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“Begun in 1988 and published bi-annually, that is, for the Spring and Fall collections of Comme des Garçons, Six was never intended to be merely a means of itemizing what was for sale, that much is clear. Large format (15.5 x 11.5 inches) of folded loose leaves, it is not a pocket book! Its format imposes a presence and physicality upon the reader or viewer, since each issue is much more a folio of photographs and collage in performance than a picture book of pretty glossy snaps, hence the preference for black and white (rather than color) as though in line with art house black and white film. It brings an approach to content and style that is wholly avant-garde: beginning with the (relative) use of anonymity in order to facilitate the sense of the review as a collective creative endeavor; the fact that the journal is given away free to all interested parties (a form of potlatch, then); the ranger of materials and subjects brought together: furniture, photography, fine arts, poetry, architecture and urbanism, portrai- ture, clothing; the recovery of out-of-the-way materials (the photographs of the people, landscape and folk-art of Georgia, for example, a sort of contemporary Pont-Aven of the Gauguin and Nabis symbolists; or the Surrealist-inflected photography of André Kertész along with the Constructivist cinema of Dziga Vertov [Fig. 8] ), and all of this in the presentation of a view (an image) of living as integrated phenomenon, above all, the way in which these materials are brought together to make of the journal Six a laboratory of ideas, ideas which will then take on a life of their own in different forms (lines in furniture, clothing, interior architecture, photography, no less than dance in at least one case).”

Michael Stone-Richards, “I am A Cat”
Refusing Fashion, MOCAD 2008

dilf314  asked:

where are your favorite places and what are your favorite things to do in Detroit? I'm going to Wayne State in the fall and will stay in the dorms and I would love some ideas

things i enjoy doing in detroit:

go to john king bookstore! it’s huge and is like the 2nd largest used bookstore in the country

i go to a lot of shows - i’m assuming your not 21 so i don’t know what the policy of going to shows at bars is but UFO factory always has good stuff and also this spot adult contemporary is like a DIY after hours place that is good if you want to dance - it’s a lot of house music though so you have to be into that - it’s growing on me - people have house shows too and i usually hear about everything by word of mouth TBH

i go to art openings - those i also find out about word of mouth but cave gallery and what pipeline are consistently good

MOCAD also has cute openings/events

in terms of food - go to hamtramck for middle eastern and polish food (royal kabob, yemen cafe, polonia) - aladdin in hamtramck also has rly good cheap bangladeshi food /// other good food spots include lager house, astro (best coffee in town IMO), cass cafe, seva for vegan food but both cass and seva are a little $$$

check out mexicantown for cheap mexican food - lupitas has the best pastor tacos and if you’re feeling rly crazy get a torta ahogada from los corrales and there’s an amazing pupuseria in southwest detroit too

go to madison heights for vietnamese food!

in the summer go to belle isle - there’s a “secret” swimming area that is very fun and people bring their dogs - it’s not really that secret and if you ask anyone they’ll probably know - there’s also an abandoned zoo in belle isle that is magical and beautiful but i don’t know how heavily it is policed now that it’s owned by the state

i like going thrifting and going to the mall but both of those things are in the suburbs - there are thrift stores in detroit but i have more fun at the ones in the burbs

karaoke at new dodge on thursdays and at kelly’s on sundays is always fun - they are both bars but i have never been carded there lol

also, detroit is amazing and i love living here but i go out very little since i travel a lot and it’s not like super exciting or fast paced or anything it’s what you make of it and how you choose to spend your time and the people you surround yourself with xoxo

i’m probably forgetting a lot of stuff so let me know if you have any specific questions!