Mark Rothko, No. 12 (Black on Dark Sienna on Purple), 1960, Oil on canvas
120 1/8 x 105 ¼ in.

I love our old scan of this painting and there’s a version still in the archives of it if you prefer it. Both scans hail from reputable sources, but the old one was insistently red for what was supposed to be a purple painting. While handicapped by the tiny computer lens, you have to put yourself in the frame of mind to realize this painting is in reality ten feet tall. What we can still get even from a scan is the powerfully dark vision that this artwork gives us. Whether you feel it is serene or stormy may depend on you more than Rothko, but it’s exquisite either way. 

Não adianta querer insistir em algo que só machuca você. Ainda não entendeu? Aquilo que vem Deus, só faz bem. Se lhe faz chorar, se lhe pesa a alma; não tem como ser bom. Olha o quão machucada você vem sendo. Para que se prender a isso? Se liberta, moça. Desfaz esse nó. Seja livre em Deus. Ele tem coisas muito maiores para sua vida. Confia nEle, que já é suficiente.
—  Bruna Miguel.Moça, observe os detalhes.

 LA Art Book Fair | Printed Matter | Day One

We swung by day one of the LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA to check out some of the various booths by artists and galleries from all over the country. From zines, periodicals, t-shirts, monographs, stickers, to limited edition signed books, this free 3-day event features works from some of our favorite folks, such as Um Yeah Arts, Nat Russell, Rich Jacobs, And Pens, Juxtapoz, Heather Benjamin, Hamburger Eyes, Dead Beat Club, Giant Robot, SHQ, and so many more.  There is even a must-check out FotoMart, a stand alone booth to buy and / or develop rolls of film, on your way in!  

Photographs by Michael C. Hsiung