of two short films Bruce Conner made for Brian Eno and David Byrne’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts—itself a defining work of assemblage—Mea Culpa (1981) comes near the end of Conner’s active filmmaking career. Compared to his earlier works, the film is slower and more considered, perhaps even tranquil, as Conner transforms elements of industrial and scientific footage into graphic abstractions before setting them adrift in space, gliding to the song’s sinister, percolating beat. Enjoy these selections and watch the story of the film on MOCAtv.


WIFE-The Passengers

Friends and lovers……today a video that I wrote and directed premiers through the Museum of Contemporary Art’s online forum for film/video MOCAtv. It stars WIFE, the performance art troupe out of Los Angeles. Based on a poem that I wrote entitled The Passengers, it’s a love story that predates time and space. It’s for you Sterling….I love you so much. We were matter and anti-matter falling endlessly in love.

In The Passengers, a hybrid poem-performance set in an altered, semi-futuristic landscape, WIFE explores the cycle of life and death, and the mystical unions that are found beyond the body.

We are not the vessel. We are the passengers.

Director: Benjy Russell

Featuring: WIFE (Jasmine Albuquerque, Kristen Leahy, Nina McNeely)

Cinematographer: Nathan Kim
Editor: Juan Palacio
Music + Voice: Robbie C. Williamson
Costumes: Moonspoon
Makeup: Blake Armstrong + Littlerock
Stylist: Briana Gonzales

Special Thanks:

John Toba and Emma Reeves/MOCAtv
Dino Dinco
Lita Albuquerque
Joshua Harron
Steven Synstelien


“Eckhaus Latta didn’t start out as a large business, but out of being genuine, out of the moment of creativity… Our clothes are a byproduct of a creative conversation between us. A commercial sense is never the origin."—Mike Eckhaus

Designs by eckhauslatta are now available in the MOCA Store. Pigeon, a new fashion video that showcases their forthcoming collection, premiered at MOCA last week and is now on MOCAtv.


The Return of Bruce Nauman’s Bouncing Balls, Cinema Vezzoli. Artist Video Projects for MOCAtv

This is a still from A.L. Steiner and Narcissister’s Winter/Spring Collection (2013). On this week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast, host Tyler Green and Steiner discussed Winter/Spring Collection, in particular the reproductions of paintings on the rear wall. will stream the piece later today.

Steiner’s newest photo-installation, titled Accidenthell, is included in “Made in L. A. 2014,” the Hammer Museum’s biennial of Los Angeles-based artists. It considers, among other things, elements of the America’s corporate underbelly, from energy extraction to the private prison industry. The exhibition, which was curated by Connie Butler and Michael Ned Holte, is on view through September 7. 

Steiner is a member of several artist collectives and artist-groups and regularly collaborates with other artists. “Community Action Center” has been screened at the Museum of Modern Art, the Andy Warhol Museum, and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 

How to listen to this week’s show: Listen to or download this week’s program above, on SoundCloud, via direct-link mp3, or subscribe to The MAN Podcast (for free) at:


CASEY JONES / CUM RAG video - directed by Bryan Ray Turcotte (Art of Punk / Fucked Up + Photocopied) and shot by Estevan Oriol


YouTube Curated By - Kate Durbin - MOCAtv


The closing track on Thermal, a new EP by Teengirl Fantasy—the Brooklyn-based duo of Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss—“U Touch Me” is an emotive ballad in the tradition of Timbaland and Trevor Horn, the legendary producers who expanded the parameters of the mainstream.

The song marks a collaboration with Korean R&B singer Hoody (후디), who contributed vocals and additional synths online. She appears in the video—directed by Tatiana Valentin and Taran Allen—from behind dripping windows and digital screens, a nocturnal apparition of unfulfilled desires shifting between planes of dreams and reality. 

“U Touch Me” is a digitally native, forward-thinking vision of global R&B with extraterrestrial textures. Thermal is out now on Break World Records.

Teengirl Fantasy - U Touch Me - Art + Music - MOCAtv


3 Union Shop
a film about the Colby Poster Printing Co.

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Cloe Sevigny in Magic Hour

A great short video made for MOCA about all the downsides of living in LA. Don’t really agree with a lot of them, but still really funny!

“Mike [Kelley] told me that he saw this early, I guess you could call it a band, that I had when I was going to school in Toronto. He called it noise garage, which was actually great, because I never had a name for what we did. Our teacher, George Manupelli, got us a gig at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. They ended up pulling the plug on us. But Mike was there, and I didn’t meet him, but he said it kind of inspired him to go home and start a noise garage band. And I guess that became Destroy All Monsters."—Kim Gordon

[Photo: Kelley and Gordon, Los Angeles, 1985. Courtesy of John Hamois.]


This spring I was in Los Angeles making a short film with the celestial trio of WIFE. The Passengers premiered on MOCAtv through @mocalosangeles

“In "The Passengers,” a hybrid poem-performance set in an altered, semi-futuristic landscape, WIFE explores the cycle of life and death, and the mystical unions that are found beyond the body.“

We had some amazing people working on this thing! Beautifully soundtracked by @robbiecwilliamson shot by @n8thankim wardrobe by @saramsachs styling by @icanseeyourprivacy makeup by my sweet bbs @little-roc and @blkarmstron brilliantly edited by @jjpalace and endless inspiration, style, grace and movement by the modern muses of WIFE @jasminealbuquerque @ukeleahy @ninamcneely , and I wrote and directed it. #bestof2014 #benjyrussell #wife #mocatv